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i quite agree with you, felicity was always been an integral part of the team even when she didnt know oliver secret you could still see her importance. now tho shes just being thrown between ray and oliver and the writers are trying to make it seem like its developing her growth when it really isnt. we barely get to see felicity do her topnotch hacking stuff or her directing the team. the worst is how shes being used us a prop to develop ray which makes me sick to the stomach.


speaking of collars


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Don’t say I’m sorry until you have thrown your phone across the room and smashed it to pieces.  Leave it there for a week straight; don’t pick it up, don’t buy a new one, and don’t worry about the missed calls because none of them matter if my name isn’t the one lighting up your screen.  Lie to your friends, tell them you deleted my number even though you haven’t, even though you never will.  

Don’t say I miss you until you have lost seven pounds in two weeks.  Throw the ice cream in the bin and get rid of the comfort food because not even your favorite will take this pain away.  Politely decline every meal offered to you, and reassure your grandmother that you’re okay, you’re just not hungry.  Tell them it’s a loss of appetite, but keep it a secret that it’s also the loss of the person you love.

Don’t say I love you until you’ve molded yourself into someone new. Dye your hair red and buy ten new dresses you will never wear.  Get rid of everything I bought you, but hide that hoodie under your bed because it still smells like me.  Rearrange your room and cover your wall in new posters.  Delete all the music we used to listen to, it will never sound the same no matter how loud you scream the lyrics.

Don’t say I’m sorry until you have lost countless hours of sleep and laid awake in bed until sunrise.  Toss and turn while trying to find the same comfort you felt while falling asleep in my arms.  Wonder how I’m doing, and where I am, and if I’m still with him.  Convince yourself it was better off this way and that it would have never worked out, it will be the biggest lie you tell yourself.  

Don’t say you miss me until you have turned down the girl you thought you once loved.  Remember that I opened your eyes to the beauty of the meaning behind those three words, and remember that I took that all away the day I left you.  Tell her that things are different now, that you aren’t the same person you were two years ago, but don’t tell her that I hold you heart, don’t tell her I always will.  

Don’t say you love me until you have covered hundreds of pages in words that describe me.  Fill the lines with sloppy cursive because you can’t stop your hand from shaking.  Talk about drowning in my eyes while you’re drowning in tears, and get upset when your words only capture the love and not the pain you feel.  Address every letter, every poem, every thought to me even though I will never read them.

Don’t say I’m sorry until you know what you’re apologizing for, and don’t say I miss you until you know what it’s like to really miss someone, and don’t say I love you until you see what the absence of your love has done to me.

—  You called to apologize, but you don’t know what it is you’re apologizing for (A Guide to Experiencing the Heartbreak I Did) // mistakenharmony

To the Feminist Side and the Human Side of Tumblr community: A story of a young girl, happened this week.

 I’ve been waiting to calm down so I could make this post. This girl was murdered in Mersin, Turkey; after she tried to protect herself from an attempt to rape. Her name was ”Özgecan Aslan” and she was only 20. She took a private company shuttle/taxi from her university to her house and after a while she was the only passenger left in the vehicle. That’s when she realised the ‘driver’ chaged the road and was taking her somewhere else. She started to argue and driver pulled the vehicle to the side of the road. Then (I quote the driver) he attacked her in order to rape her but she fought back; first with her fingernails and then with the pepper spray she had in her pocket. He told the police that he was so angry and so scared that he didn’t know what he was doing and got the knife which was in the vehicle and stabbed her. He said he didn’t know how many times he stabbed her. And when he saw that she was still alive, he grabbed the tire lever and started to hit her, countless times until she died. Then he told them that he hid the body in the vehicle and picked up his father and his friend. They all went near a river, cut both of her wrists in order to avoid DNA tests, poured down gasoline to her dead body and set her on fire. He said he was the one who wanted to burn the body so it would be unrecognizable. When the police caught him and asked about the blood stains he first claimed that they cut a chicken. This ‘so caled’ human is married with 1 kid. He’s waiting for his trial at the moment because literally every single lawyer(in total 600, not counting the country but the city) of the court that will take on the case wouldn’t accept him as a client. I didn’t know her. Never heard of her until this happened. But like everyone else, I was devastated. This girl was only 2 years older than me. So young. Full of potential. I will not name him but you can see who he is by googling Özgecan AslanTHIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ROMATICIZE RAPE. IT’S EVERYWHERE. WHETHER YOU CHOOSE TO SEE THIS OR NOT, IT HAPPENS. AND IT IS ALWAYS TOO LATE. This is just an another story. But it’s her story and I want it to be heard. So that maybe her death could change something. So please hit that reblog button. Do it for the sake of every single woman who felt unsafe because of someone. Do it for every man who felt unsafe because of someone. The gender DOESN’T MATTER. RAPE IS RAPE.