Ok, I just had a moment of sudden, amazing, absolutely heartbreaking realization.

When the Turtles go back to the lair, Donnie tells everyone to grab one meaningful thing.


Raphael grabs his photo of Spike. He takes Donnie’s comment literally and grabs what is full of sentiment and meaning.


Mikey takes Ice Cream Kitty and some frozen pizzas. He brings a sentiment object (Ice Cream Kitty) and a useful object (food).


But, Donnie; Donnie brings supplies. Not food or weapons, but gauze, band aids, a couple of test tubes, and a beaker. He brings no sentimental object because this this will help him take care of what means a lot to him. Who do we know that is incredibly banged up and is in need of medical supplies? That’s right. Leo. He could have brought his computer, but no. Donnie brought supplies to take care of Leo and make sure he is ok and taken care of.

[[There comes a point in time where you have to sit down, shut up, and draw turtles. I really liked the way the eyes where done in the last episode for 2012…. I think that is partially responsible for this. 

I dunno where this came from I was supposed to be doing homework, brain why do you betray me so.]]

I feel really bad for Donnie.
I think that in the begging of season 3 he’s going to be kinda distant and depressed, blaming himself for everything that had happened. I mean:
•He was going to tell the girl of his dreams how he felt before she shut him down
(Which was kinda like rejection there)
• He watched the girl of his dreams run into the arms of another guy
• The last converstation he had with Leo was fighting
• A machine he worked so hard on and had planned out for so long was destroyed in under a few minutes (proving Leo to have been right)
• He got shot in the arm
• He failed as a leader (again proving Leo right)
• His most prized invention got blown up
• Him and his brothers had to watch their father get beaten to a pulp and then thrown in the water, now believing he’s dead (it broke my heart when he screamed “don’t do this”)
• And now they’re all leaving the city alone with New York destroy behind him.
why else is he going to be the only one wearing a mask in season 3?????

Some silly doodle that turned into something bigger.
Red got into one of the prestigious universities in the US and she had to leave her beloved NYC…
While waiting for her flight, she received some sweet txt messages from her sister and friends.
Inspired by an RP with a friend.

Leo: Have fun n come back soon! M. Splinter sends ooo ( hugs )
Mikey: I packed u some pizza. May get hungry! XO
Raph: Fail it n Imma whoop yo.
Donnie: I envy u! Pay attention n send me notes from the lectures and… [more].
@Jivra : Stay out from troubles. U will be fine, sis.

…Leaving… by Ax25