Probably #today I have made the biggest decision of my #Life. While I was driving back from work going home I heard a calling that changed my destination to the #Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation in King Fahad Specialist #Hospital in #Dammam. I went to Building 14, 1st Floor & I asked for the Donor Team to register me as a #Donor. When I was young I always believed helping people is my life calling & it haven’t changed since. I hope that my decision inspired You & Future Generations of making this huge decision. & I hope that I helped someone in need after I leave this world behind… على ما اعتقد بأنني اليوم قد اتخذت أكبر قرار مر علي طوال حياتي. بينما كنت عائدا اليوم الى المنزل من العمل شعرت بأن علي تغيير وجهتي إلى المركز السعودي لزراعة الأعضاء بمستشفى الملك فهد التخصصي بالدمام. ذهبت إلى المبنى رقم 14 الدور الاول وسألت الموظف عن فريق التبرع لكي أسجل اسمي عندهم كمتبرع. عندما كنت صبيا لطالما اعتقدت أن مساعدة اﻵخرين هو توجهي في الحياة ولم تتغير هذه النظرة منذ ذلك الحين. ارجوا متئملا بأن قراري هذا قد الهمك انت والأجيال القادمة لاتخاذ هذا القرار. وأيضا أئمال بأنني قد ساهمت بإنقاذ شخص محتاج حتى بعد رحيلي من هذه الدنيا… Abdullah A. AlJughiman | عبدالله عبدالرحمن الجغيمان (at King Fahad Specialist Hospital)

The third mix is here! Please feel free to download and share! Be sure to check out and support the artists! 

Length: 94 minutes
File Size: 221mb

  1. Safe And Sound - July 3rd 2011
  2. Ovlov - The Well
  3. Donor - Everything Feels Illegal (members of Dikembe, You Blew It! and Crucial Dudes)
  4. Fairlane - Spot Beneath The Earth
  5. Droughts - Deaf Grin 
  6. Arrows In Her - Everybody Is Despondent
  7. Desaparecidos - Man and Wife, the Latter (Damaged Goods)
  8. Athletes - Dystopia Beach
  9. Cute Fills - Harakiri 切腹
  10. Del Paxton - The Ninety
  11. Girl Arm - Jetsons
  12. Edward Joseph - The Perfect Diversion
  13. Roosevelt - Were You Though?
  14. John Hunter - Over Time
  15. Daylight - Youngest Daughter
  16. Winter Dust - Soil
  17. Little Big League - Sportswriting
  18. Sup, Muscles? - I’m Resilient
  19. Mildura - Summer
  20. Ringfinger - Headache
  21. Transit - Young New England
  22. Paper Moons - Arms Length
  23. Brave Bird - Scared Enough
  24. Scenic - Mindreader
  25. Twin Cities - Boy Meets World
  26. Hard Feelings - I Should Have Known
  27. Deafheaven - Irresistible 

So I just got my donor card from Anthony Nolan in the post today which means I’m officially on their register as a stem cell donor!

Anthony Nolan is a charity that aids the recovery of people with blood cancer by offering them a stem cell transplant which allows their body to make healthy blood cells. 

If youre aged 16 or over and a UK resident then its incredibly simple for you to join the register, they really need more young people and you could save a life. I’d urge everyone to go to  to find out more and join the register and to share this with your followers. Thank you <3

A Willing Donor

Ekta Doshi is in her mid-thirties and has CLL. She’s been searching for a matched donor for quite a while, she was diagnosed in 2011. Tragically, despite a recent 9/10 match, she will not be receiving a transplant. The matched person would not agree to donate, and now Ekta has to continue her search. 

As Amit’s friends and family who have been through this process first hand, this news breaks our hearts. 

Please do everything you can to share the truth about what marrow donation is, so that no one who needs a transplant has live with the horrible knowledge that there is a known match for them who has chosen not to help save their life. 

Read more about Etka’s story here

If you would be a willing donor, register

And please, share this story in the hopes we can keep it from repeating! 

Organ Transplantation: Organs being harvested (2 kidneys, liver , & both retinas) from a deceased man, and later being transplanted to four different patients. Kidney and retinal transplants were done in Mashhad; IRAN. Liver transplant in the liver transplant center, of Shiraz, IRAN.

In case you’d missed it before, I’m co-releasing a record for a band called Donor through my label Paperweight Records along with my good friends at Jeremy Records. There’s a new song from that EP called “Pool Dad” up and streaming now on the band’s bandcamp page. Check it out! Pre-Orders go live on February 17th. 

(For those of you not in the know, Donor features members of/ex-Crucial Dudes, You Blew It!, Dikembe, You’ll Live, Wavelets & Forty Winters so uh…you might just wanna give this a listen tumblrverse.)