Eunhyuk running to Donghae’s arms ♡♡

part 2

cr: [莉莉宝宝_haohaohyuk]


SS6Beijing-Eunhae moments:

- During Rokkugo, Donghae went over to hyukjae randomly and poked his chest.

- Eunhae spoke in korean and there was no translation. so donghae said “translate! translate translate!

- When donghae wanted everyone to do the kiss, hyukjae went chu chu chu~

- Before d&e stage, zhoumi and henry had to stand on stage and talked a long time bcs eunhae had to change for their stage……but they took a very long time and when hae came out, the button still undone and hyuk was all whipped and clingy!

-Hyukjae hugged donghae from the back and started swaying. Not the side away but the grinding kind of sway.

- Hyukjae asked fans if they know what day is it today and fans answered super show day. then hyukjae said no, its his mom’s birthday. then donghae heechul and kangin messed up his hair but hyukjae flipped his hair and his hair became nice again!



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