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☺ My muse’s favourite habit of yours (if it's all right :D)

“You should be asleep.”

Donna bit her tongue as the gentle rejoinder drifted from the doorway. It wasn’t Lea she was mad at, and she didn’t want to take her frustrations out on her sister. Lea, of course, missed none of the irritation that played across Donna’s face – perversely, Lea’s perceptiveness was enough to make her the target of Donna’s ire. But she reined it in as Lea pushed her way into the lab and crossed to where Donna sat.

“I’m not tired,” Donna said.

Lea eyed the five empty coffee cups taking up valuable real estate on Donna’s desk. ‘The cups would agree,” she said, “but your face says otherwise.”

“Leave my face out of this.”

Lea sighed, and perched on the edge of the desk, earning another scowl from Donna. Lea’s butt was now on the reference text she needed. “Donna,” Lea said. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Donna snapped. 

“Uh-huh,” Lea fired back. “And I hate Space Heroes.” She folded her arms, fixing Donna with The Look. “Come on. Spill. Or I’m going to stay up all night with you.”

Spite, bitter on her tongue, forced the next words from her. “Oh no, we couldn’t have that. Got to have your beauty sleep after your Magical Mystery Tour.”

Lea’s eyes went wide with shock, and Donna instantly regretted it. Unable to stand that look on Lea’s face, she spun and lurched to her feet, staggering across the lab until she came up against the Pulverizer’s tank. Her hand resting on the glass, she stared at the frozen eyes within and wondered just how much Sam was aware of what went on in the outside world. Just another example of her failure….

“Oh,” Lea said softly. “This is about August.”

Of course it’s about August!” Donna spun back, her voice cracking as she stormed back to the desk. Lea had gotten to her feet, and Donna reached around her to grab the medical text. “All the nights I’ve lost sleep studying, learning as much as I could, trying to be the best so that I can take care of all of you, and then you swan in with your hocus pocus and save the day? Fifteen years of studying, and it’s all useless! I couldn’t…  I couldn’t save him!” The medical textbook hit the opposite wall with a resounding crash, punctuated by the tearing of pages as it fell.

The worst part was, her eidetic memory wouldn’t let her forget. Every time she closed her eyes, she could see the snake bite on August’s arm, watching the angry red lines the venom left as they wormed their way through his system despite her every effort to stop it. She could still hear the soft, mocking rhythm of the heart monitor…

Lea hadn’t moved. Donna’s words hung between them, and she realized it was the first time she’d spoken them. She hadn’t truly realized just how much it had been bothering her, but like the release valve on a pressure cooker, once that cork was out, her explosive anger went with it, and she sank to her knees, her eyes welling with tears. Ashamed, she covered her face with her hands. That was a fine way to thank Lea for saving her life. For saving August….

She hadn’t heard Lea move, but slowly, she became aware of a soft touch against her shell. Gradually, she uncurled from her fetal position, blindly seeking reassurance as Lea pulled Donna into her arms, brushing the tears from her cheeks.

“I’m sorry–” Donna began. “I didn’t mean–”

“Shhh.” Lea’s hand kept moving, tracing gentle circles against Donna’s shell. “I understand.”

Of course she did. 

Donna had amends to make. But for now, she’d take the olive branch Lea offered, and let herself be soothed by that touch against her shell. She didn’t know how Lea managed it – it never felt quite the same coming from anyone else, even if the movements were identical. There was no logical scientific explanation for it. But from Lea, those circles meant comfort, and love, and a deep, abiding certainty that everything would turn out all right.

Familiar Faces // 20th & Donna

[ yea-seeya]

20th walked fast. He was after  a few alien signals that remained in his path. Contrary to his other regenerations,The Doctor was now redhead. A tall,slim,redhead woman.

Having a feminine body shocked him and he was still trying to deal with the fact that everything he knew was probably a lie and he could yes swap his genders - even though he had no idea of how to do it.

He suddenly bumped into someone. Another redhead which - contrary to his own face - he was familiar with. It was Donna! Donna Noble,his 10th regeneration companion!

He still felt very sorry for what had happened with her. He - for a shortly moment - had considerated to stay with her forever,but then again humans come and go. It was like this with Rose,Martha,Clara and many others…but with Donna…it was different.

