Alex’s not-terribly-accurate-but-pretty-true-enough favourite blogs to follow for 2011

Believe it or not, it’s still 2011 here. For another hour and twenty minutes, it is. I’ve been on Tumblr now for about six months, I guess. Looking back, for the first two days my blog was Supernatural, LOTR, and Ewan McGregor. Then I saw First Class, and….well. lol. So I’ve met some fantastic people, hilarious people, ridiculously intelligent people, sickeningly talented people, and generally very, very kind people. I’ve never done a follow-forever or top-follow post before, as I hate to have to pick favourites and I’m really worried about offending someone. Plus, I don’t follow that many blogs, so I try to be really picky…. Anyway, sorry. Here’s my jist of wonderful people I’ve met. But, really, I absolutely love you all xx

donothavetimeforyourblah / ink-phoenix / thegunisinthedog / alwaysbeenwithyou /hardwires / fuckyeahkeira / daka-el / proudscottish / nicole-kidman / misfires /deliciouslycheesy / ewan-gifs / knightbenders / dangerousmethod / fuckyeah-ewanmcgregor / wingsofaphoenix / richardharrows / gordie-lachance /fuckingawesomewan / sassy-holly / allthingseurope / thebakerstreetboys / elenaruinseverything