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Do you think Rumple will ever get/be deserving of his own happy ending? Or do you think that you really can't teach an old dog new tricks?

I would like to say yes but honestly, after last night episode, and I know it will disappoint some of my followers and fans, …but no I don’t think he deserves it.

I do not understand how one can defend Rumple after what he did last night, he manipulated Hook and used him sort of in the way Zelena used him in the past. While you see Killian having different reactions from 2x04, Rumple is the same, and he is forcing Hook to do things that disgust him, which is a form of abuse for me. 

I don’t want Belle to forgive him, I want her to leave, sign the divorce papers and leave him alone for a while, because this is serioulsy a fucked up situation. He could have make things better, he could have decided to be the man he promised Bae he would be, he could have erased the past or sort of by letting Hook go with his hand.

But Rumple had to manipulate Hook, reduced him to shit, use him as a puppet and screw everyone over and still thinking he’s okay.

I’m sorry to say that I don’t think he deserves a happy ending, as much as he loves Belle, I don’t think he changed much.

Taylor Swift: *writes song about ex*


Ed Sheeran: *writes song about ex*

Everyone: “man the poor guy, he is so nice his ex is a fucken bitch HE DESERVED BETTER”

okay so hey, hi, i’m jess bowen and i’m a senior. i like drums and dogs and people who bring me sushi. i’m also president of the “i hate brian dales” fanclub, one of the biggest and most recognised clubs in the modern world. probably. full stopping every sentence makes me extremely uncomfortable so i hope you understand the lengths i have gone to to appear nice here. anyway! hit me up on aim at bowenandthedumbs or leave me yours so we can talk :~)

my exposure therapist was an abusive shit honestly like he would remove all my coping mechanisms, however non-harmful to my health they were (like chewing gum) and he had my mom punish me if I did not complete my exposures on a daily basis. none of this allowed me to give informed, freely given consent to my treatment. every time things seemed to be going well in my treatment he would push me to diffacult, near impossible goals and if I did not complete said goals I would have my phone and computor taken away until I did (which could be a full week, easily.) He wanted me to do things like say rude or weird things to strangers, far beyond what any person needs to do to function, and again, I would be punished if I didn’t do these things.

he freely admitted to me that he has in the past forced patients with OCD to eat off bathroom floors

like this is all so nasty why are so many people working in the mental health feild so nasty

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I’m gonna lay down and sleep. My mom has been yelling for the last 3 days and I’m sick of it. Shes gotten very mean and I cant understand why she thinks the actions of her wouldn’t effect me?! You told me SO MANY TIMES you didn’t care! Why do you think you yelling doesn’t bring back every memory of you calling me names and calling me worthless?!

I ship swan queen. I ship them as friends not sexually as we’ve been given no indication that either regina or emma are gay or bisexual. I admit they have chemistry, but i dont think they will ever get together, because Outlaw Queen and Captain Swan are much more obvious combinations. I know im going to get a lot of hate for this, but stop with the anti captain hook and anti captain swan campaigns, because its not doing anything but splitting the fandom in half.


I’ve learned…that it doesn’t matter what the story is, some things never change…sometimes I fall in battle. Sometimes I die hugely, bravely, saving the city from something that would destroy it. Sometimes it’s a small, ironic, unnoticed death— I die rescuing a child from a fire, or tackling a frightened pickpocket.
              The end of the story of  B a t m a n  is, he’s dead.
Because, in the end, t h e   B a t m a n  d i e s.
W h a t        e l s e       a m       I       g o i n g      t o      d o?  
Retire and play golf? It doesn’t work that way. I t  c a n ’ t.

I fight until I drop.
And I will drop.
But until then,
I  f i g h t.