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jade, you dont need make up. it just covers your pretty little face.

oh my goodness anon!! i dont think that’s how makeup works at all!

needs are things like water and shelter and maybe friendship! makeup isn’t a need for me just like my face being pretty isn’t a need for you, you see?

makeup is personal!! there are lots of reasons to do it!! pretty is objective and also only one of those reasons! and –

oooh that is purple. it is… it is clashing with my eyes. i did not see that coming but i really should have

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Idk if you're still interested in what schools are doing in terms of sexual violence but my high school just had a health fair that teachers could bring their classes to if they wanted to. and there was a New Hope booth talking about rape and domestic violence and they gave us brochures and volunteer applications. and there was a booth about child abuse (i can't remember the organization that ran it) and they gave us brochures about csa and coloring books to teach young kids about who can (pt 1)

(pt 2 of the high school health fair) coloring books for little kids about who can touch their body and who can’t and what to do if someone does touch them inappropriately and stuff. they also gave us pinwheels that were supposed to represent preventing child abuse and i thought it was kind of ironic that one of the spokes on mine was broken (since i’m a csa survivor)

(pt 3 about the high school health fair) i wasnt going to send this but i feel like i should. tbh the booths at the health fair actually made me kind of uncomfortable. at the newhope booth the woman talking to us told us the “1 in 4 women will be raped” statistic then counted off the 4 of us standing in front of here and idk it made me kind of uncomfy bc i knew i was the 1 in 4. also the pinwheels and brochure about csa also made me uncomfy and idk why.

(sorry for another one, pt 4 of the health fair) i just feel bad for feeling uncomfortable with the csa and rape booths because they were actually really good resources for nonsurvivors (and survivors) and it’s not that i don’t want them there, they just kind of made me uncomfortable, as a survivor. idk why and i thought maybe you would be able to help me figure it out?

Dear anon,

Thanks for writing in about what people are doing to raise awareness. It sounds pretty cool actually - non-confrontational and stuff.

I get it about the discomfort. I studiously avoid most things about… my experiences. Slutwalks I stay away from. As well as any kind of awareness thing, even the things run by victim/survivors like Red My Lips. It’s too confronting.

I think confronting is the word you’re looking for? You live with it every day of your life and it’s present in your head every day, and you feel uncomfortable because it’s getting shoved in your face very overtly. Maybe?

The other feeling I get is a slow-burning hate against people who don’t deserve it - anti-sexual assault campaigners and activists who haven’t known that experience themselves. My thought process is - how do I know that you know what you’re talking about? How can you stand so tall and be so loud when I and millions of people like me have been silenced? And, because I know plenty of people who claim to stand up for something but are actually atrocious at it - I have a lot of doubt and cynicism about the way that activism is conducted.

So it might be a little bit of that. The fact that people are speaking so openly about it, when you feel silenced by your community. And the fact that… no one was there when you were being hurt. A stall doesn’t stop someone from getting hurt. 

Perhaps if this goes on again and there’s no way to avoid it - and if you feel safe to do so - you might have a quiet chat to them about how they are unintentionally triggering survivors/victims. You don’t need to identify yourself, and if they’re genuinely switched on - they won’t even ask.

Otherwise - it’s ok to avoid places and spaces like that. Your health and safety come first. You’re not being a bad survivor by not engaging. 



I think the important thing is to recognize that you’re allowed to be uncomfortable. I know survivors of CSA who are uncomfortable watching parents be nice to their children-

and obviously its not that they dont want parents to be nice to their kids, it’s just that it makes them uncomfortable. Either because its something they never got, or because of what they did go through, any sort of kindness reminds them of the way kindness was used against them. 

and while a stall might not stop people from getting hurt, like Pearl said, awareness does help. Both in terms of survivors realizing oh shit what I went through wasn’t okay/also isnt an isolated thing- and especially if they have resources for survivors.

and in terms of public awareness. But also… like i said with colleges- sometimes colleges have events and have everything up in the commons where students cant avoid.

and its important than when we have things about sensitive topics- that its optional to engage with them, for survivor safety. 



A lesson on how to open flesh, anything pinned to dissection pan, sinew crucified, harpstrings of a body touched by scalpel. Formaldehyde, I bathe my hands in the angel water. Here, I want to glow in the dark, my single cell fluorescence, the way anything on a steel table can light from within. I want to hollow another body out of my boneless zygote, ovum. I open a different fruit, run the meat of my tongue over seeds, then swallow.