He adjusted his blue suit hidding his Sonic screwdriver  and smiled a bit,helping her to stand up “I am terribly sorry!” he said,still find it weird to have the feminine voice coming out of his lips. She wouldn’t regonize him,but he was glad to see her anyway

Flier in Maryland Senate race alleges Jewish control of black pols

WASHINGTON (JTA) — A flier alleging Jewish control of black politicians was distributed at a budget meeting in a Maryland suburb of Washington.

The flier distributed Monday in Prince George’s County uses Photoshop to depict three Maryland Democrats in the U.S. Congress — Sen. Ben Cardin and Reps. Chris Van Hollen and Steny Hoyer — standing over two dogs bearing the faces of County Executive Rushern Baker and Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, both African-Americans.

Leggett and Baker, the equivalent of mayors in the populous Washington suburbs, have endorsed Van Hollen, who is facing Rep. Donna Edwards in a primary fight to succeed Sen. Barbara Mikulski, also a Democrat, who is retiring.

“Van Hollen will run against Donna Edwards and other African-American candidates chosen and financed by the Israel lobby for the purpose of splitting the African-American vote in the primaries,” the leaflet said. It accused Leggett and Baker of selling out Edwards “for a few doggy treats.”

It is not known who is behind the flier.


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  • ★ A secret dream for the future involving your muse

Donna wrung her hands, pacing slowly back and forth. There were too many things to worry about. Too many variables in play. It was never going to work. Stopping, she turned on her heel to face Lea. 

“I’ve got it!” she cried. “I’ll just invent a time machine to manipulate the fabric of reality!”

Lea just shook her head, stepping forward and taking Donna’s face gently between her hands. “Donna,” she said, calmly and evenly. “You don’t need a time machine. You need to calm down and trust that everything will be fine.”

“But–” Donna protested.

“No buts. Now hush.” Lea reached up to adjust Donna’s tsunokakushi, and smiled in satisfaction at her handiwork. “You look beautiful.”

Donna blushed, and coughed to clear her throat. “You think he’ll think so?”

Laughing, Lea shook her head. “Of course he will.” Settling the folds of her own kimono, Lea took Donna’s hand and tugged her toward the doors. “Now come on. Everyone’s waiting.”

Donna drew a steadying breath and nodded, letting herself be drawn in Lea’s wake. Angie was waiting, eagerly watching for their approach, and flung open the doors to reveal the friends and family gathered in the garden beyond. And there, at the end of it, was–

“Yo! Earth to Dee!” Angie snapped her fingers in Donna’s face. “You in there, sis?”

“Huh?” Donna blinked dazedly at her sister. “Oh, yeah. Sorry Angie. Just daydreaming.”

Angie shook her head. “Yeesh, Donna. You oughtta get that checked. I could have run Leatherhead through here and you wouldn’t have noticed.” She hoisted herself up on Donna’s desk and kicked her feet. “You fix my Tpod yet?”

“Still working,” Donna said. Reaching for the broken device, she surreptitiously slipped the novel she’d been reading under a stack of blueprints.

Not stealthily enough, though. Angie snagged it and examined the mage posing dramatically on the cover. “Huh. Any good?”

“Oh, you know. The usual. Epic battles. Evil wizards. A romantic wedding at the end.” 

“And you like this stuff?” Angie asked incredulously.

“Sure. It can be fun to read something that’s not a textbook once in a while.” Smiling, she cracked the case on the Tpod with her screwdriver and added, softly, “it’s nice to daydream about, anyway.”

LucLuc2 - 12 by novalikarida featuring wooden home decor ❤ liked on Polyvore

Dress / Heavy shoes / White backpack / La Bella Donna liquid foundation / Face care / Kiehl s body moisturizer / Philip Kingsley hair styling tool / Eight Vertical Envelopes / ASOS bar tool / VIPP white bath towel / Wooden home decor / Apple iPhone 5 16GB (White) Unlocked / Pigeon & Poodle Denton Tissue Box Cover

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Rihanna Dior Secret Garden

Rihanna Dior Secret Garden

Ciao ragazze, oggi parleremo di una delle più grandi maison di moda: Dior. Sono già trascorsi tre giorni dal momento in cui è stato, finalmente, pubblicato il bellissimo cortometraggio della nuova collezione Secret Garden by Dior con il suo nuovo volto per il quarto episodio della serie di Versailles, luogo che, sin dal 2012, fa da sfondo alla strepitosa collezione Secret garden. Dopo Charlize…

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