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Here’s what the amazing wiishu did for me for a commission!

It’s my Darksepticeye, Acid!

Holy cow! She made him look so cool! And badass! And BOSS!

Thank you again, and I will definitely get a commission again from you! I’m sure Acid would agree!

okay kids this post has been a long time coming but here we go; today im gonna talk about the very fine line between taking inspiration and flat out stealing from someone’s work. 

taking inspiration is something beautiful, its noticing that someone’s work is amazing enough to make you want to change the way you do things. from the colouring of something to the style of someone’s coding.   taking inspiration means you take a element of their work and put it in yours but stealing is doing this extremely and continuously without asking permission or consent from the original maker. i know what crosses everyone mind — they won’t notice, they won’t mind. people always notice and people always mind. what does this feel like? it feels like our identity, our originality, it being stripped from us and there’s nothing we can do. the worst part is when approaching them about it and they get defensive and suddenly we’re over reacting.  no. this has to stop.

folks please ask permission from whomever you gonna change your style to. it plain manners and respect. and when it comes to tags, headcanons —– copying and just rewording things 100% stealing and most defiantly requires permission. 

i make it my goal to message people and i’ve never gotta a no. if you do and then ask you will get a no, thats like stealing money then spending it and then asking if you could borrow that money. if you’re nice and ask then im sure 99% of the time people will say yes. people are kind if you are. 

Stefan danced with Elena! Why are the writers forcing Steroline!!!

First of all *sigh* he didn’t say “I never danced until you Caroline” he said

“…of all the ways that loving you has changed my life… you made me dance”

Stefan’s feelings towards dancing with Elena:

Stefan’s feelings towards dancing with Caroline:

No begging involved. In fact Stefan is the one who often asks Caroline to dance, whereas his girlfriend had to beg him to dance with her.

Here’s Stefan dancing with his other best friend Lexi

Lexi: Okay, I’m gonna need a little more foot movement.
Stefan: I’m not really interested in making a fool out of myself.

Even though…

Yet he’s only known Caroline a couple of years, but he’s about to be himself around her almost instantly. Like it changed his life #justsayin

Stefan not caring about making a fool of himself with Caroline

What’s the phrase oh yes RECEIPTS

Bonus Meta! - Does Stefan still Hate Dancing

*not my gifs*