Updated info!

Any one desiring to participate in the taint arc should be updated on a change to the disease itself. The page [HERE] has been updated. Voices that where heard have now switched to headaches and migraines and urges/intrusive thoughts, no auditory symptoms. I Hope you respect the changes and have a look at the page as it has many more details then the one before. I’m aiming to keep everyone informed enough so you all can participate properly so please ask Cat or I if you have questions. ;) and don’t worry plans for one character are not revealed to other players unless necessary!

Happy planing! The page will be updated about how it effects the environment soon!


I totally forgot today was #noshameday wow

I dont talk about my disabilities a lot because i was more or less told to keep them a secret so no one would hate me. It took until about December of last year for me to start telling people i was deaf without me being reduced to tears since i was so ashamed, and the only people that know im on the autism spectrum is my mom, my bosses and maybe two friends. 

The deafness is genetic despite my grandma, dad, and myself being the only people in our respective generations to have it. The ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) was undiagnosed and untreated for 17 years and those things, coupled with PTSD and the fact that i haven’t had or worn hearing aids in over 4 years had led to me dropping out of elementary and high School, as well as college since learning was too stressful and ended up taking a serious toll on my health. For most of my school career i was the only deaf person in the school of 200 people and since the asd was undiagnosed no one was quite sure how to approach my learning and i was constantly left behind or straight up ignored in class because i would take months to understand concepts other students would get in one class.

I actually cannot process and understand charts and numbers or learn other languages, and since the hearing loss is genetic it’s messed with several factors in my brain such as not being able to judge distance or find the source of the noises (I cant hear or trace echos) making almost everything I do a chore. Beyond that my hearing loss is a cookie bite- the first of which many audiologists have ever seen- so hearing aids rarely work for me since it’s so hard to tune them correctly and honestly it’s a miracle i’ve managed to get this far.

Being a queer disabled PoC has made my life a hell of a lot more difficult than it should be but as of writing this im an apprentice tattoo artist and have been offered a managing position as soon as my bosses open a second store, all while im only 17 so honestly go disabled people

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I'm confused. I identify as primarily female, but I can't figure out how much. Sometimes I think I'm 100% but then I realize my male body isn't something I HATE, l I just wish I could swap my sex whenever but my gender stays the same. What am I? D:

Don’t worry anon. To be truthful, there is a lot of people that are confused with their gender. It’s like one day you feel you’re more feminine and other times you feel like a male (This is my problem as well). There is no existence of just the female and male term when it comes to choosing a gender you feel more comfortable with, there is various. I would actually prefer people to not give themselves gender titles, because we’re all  different and unique in our own way. We should all love each other, but if you want to find out more, then how about trying to see if you’re gender-fluid, bi-gender,etc. Ask me anything, I’m here completely for everyone’s concerns and problems. Strictly confidential if you request it too. 

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wow is it that hard to answer. i didn't mean that you have to like her, was just wondering why you don't. fucking rude :(

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

and there are more!! just google it

i have been fucking HARRASSED because i do not like her, called a misogynist(!!), an idiot, scum, dipshit, not belonging in the fandom and whatnot. some things directly, some not. and i havent ever been even hating on her, i just said that i do not _like_ her. i do not want to target negativity towards MYSELF, A LIVING PERSON, because i do not like a goddamn character for christ’s sake. like idk, if you dont think im normally supposed to like her, why did you ask me this in the first place? and then proceeded to call me rude. i dont want to to talk about her, i dont like her, i have tons of characters i do like, and i would rather waste my time on talking about them. 

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Oh my god, your voice is lovely. I havent gotten a chance to watch howl's moving castle, and legit thought you were supposed to be the singer. Please keep putting up covers, you sound phenomenal <3 ;w;

hhhhhHHHHHHHH hosdfihsodfozdnf thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god ohzgdodhf thank you…………………..aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

daiki/satsuki; shades of cool

title: shades of cool

part ½ of my self-indulgent “i forget that you’re extremely attractive sometimes” thing | part two here

rating: k (…as….alway..s….. one day i’ll write something hot. one. day.)

summary: satsuki forgets things, sometimes.

(basically i headcanon that, while there are instances in which satsuki unconsciously thinks daichan is somewhat hot, satsuki’s major turn-on is his playing) (which means i ranted like god knows how many words about daichan’s basketball) (i thought i should give some fair warning)

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