I Receive A Visit - Poem

I Receive A Visit – Poem

I Receive A Visit
By Diana Arco

I receive a visit
Every single day,
And I gladly
Open my arms
In a long embrace,
For this welcome
Is the man
My adoration recognizes
As its very best.

And I can talk for hours
About my heart and soul.
I share what in my wisdom,
Whatever high or poor,
Takes the freedom
Of the moments
I won’t let them go.

Then, in silence,
A rhythm of love and caring
Answers my heart…

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Menes - The Vampire Pharaoh

The child king Meneswas said to have been the first of many pharaohs that were known to be incarnations of a different Egyptian Gods.  Haro, mother of Menes claimed that he was the offspring of Anubis – God of the Dead.  Much secrecy surrounded the youth…

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Fate - Poem

Fate – Poem

By Diana Arco.

And at this moment
Of crushing fire within,
A sense of comfort
Arrives suddenly.
A calling from the heart,
A whisper from the soul,
And those signs
That follows
Like sweet honey delight
Taste of the lips
Deep into the throat.

This is the moment
Where the stronger
Still takes the breath
And goes long beyond further,
Right to this amazing place,
Where time has done its duty,

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Beautiful - Poem

Beautiful – Poem

By Diana Arco

Beautiful inspiration,
Walking by the side.
You play with the moon
And the sun,
Like they were balloons
Flying free across the sky.

Beautiful smile.
Not the lips
But the soul,
Happy for the moment,
That sparkling light
Full with divine emotion.

Beautiful love,
The one coming
From the heart and soul.
That connection
With the universe
That in freedom
Never get lost.


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That Is - Poem

That Is – Poem

That is
By Diana Arco

That’s your door,
Your window,
The place you know
In your heart
You’re meant to be.

That’s your smile,
Your laughter,
That place within
That ignites
The spark of happiness.

That’s your paradise,
Your beach, your forest,
Your garden,
The place where you
Can get lost
And be found over and over.

That’s your wind, rain,
rays of the sun and the moon,
The welcome of days and nights

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Always Within You - Poem

Always Within You – Poem

Always Within You
By Diana Arco

Right there
Before what
You love the most
The answer lies
As a ray of light
From the sun.

There’s no escape
From that divine gift.
The acceptation arrives
As a seed
To let it grow
Like that beautiful
And strong tree.

So the palms
Of our hands touch
As our souls
While our hearts
Are beating
With such rhythm
Like they were singing a song
They only know.

When you let…

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Days Of The Week - Poem

Days Of The Week – Poem

Days Of The Week
By Diana Arco

I’am Monday
The starter
With the heart
And soul.

I’am Tuesday
The follower
And the followed,
My own freedom
My own self.

I’am Wednesday
The Going on
And never stops,
Only to sleep
And still
I have my dreams,
I breath hope.

I’am Thursday
The one in the middle
Of the all.
Where I stand
Where I move
Where I belong.

I’am Friday
The celebration,
The almost finishing

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The Smile Found True Love - Poem

The Smile Found True Love – Poem

The Smile Found True Love-
By Diana Arco

So the smile was born
Under and above the wish,
Through days and nights,
Because a strong feeling
From The heart
Leaded to a good, peaceful, thought.

Oh, my dear smile,
You could never imagined
How strong it is
When someone holds on from you
Until it happens.
And you melt yourself
In divine love.

There, now…
You’re allowed
To get so excited.
“Somebody loves…

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The Request - Poem

The Request – Poem

The Request
By Diana Arco

From all the requests
I have asked in my life
There hasn’t been
One so close to my heart
Like the one I’am experiencing
Today in my present
Regarding my true love.

And this is not a question
That’s waiting for an answer,
And this is not a matter
To be taken it lightly.
For it is my life the one
You’re holding.

The request from my heart and soul,
I didn’t have to bring it

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What I Can't Deny - Poem

What I Can’t Deny – Poem

What I Can’t Deny
By Diana Arco

From all the pleasures
I have in life
There is one
I just can’t deny
To give
From my heart and soul.

I can’t deny myself
The pleasure
To tell you:
“I Love You”
“Thank You”
Every single day.

Even when you
Are there
And Can’t listen to me.
This gift
It’s like a prayer
To touch you deep,
Right to your heart and soul,
Where I find myself
At home.

“All The Light,…

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Give Yourself The Freedom - Poem

Give Yourself The Freedom – Poem

Give Yourself The Freedom
By Diana Arco

Give yourself the freedom
With all your heart and soul
To shine with all your might.
Follow your true passion
No matter what others
In their ignorance
May say about you.

This is more than an adventure
This is your whole expectation
What you know it’s a must
That you’ve been delaying
Avoiding acceptation.
Oh, no more, this excuse.
Give that leap of faith,

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I'am - Poem

I’am – Poem

Diana Arco

I’m not my body
I’m not my sight
I’m not my hearing
I’m not in doubt
Of the gifts I have.

I’m not off time
I’m not the colors
I’m not the place
I’m not the distance
I’m accepting
Where I stand.

I’m not a heart
I’m not a soul
I’m not there.
I’m not my past
Either my future.
I’am all
There is
And there is not.

I’am love
I’am right here
Where I should be at
And I belong.


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Take Me - Poem

Take Me – Poem

Take Me
By Diana Arco

To belong
Where my heart
And my soul.
To smile
And in abundance
Even when alone,
And nobody is watching.

To fly
And going away
To that place
Where my love
Can arise
With the sun,
And sleep
In the arms
Of the moon,
Both tenders
In my life.

But, please.
Wings from
The north, south
West and east.
Take me home
To my beloved.
My only one,
My all.

In this voyage

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I Love A Poem - Poem

I Love A Poem – Poem

I Love A Poem
By Diana Arco

I love a poem
That is breathing alive.
A poem that is
Happy,sad, angry,
And stubborn as hell.

I love a poem
With its lights
And shadows.
Every perfect
And imperfect line
I’am able to admire.

I love a poem
As every single day
And night’s witness.
Time is ticking
And I’am listening
So Close.

I Love a poem
No matter its mood.
If it’s raining
Or it’s sunny
I’m here
With my…

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Vampires in Ancient Egypt

Vampires were highly respected in the Ancient Egyptian society, many of them having become rulers.  The ancient vampire having a pure blood line, were a fierce and powerful breed and were regarded as Gods in these times.

One of the most revered vampires…

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