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You sure are posting a lot today

I suppose I am. But I only have 4 classes left for the year and I’ve finished most of the work I need to turn in for monday for my final critique. and then I’ve got a 5 page paper left too but that’s not due until wednesday which I may or may not have my 2 other classes that day since my professors have already mentioned that if we finish the critiques early we won’t have class that day. And then after that I just have my eval in front of a bunch of judges (who basically tell me whether or not my artwork is terrible, what I can improve upon, and what I should spend my summer doing- mostly telling me to go to art museums or take summer classes) and pack up my entire dorm into a storage locker before I fly home and stay there for the next 4 months. 

So basically…. I’m done.

Eyoooo I’m doing another livestream tonight! It’ll be starting at 9:15 Pacific time (so in 30 minutes) Here is the link. 

It’s casual; ’ll mostly be drawing OC’s. But I might take requests later on! Come chat and hang out if you like :) 

If you aren’t aware, the Spurs are done with their season tonight. 

To some, it’s just another typical NBA team and they won’t pay any amounts of attention. But I have seen the results of the Spurs on the San Antonio community and I firmly believe it’s unlike any in the nation. 

San Antonio isn’t all Riverwalk and Missions and amazing food (those certainly aren’t bad things as this blog proves to you), but we are also a primarily lower-middle class town. There’s some people who live in absolute poverty who are descendants of the town’s first founders. Some parts of the town look down and - to the outsider - hopeless. 

Yet when the Spurs are on, the community is united beyond measure. I’ve seen young boys and girls who are constantly told they are worthless find self pride and love for their city within the Spurs. All races, communities, parts of towns that are isolated from each other are suddenly together. Pride in a town and pride in oneself might be the most important things for a person. That’s what the Spurs give us.

Go Spurs Go. Until the end. 

commission weekend!

ok, so because this month is the last month before my commissions go into hiatus I will do special commission streams tonight! it’ll be 16 dollars for a shaded single pony instead of 20 (extra cost may apply if your character is difficult or has a lot of detail)

first come first serve! the stream will start tonight (in about 6 hours) but attendance is obviously not required, your commission will however be guaranteed to be done tonight!

pm for a slot!

1, cybermagus

2,  asktrailblazer


this is self-indulgent lirry proposal fluff. liam is very much in love and harry is very much the one liam wants to spend his life with. featuring a ring hidden in athletic socks. 

Liam is sitting at the kitchen table, typing up reports. He’s been typing for hours and his whole face is starting to feel a bit numb, but he needs to get these done tonight, or his boss will have his head.

Harry is sitting across from him, reading some Bukowski novel, because Harry refuses to go to bed if Liam is still up working. He’s shirtless in his maroon boxers, swallows stark against his collarbones in the dim light of the kitchen. His hair is just barely brushing his shoulders, tangled around his face, and his lips are bitten red. Harry always picks at them when he’s reading. Liam can see that Harry’s eyes are starting to droop, and he keeps snuffling like he always does when he’s tired. The kitchen is quiet except for the constant drip of their leaky faucet, the click of Liam’s keyboard, and Harry’s breathing. Harry hasn’t turned the page of his book for at least five minutes.

“Go to bed, Haz,” Liam says softly, his fingers stopping on the keyboard. Harry looks up from his book, unfocused, and Liam can tell that he had been staring at the page without seeing the words.

Harry shakes his head and runs his fingers through his hair. Liam’s eyes track the thick, silver rings on Harry’s fingers. “No,” Harry says quietly, voice rough with exhaustion. “Waiting for you.”

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