Character: Katerina “Kat” Donlan & Paz Cadena Blanco
Appears In: Gunnerkrigg Court
Commonly Interpreted As: Gay

But Really: Paz and Kat only recently began their relationship in-comic, and a large chunk of the fandom has labelled them as lesbians. These people seem to forget that Paz and Kat have both expressed attraction towards men before falling in love with each other!

Kat is less commonly labelled as gay, due to the fact that her attraction to dudes is all over the place in the early chapters. She falls for a boy called Aly, and develops crushes on the male characters Muut and Sir Eglamore. In none of these cases does it really go anywhere due to age and species barriers. Paz, meanwhile, was canonically at least crushing on the male character Matt in one chapter. Thus, both girls are canonically either bi, pan, or poly. 

Thanks to sergeant-thundershield for this submission!

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