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It's like midnight there in nyc, I imagine you zombie-eyed awake waiting for late tayvin action belts out "I DONT WANNA MISS A THANGGGGG"


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Hey! So I was dating a guy a while back & I really liked him & he treated me really well, but it was just a bit complicated at the time and he was a bit clingy so I stopped seeing him, which really hurt his feelings. Time has passed and I've dated a couple of guys since, but none have put as much effort in as he did. He'd send me poems and cute texts & ahh I really miss him. Should I say something to him? I feel like a horrible person and I'm scared what he'll say.

tbh in all honestly i feel as though you dont miss him, you just miss the idea of him. but if you really miss him and you want to get back with him then go for it, but just take it slowly this time, see if you do miss him or just the thought of him but just know how you feel before you get closer to him and hurt his feelings again

If I could write a letter to her new boyfriend,

Great job on on being able to get someone so special. It kills me to see that she has moved on to someone else, but things happen for a reason. I’ll muster the strength to smile and say how happy I am for you two. I’ll do whatever I need to do to make sure shes happy, if that means being with someone else other than me, then ok.

But at the cost of my anguish, you better make her the happiest girl in the world. Make sure you take her out for ice-cream, her favorite flavor is chocolate. Also, make sure you get her fed at a reasonable time, her tummy starts hurting and she gets a headache if she doesn’t eat, it’s your job to keep track of that because she forgets. She doesn’t like condiments like ketchup, musturd, mayo, or any dressing. Sounds weird huh? But she eats her salads naked with no dressing. She doesn’t like burgers because the texture is weird. Also, If she ever mentions something then retreats with “nevermind,” pursue it, because if she said it, then that means it matters to her, she just doesn’t want to bother you with it.

You need to reassure her that she’s beautiful, and that she doesn’t compare to anyone whenever you can (Yeah, I don’t know why she doesn’t see it). She may seem clingy, and she’ll admit it. But don’t ever confirm that, never tell her she’s clingy, it’ll secretly hurt her self-esteem. Because, she’s someone that will always be there for you no matter what, if that’s what clingy means, then I don’t know why that word has a bad rep, cause everyone everywhere needs to be more clingy. She also loves to cuddle, hold her close and make her feel safe and secure in your arms. Give her as much attention as you can, there’s no such thing as too much. Surprise her with sappy love notes and meaningful posts on her blog for her to read when she wakes up, she loves it. And don’t forget the womancrushwednesdays it makes her feel special.

Introduce her to your friends, she likes to be involved and be social, she wants to be the prize, show her off to the world, but make sure that she’s feeling confident when you do, or else it’ll backfire. She likes to dress up and take cute pictures, make sure you’re enthusiastic! She’s not stupid and can tell when you’re not interested in something; she will always try her best to be interested in whatever is important to you, so it’s only fair that you do the same. She gets jealous pretty easily, so don’t give her any reason to doubt you, and if she does question something, be honest because she’ll get the truth eventually. There’s a million other things I’d like to tell you, because I could write a book about this wonderful girl (maybe one day I will). But, I wouldn’t want to ruin the experience of you finding things out on your own. I think I gave you plenty of advice to start your new relationship right. Just make sure you show her that you appreciate the things that she does for you (yes, she will do a lot for you), because she makes you want to be the best person that you can possibly be. Don’t ever take her for granted and whatever you do, make sure she is smiling at least 96% of the time; the other 4% better be tears of joy.. I genuinely wish you the best of luck, be better than I ever was.

Her Ex

pain is beauty (listen)

shades of cool (lana del rey) girls (the 1975) i know what boys like (the waitresses)  lolita (lana del rey) whatever lola wants (sarah vaughn) national anthem vs bubblegum bitch (lana/marina mashup) candy store (heathers: the musical) bend and snap (leagally blonde: the musical) it’s raining on prom night (grease: the musical) donatella (myrtle snow AHS remix) cherry bomb (kylie minouge) toxic (britney spears) that girl (ts madison) attention whore (melleefresh vs. deadmau5) would you say thank you if i spank you? (the turbomen) gods and mosters (lana del rey) million dollar man (lana del rey) young and beautiful (lana del rey) yayo (lana del rey) 400 lux (lorde) yellow flicker beat (lorde) earned it (the weekend) skinny love (birdy) homewrecker (marina and the diamonds) house of the rising sun (lauren o'connell) shades of cool (lana del rey) big spender (fosse) glory box (portishead) fear and loathing (marina and the diamonds) happy (marina and the diamonds)

I did everything that I could to forget you, darling.
But even after all that your name is still the first thing that comes into my mind after I wake up.
—  A.A // i still dream of you