Name your 10 favourite characters from movies or a TV series, then tag 10 friends!

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  1. Lois Lane (Smallville)
  2. Laurel Lance (Arrow)
  3. Cisco Ramon (The Flash)
  4. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)
  5. Derek Morgan (Criminal Minds)
  6. Vincent Freeman (Gattaca, 1997)
  7. Carlos da Maia (Os Maias, 2014)
  8. Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Fury, 2014)
  9. Lilly Rush (Cold Case)
  10. Johnny (The Room, 2003)

Whoever wants to do it, do it!

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Grow the fuck up it's only sex

ohmyy gufkeign god

i me not even actively protesting the goddamn sex scene dude if they want to put a sex scene (or ten million sex scenes) their game they can i’m just very amused by their devs trying to pass it off as a brilliant emotional piece of writing or anything other than y’know. fanservice really

the fact that i have seen multiple posts on this site about not following somebodys blog without permission and not rebloggin their posts like
i do not think you understand the primary function of this site….

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"you fell over in the subway car and landed in my lap au" for dat rekindled ashvin salera romancin c:

You’re biting your nails when the A Train barrels loudlyinto the station, startling you out of your anxious reverie. As the crowd around you pushes in on itself, every commuter determined to be the first through the doors, you quietly stand back and gather your thoughts. Trying to remind yourself that it’s just an internship interview.

Your first one since starting college.

Your first one ever.

A very important interview.


You shake your head ferociously, trying in vain to get rid of your nerves. You can do this. You can so do this.

You didn’t get the “Hardest Worker” trophy in Mr. Antare’s fourth grade class for nothing.

With a confident nod, you step over the yellow line separating the platform and the train, heading for the far end of the car. Leaning against the pole (no you’re not going to touch it there are germs on these things you know), you try your best to take deep breaths. In and out. In. And. Out.

You’re doing fine until the most gorgeous person you’ve ever seen steps through the rapidly closing sliding doors and makes you forget how to breathe all over again. Trying not to stare too hard, you take it all in. The black hair. The blue eyes.

Suddenly, those eyes are meeting yours and you give a (hopefully quiet) yelp as you wrench your gaze away and try in vain to pretend you’re incredibly interested in the seat cushion to your right. 

Which stops working as soon as someone sits in the seat, and you’re left accidentally staring at a stranger’s crotch. Sure that you’re now bright red, you look up to offer an apology only to find the same blue eyes you were trying to avoid, now paired with one expertly raised eyebrow.

Fuck. This is not something you can deal with right now. You stammer out an awkward apology and decide that this side of the car is probably not where you most want to be right now. 

Unfortunately, as soon as you take a step forward, the train jolts to a start and you are sent flying. Everything seems to go in slow motion as you fall, and you take this extra time to grimly applaud whatever deity is in charge for how unbelievably quickly your life has managed to fuck you over in the last five minutes alone.

Soon enough, however, your personal audience with god is over, and you’re brought back to reality as your stomach finally makes contact with the floor.

Except it can’t be the floor, because you’re looking at the floor.

Whoever you landed on top of lets out a breathy “SHIT”, and you’re halfway to panicking when you realize you’re too drained to even be embarrassed anymore. That’s a new one. 

You let out a sigh and manage to stand up awkwardly, and before you can think too much about it you’re reaching for the hand of the stranger whose lap you just vacated, shaking it before you even get a glimpse of their face. Might as well be polite.

“Uh, sorry about that,” you mutter. “I’m Ashvin Tyndar and I really didn’t mean-“

Your eyes finally reach their face, and your mouth stops working, because damnit there are those blue eyes again.

You’re at such a complete loss, and you’re just standing there, shaking this person’s hand, wondering if maybe you should just never ever leave your dorm room again, when their face breaks out into a tentative smile, and your handshake is gently reciprocated.

“Hi,” the stranger says, with a voice like honey. “I’m Tularo Zubana. Nice to meet you.”

"you sound like you’re about to cry" 

surprisingly this time i wasn’t but thnx for pointing that out 

Tumblr tag thing cause givemesomespaceandletmebreathe was kind enough to tag me!

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, answer the 92 truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. (or nah cause 25 is a lot).


