i helped this guy at work today in the dressing room and he was like an 8.5 guy really tall n had really cool long dreads and darker skin w green eyes that popped and they were so cool and he WAS RLY INTO ME and he even tried openin a credit card so i can get points omfg it was great i have only done like 2 ish shifts and i got a card lmAO

and my coworker gave me a ride home and hes like “wow it took me like 2 months to get 1 credit and you got one in only 2 shifts” so YEAH im doin GOOD yeA B)

i just got another rly good url that im never gonna use bc this one will always be the best oop

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you’re really going to say this to me

nagisa wouldn’t have been put in the movie if they didn’t have a purpose for her, especially as madoka’s herald alongside sayaka, and she’s shown in the end of the movie as essentially making friends with mami (better portrayed in the manga) so it’s pretty clear that she’s going to have a further role in the next madoka magica thing they create. she’s being included in a number of things involving the other five, unlike yuma chitose or whoever the hell else. they wouldn’t create her for no reason, and it’s obvious that she’ll have a role outside of rebellion soon enough, so whatever.

andd who cares if she wasn’t in the main series? just because she wasn’t in the original series doesn’t mean she’ll never be important. charlotte was, and they had no need to expand on charlotte’s existence at the time because she was just another witch and gained popularity after the whole thing was written already. she’s still an existing character, regardless of that. homulilly wasn’t in the main series either. or the clara dolls. but you guys just love them, don’t you. sure, homulilly is homura, but the dolls aren’t. and look how well they seem to have been received.

of course she’s dull if you compare her to the other five. she’s a little girl, so she’ll have less potential for a properly developed personality because she’s young, but she was also unable to have been given more screen time as nagisa rather than as bebe? besides, the original series is longer than two hours, and it’s been said that rebellion was supposed to have been a second season rather than a movie, she would have been fleshed out better than in rebellion itself if they’d managed to pull that off.

nagisa will be as much of a side character as kyouko or mami. face it, madoka and homura and arguably kyubey are the main characters? sayaka, mami and kyouko are supporting characters? and guess what! so is nagisa! what else do you expect? that doesn’t mean she can’t be my or anyone else’s favorite. plenty of people love those other three.

and charlotte ate mami. charlotte is not nagisa’s constant state of mind. nagisa was not in control of herself anymore and whatever remained of her soul was overcome with despair, just like sayaka’s and homura’s did? i don’t see you getting angry at those two for their actions as witches. oktavia could have murdered so many people between the times kyouko made it into her barrier. and homura was just being plain selfish, and let’s face it, you all love homura. you loooooove her. she’s the most popular character, i believe, or maybe second to madoka. so. i don’t see you point there. if charlotte didn’t eat mami then mami would have forced madoka into a contract and homura would have had to reset again, anyway.

nagisa does matter, it’s just not entirely obvious yet. and i’m allowed to like her the best. and wouldn’t you get angry if you saw official and fan-made artwork that left out your favorite character? there’s nothing wrong with nagisa momoe or her existence. it’s all the fandom’s fault for popularizing charlotte so much. if charlotte wasn’t so beloved, nagisa momoe wouldn’t exist. so think about it that way

Sherlock Homes and the Case of Why the Fuck Are There Two Packs of Gum Missing When Logan Only Ever Took One Out