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Fun fact: Time owns People, but the demographics are 52% male with an average age of 49 (at least in the US). Widen the audience!

Okay yeah so see here - if there’s nothing happening with the James Corden surprise I will be confused because why broadcast this to that demographic? Why would both People and Time cover this?

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People are trying to say it's a "rip off" of black out. But in reality posting pictures and being proud of who you are is a popular way of spreading awareness. It's not anti-black or anything. It's supposed to be a fun day for the Latin/Hispanic community to shine but it's turned into this really negative event which is sad

thank you for clearing that up, I saw a couple of posts against it and I wasn’t really sure why people were upset about it. I don’t believe the Latin/Hispanic community meant it to be taken that way at all, we were just hoping to bring awareness and some sort of a positive reaction to our culture (much like what was wanted from the black out) and definitely not rip off or offend anyone while doing so. I was pretty excited about it and I’m a bit sad it went down like this :/

i am not someone who is trying to make themselves a voice or an authority in any kind of political/social circle dont come to me asking me whats okay and whats not 

you have to figure that out on your own. i am not going to take responsibility for steering your moral compass

conversely stop assuming you know what my stances are on anything. if you want to have an argument with yourself over something i didnt say go fucking nuts but keep it away from me

well that offline toke 2 hours. 
About this situation then: I’m still pretty pissed + sad, but well. Kids can’t use correct words huh. 

You don’t have to like somebody but it doesn’t always mean that all people are alike like that person who you hate. And what Markiplier did, he did it. If he takes it a joke, don’t get angry of it. If he did it as he wanted to do, do not be angry. It’s still a cloth and every person can use whatever they wants to use. 

Cis, trans, genderfluid, bigender, nonbinary etc. They’re all genders. If you live in USA, where human rights aren’t going so well, it’s still different in other countries. In Finland we are still making changes to law and UN is watching closely that people are still remembering human rights. Everyone is still same, no matter of what do you look like, your gender, your sexuality, your nationality… 

And for me. I’m still unsure am I cis or bigender or something else. I’m looking for my real gender. 

Also, phobias + hating somebody else for no reason isn’t good for humanity. Any kind of sexuality and gender and their phobias are made by someone but not everyone. A child can understand that easily.