• Wth, why are ereri and eruri shippers throwing shade so much all of a sudden? I knew this sort of happened somewhat before now, but it seems to have ramped up out of nowhere.
  • I can throw shade with the best of them if I so choose, but I find starting shit over Fictional Pairings to be fucking childish. I don't give a rat's ass what ships someone likes, because it's just a personal preference.
  • So what if someone likes my notp? Good for them. So what if someone doesn't like my opt? Oh well, just isn't for them. I see people gloating over a lame ship hate post they make and I just roll my eyes.
  • How about if you don't fucking like it, ignore it? I don't go on here for bullshit drama, I get enough of that in my actual life. Let's just enjoy our own ships, and bitch about the ones we don't like over tea with friends, in private. <3

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Name: Graciano

Time and Date: April 27, 2015.  03:01 PM

Average hours of sleep: Hmm. around 8.

Last thing I googled: “Meters to Feet conversor” why dont you use the metric system?!?!?!?

Nickname: Hielo

Gender: Male

Height: 5′9 or 5′11 I HAVE NO IDEA. 1.80 meters

Favorite Color:  Purple.

One place that makes you happy: my university campus.

What are you wearing: Nothing at all, i just get out of the shower.

Last book you read: Well, I dont Remember. but i did re read The Maze Runner. so yeh. that one.