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The Battle of Glenshiel, 10th June 1719. Note upon an Unpublished Document in the possession of His Grace the Duke of Marlborough.

Description by Ahmed Ibn-Fozlan (an eye-witness) of the Ceremonies attending the Incremation of the Dead Body of a Norse Chief, written in the early part of the Tenth Century. Translated from Holmboe’s Danish Version of the Arabic Original, with Notes on the Origin of Cremation, and its Continuance.

West Oakland: A Terminus of the Urban West

Excavation of a standing stone at Deepdale, Stromness, Orkney

Field Survey of Part of the Route of the Donji Miholjac-Slobodnica Natural Gas Main in Osijek-Baranja County

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Mass Grave Found Near Bosnia’s Donji Vakuf

Investigators have discovered a mass grave that could contain the bodies of almost 150 murdered Bosniaks in the village of Oborci near the central Bosnian town of Donji Vakuf.

Lejla Cengic, spokesperson for the Missing Persons Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said on Thursday that investigators had found a mass grave that could contain the remains of many civilian victims from Prijedor.

“The exhumation hasn’t yet started. We are waiting for the state prosecution’s order. We received the information and we found that there is a mass grave in the village of Oborci. It is suspected that the grave contains the remains of between 100 and 147 people,” said Cengic.

A large number of people from the Prijedor municipality are still missing since the war, said Edin Ramulic, a representative of the victims’ organisation Izvor (Source).

“These could be the victims from this municipality, which were either taken from a [detention] camp or were taken during the closure of some of the camps, even during the [ethnic] cleansing of a village. There were a lot of those situations,” said Ramulic.

Wartime mass graves are still being discovered around two decades after the Bosnian conflict.

Last year a mass grave was found at the Tomasica mines near Prijedor where hundreds of bodies of Bosniak civilians were exhumed. It is believed to be one of the largest of its kind in the country.

(via balkaninsight)

They have now found 435 bodies in the mass grave in Tomasica, of those 275 whole bodies.

In the area of ​​Bosanska Krajina so far 131 mass graves have been discovered, in Prijedor and the surrounding villages 61 graves have been found. In the area of ​​Prijedor there were 59 concentration camps and other detention facilities. It was found that in the Prijedor area about 3,500 people have been killed, they’re mainly Bosniaks and Bosnian-Croats. Hague court sentenced 16 Bosnian-Serbs total of 230 years in prison for crimes committed in the Prijedor area. In Bosnia and Herzegovina they are still searching for more than 8,000 people killed during the aggression against the country. The largest so far discovered mass grave was Crni Vrh in eastern Bosnia, where 629 bodies were found (x).

Partizan- Donji Srem-3:0!

Partizan- Donji Srem-3:0! 

Nakon prvog poluvremena rezultat je bio 1:0 u korist Partizana a go je dao Skuletic  dok su u drugom poluvremenu postignuta jos dva gola

Strelci su bili Markovic Lazovic i Skuletic :)

Sledeca utakmica Partizana je protiv Nefcija 28.8 u Azerbejdzanu


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Srce ,Ruke ,Glas !! I Partizan - Donji Srem 24.08.2014





Partizan Belgrado - Donji Srem

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