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excuse me miss I'm sorry but do you have a um, kind of tutorial for that edit you just uploaded with all the noise and washed out color thing going on coz it's stunniiiing thank you vm

I can’t believe an anon on Tumblr actually greeted me with ‘excuse me miss’ so just for that I’m going to briefly tell you how to do it despite my faq stating that I don’t do tutorials–

There are lots of ways to achieve the grainy effect. For one you can simply add a grainy texture to it. But what I did was Noise > Add Noise > Uniform. Honestly I didn’t adjust the settings much because I’m a lazy bum and that was a lazy edit. After that just toy with the Vibrance + Hue / Saturation for the washed out effect and then pile on a bunch of grainy textures. And tadah, aesthetic.


Okay motherfuckers, I’m gonna explain y’all (especially you, xmianite​) how to do the hair to the punk gif edits cause I know you have been struggling 

I’m gonna explain you my secrets: I sold my soul to the devil
The End

Jk im gonna do the tutorial just for u bb <3
Okay, so
U grab a gif that u wanna do (pls don’t kill yourself with +100 frames, we don’t want to organise another funeral)
Imma gonna use this one:

Now the hair
We use the quick selection tool on the first layer

we do a new h/s or color balance or photo filter layer, whatever you want for the hair (I’m gonna use color balance for this one)

we select the colour

we correct some things like the hair that wasn’t selected we paint it with the brush (on the same layer)
we delete the parts that got out of hand

we duplicate

we put the duplicated layer above the frame
we do the same (brush, eraser, move it, etc…)
repeat until all the frames are completed

trying to be cool phoenix // jenny studio killers // lovefool the morning benders // like real people do hozier // gimmeakiss the avett brothers // 나비 butterfly f(x) // sun two door cinema club // i work nights and you work days to kill a king // us regina spektor 

like real people do

tbh not quite sure why i made this but i sure did. that happened. yeah.

(yes I know the graphic is shit I’m sorry)


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  • ends June 30th
  • if you have any questions, ask me

W H A T  I’ M  L O O K I N G  F O R

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W H A T  Y O U’ L L  G E T

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Good luck everyone!

tfw ur s/o makes a better addams than u do

an attempt at sketching out an au where furihata’s family is like the addams family?? kinda weird and unorthodox (and occasionally injurious at times) but altogether still a pretty cool fam

akashi fits in ridiculously well

also (mayuzumichiihiro​) :

my giveaway ended last night and i didnt count any reblogs/likes past 12 AM, so here are the ten winners :) 

1st = faerie-leaf *

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6th = hogwarts-reject

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9th = mynameis-uhm

10th = @mayorvulcan

im sending everyone messages now :) if your ask box is closed and/or you dont get back to me within 24 hours, i will replace you. but thanks so much for everyone entering my giveaway !!! its really amazing because i only had 800 followers at the time (thats still a lot tho) and now im a few hundred from 3K !! i appreciate every one of you and thank you so much for following me

(* means theyve replied back and are confirmed as winners)

tbh I love the Darigan Yooyuball because I don’t know how to use it and neither does the other team, so all I do is put my mouse so that it’s somewhat near the opponent’s goal, leave for a couple of minutes, and by the time I’m back the opposite team has either scored for me or they’ve been flopping around the ball the entire time

Bless the Darigan Yooyuball for giving me a few minutes of a break.