okay so here’s the dealio. on the 4th of august 2012 forthesky (emma) and donkeystringbean (sam) are meeting up with space-car (kara) in new york city and the general idea is to eat, sleep, party, drive, etc for the next five weeks in various parts of the country without spending a ton of $$$.

but here’s the thing: none of us know anything about america apart from what television has taught us even though kara LIVES IN MINNESOTA, so naturally we just think it’s a magical place filled with pizza and beautiful people and like c r a z y amounts of candy.

so basically, we just need some help. we’re gonna use this blog to make posts consisting of stupid questions like “hey guys, how do you do the subway” and “is disneyland for real?” both before and during our trip and we were super hoping to gather some followers to offer advice and general survival tips so we don’t go around doin’ it wrong the whole time and end up naked in jail or anything. we’re also going to make vlogs and post pictures and just generally be like WHAT UUUUUP WE’RE IN _____ WITH _____ because we’re trying to meet the entire internet, did i forget to mention that?

and listen, i know we’re not tumblr bnfs (i’m still not 100% sure what those even are) or super hip or whatever, we’re just three young broads who are kind of equal parts pumped and utterly terrified about this trip we’re going on and would really love if you could do us a solid and reblog this as a signal boost so we can try and make this the greatest thing we ever do.


xoxo kara, emma & sam

Happy Birthday, Sam!!!

~ooh ahh it’s a thing a person who doesn’t know how to use photoshop made for you wow~

I love you almost as much as you love your girlfriend Kendrick, and that’s saying something. I hope you have an awesome birthday and I’m so glad I get to be your friend!

donkeystringbean replied to your post: like, her saying that “straight women look at…

does sasha understand gay people or straight people bc from this interview it seems like she does not and it’s hilarious

lol, i don’t think she does? bc boob-grabbing/slapping? wat? and it’s not the first time she’s said something equating lesbians seeing jane/maura as a purely sexual thing. whenever she talks about rizzles it’s always kind of male gaze-y and sometimes i think my angie harmon tag (#shh shh don’t speak) could be a dual tag for both of them.

donkeystringbean replied to your post: lol, of course jtam deleted the posts where she…

OMG WHAT IS WITH HER??? like it’s not beneath you to give those poor little babies some actual constructive advice you asshole they clearly admire you for some reason, not everyone is as ~wise and ~experienced as you. UGH

i know, right?? a girl asked her how to go about being an extra/dead body on the show and she pretty much told her that was what google was for. and then her reasoning after someone called her on it was some bullshit about her daughters and empowerment and giving a man a fishpole, not fish. (way to fuck up that metaphor, jtam.)

and there was this gem which was also deleted

morpheusandhypnos asked: girl if youre going to be on tumblr, you best be prepared for the parade of gay that surrounds Rizzoli and Isles. i recommend following the Rizzles tag to catch up on where all our feels are at the moment  :)

janet: Girl, I write this show for anyone who is interested in watching it. I write it for you, too, even though I’m straight only because that’s the way I arrived. Say and blog and tweet whatever you like. I truly believe in the 1st Amendment (including my right to say what I think). I just may not read what someone else has written — and you are free to not read and not watch what I’ve written. Truth? If I read everything, I would stop writing, use a hammer to smash all devices and become a Buddhist nun (man, that sounds kind of appealing). You can’t please everyone. So please your f——— self. Or at least give it a shot…

and then this just happened



ugh, she just needs to stfu and stop being a passive agressive asshole.


donkeystringbean replied to your post: oh my god the entire Rizzoli & Isles Boston…

i’d take season 1 over season 3 t b h

oh god, so would I. s2 and 3 are just as terrible in terms of factual inaccuracies and lazy writing but not as jam-packed full of gayness so it’s like wait what am i even here for??