Canzone (1934). Antonio Donghi (Italian, 1897-1963).

Possessed of an extremely refined technique, Donghi favored strong composition and spatial clarity. The critic Ugo Ojetti saw his clear realism and choice of subject-matter (people, still-lifes and cityscapes) as egalitarian and related to Caravaggio’s influences. The disconcerting immobility of his figures also drew comparisons with the work of Seurat and of Henri Rousseau.


happy birthday, Antonio Donghi - a great artist of both realism and magical realism, I was introduced to the work of Donghi (1897-1963) by the subway posters using Circus (the fourth painting in the photoset) to advertise the Guggenheim Museum’s "Chaos and Classicism" exhibit (2010-2011). Seeing Circus in person was terrific and I have since come to love Donghi’s painting style.