  • Last beverage: self-made london fog mmm good
  • Last phone call: mom. hadn’t talked to her all day. just to say night night :)
  • Last text: Outgoing- Now go sleep sleep. Niight.  Incoming- K 
  • Last song you listened to: Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones
  • Last time you cried: Last week maybe? I can’t remember. Is that a good thing?


  • Dated someone twice: Never really “dated” before, so no.
  • Been cheated on: See previous answer
  • Kissed someone and regretted it: Yes.
  • Lost someone special: Not someone “special,” but someone I’ve loved.
  • Been depressed: I’m generally a happy person. Upset, yes. Exhausted and grumpy for long terms, yes. But fortunate enough not to have had to go through depression.
  • Been drunk and threw up: Don’t remind me.


  • Brown, Green, and Blue.


  • Made a new friend: Always! That’s the best part about Uni
  • Fallen out of love: Yes ~
  • Met someone who changed you: Nope. I take responsibility for changing myself.
  • Found out who your true friends are: That’s a cryptic question.
  • Found out someone was talking about you: I wish.
  • Kissed anyone on your facebook friends list: Nope!


  • First best friend: Katie, I went to school with from grade 2 to 12. Awesome chick, but we’ve grown apart since then.
  • First sport you joined: Field hockey!
  • First vacation: Disneyland California, maybe? I was really young.
  • First pair of trainers: My first pair of “runners” we also when I was really young. 


  • Drinking: Nothing. I’ll have a glass of water before bed though, I promise.
  • I’m about to: Get off of tumblr and go to bed *i tell myself every night, but do I follow through? nope.*
  • Listening to: The sound of my heart and dreams and wishes.
  • Waiting for: Spring break so I can go home and visit my dog :)


Want kids: Yes! 2 boys, please!

Get married: Yes! I don’t believe in “true love” but I believe in finding someone who will love me and treat me well and will put up with me and my sarcasm, and overall will just “work” with me.

Career: Geological Engineer. Hopefully get experience working in a big company and then when I’m older, settle down and open my own consulting firm.


  • Lips or eyes: Eyes
  • Hugs or kisses: Hugs. If you are riding the bus and see someone who looks down, you can go and give them a hug (with their permission, of course) and it wouldn’t be too weird. Try doing that with a kiss.
  • Shorter or taller? Taller!!!
  • Older or younger: Older!! 2-3 years optimal
  • Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic
  • Nice stomach or nice arms: Stomach
  • Sensitive or loud: More on the loud side. I need someone who will balance me out. But he still needs to be considerate.
  • Trouble-maker or hesitant: Troublemaker (again, looking for balance)


  • Kissed a stranger: Yes. Don’t ask me anything else.
  • Drank hard liquor: Never again.
  • Lost contacts or glasses: Crushed glasses!
  • Turned someone down: Very awkwardly, yes. And kind-of passively.
  • Sex on the first date: Umm no.
  • Broken someone’s heart: I really hope not.
  • Been arrested: Bahaha nope.
  • Cried when someone died: Took me a couple days, but I ended up breaking down halfway through grocery shopping. Thankfully there was a really kind gentleman who came and helped me, otherwise I woulda been on the floor in hysterics.


  • Yourself: I see the potential in myself, but I also see the lazy side of me that is always holding me back. 
  • Miracles: Yes. 
  • Love at first sight: Ask me that when there’s a beautiful man in the room
  • Heaven: I live without the expectation that there is a heaven, but I know that if there is one, and if everything everyone says about “God loves everyone” is true, I hope to be able to have a nice long conversation at the pearly gates. I believe that the final moments in your life - your final few breaths, where you are, who you are with, and how you feel about your own live and decisions - is your heaven. If you are at peace with yourself, it is heaven. If not, have fun in your own eternity of regret and guilt. Of course, reincarnation has always sounded appealing. I guess that kind of ties in with the previously stated comments.
  • Santa Claus: Nope.
  • Kiss on the first date: I wouldn’t say no, but I don’t think I would be brave enough to make the first move.
  • Angels: Moreso “spirits” than Angels. I believe that there are forces out there that cause the fortunate accidents and coincidences, and give people the occasional miracles. 

I don’t know what to say now. If you want to discuss anything, send me an ask! If I tagged you, I really wouldn’t mind seeing you fill this out, too :)  


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