Happy Birthday to me!

Yeah, I was that obnoxious kid that loved their birthday when they were younger. I’m 24 now, and I still get excited. I hope that never changes tbh. 

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks again to every single one of you for following, reblogging, liking, leaving me lovely comments, and even some of the not so lovely comments. I can’t believe this blog blew up the way it did, especially considering I just started it out of boredom. You know when people start stealing your stuff, you’re doing something right! 

To those of you who have requested for affiliation, I’m sorry I haven’t put up the links yet! I will be doing it sometime this week. As you can tell, it’s been a little slow around the blog for the last several weeks. I’ve just been focusing more on myself than the blog lately, which is good for me. But I guess, bad for the blog. Planning to get back into the swing of things though! 

Also, if you’re in a giving mood or just really really like me and want to celebrate my birthday, it would make my day if you could either make a donation to the American Heart Association or towards the Pakistan & India Flood Emergency. Any amount would benefit either of these causes greatly. I won’t know if you did it since it goes directly to the organizations but it’d be awesome if you could!

Have a great Wednesday and an amazing October, everyone! <3

- Iman

So my buddy Eli’s mom had a stroke, meaning he had to take two weeks off of work in order to go down to take care of her. He’s barely made rent this month, and after expenses of gas and groceries for today only, he has about nine dollars left to split between him and his fiance to last for the next two weeks. 

If anyone could help them out it’d be really great, or even if you just reblog this and get out the word. They’ve been working really hard to keep themselves afloat and this is really setting them back. Thanks for your time.


Hey everyone! I’m really excited here and I have great news! My comic book I’ve been working on with my art professor is finally ready to go live with Kickstarter! Were looking to mass produce or complete story and I hope I could get everyone help!! Its a great story and its written as a Poem, a Graphic Poem about Fleas and Fleadom!! 

The kickstarter link is here where all your questions can be answered and your rewards would be listed!! This is my dream and I’m so happy that I was able work on this project and now I need YOUR help! 


The link will take you straight to the kickstarter, and I hope you all can do your tumblr magic and signal boost this post and let everyone know! This story will be great and I believe there is something enjoyable in it for anyone! 

This year, over one million people worldwide will take their own lives.  Depression and mental illness can be a silent killer, and I have personally lost loved ones to suicide because they felt they had to deal with their mental illness on their own. 

I, too, have attempted suicide more than once due to my own struggles. I didn’t see a way out, I felt lost and alone. To know that other people feel the same way and don’t have a way to reach out and get help is terrible to think about. No one should suffer that way and feel so alone.

On October 5th, my closest friends and I will be walking in our local Out of the Darkness Walk for AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention). Our team is called “Lightweavers,” and many of the members of our team are survivors of mental illness and suicide attempts. 

It would mean so much to me if you could spread this and give support, whether by boosting this post or by donating to our page. All donations go direction to the AFSP to provide a helping hand to those who suffer and to save lives. 

Our team donation page is here. We have a low donation goal because we aren’t sure how much money we’ll be able to raise in a few days, but I really hope you all can provide some support. 

Thank you to everyone who can help get the word out and support something so personally important to me. 

Credit: “Lightweaver” and the dragon in the picture belong to Flight Rising and all the artists who draw those beautiful dragons.

Help Me Stay in School!

Hey guys. I know you saw this post circulating around, but frankly it got too long and annoying to keep up with, so I’m making another post to update my situation.

Long story short: I’m a University student who just got accepted into a really good academic program and my father was responsible for paying off whatever tuition was left over after student loans. After finding out that I identified as something other than heterosexual, he was disgusted and refused to pay the rest of my tuition off. Put in simple terms, my father has stopped supporting me financially because I’m homosexual. More information about my school and my situation is at my gofundme here. (do not donate there though - more about that below)

The amount that I owed was $2,000, and I was absolutely devastated upon the news. I work 8 hours a week on minimum wage and no one in my family, including my mother, can support me due to their financial obligations. Please, please, please - if you could donate to my cause, that would mean the world to me. I’d be forever grateful for any amount donated, whatever the amount. If you cannot donate, please signal boost this. I find it difficult asking strangers for help, again, but at the moment I am desperate to continue working towards my dream and my goals.

Here’s the Update: So far I have received $600, thanks to the kind and generous people who have donated to me/commissioned me so far.It’s clearly progress but I still have a long way to go. UNFORTUNATELY, since my tuition is also past due, I also owed the university$600 more dollars since it was referred to collections.

So I still have $1800 to make. The deadline is the 16th of August. I have all of that to fork over within the next two weeks else my admission into the university will be terminated.

If you want to, I offer commissions here if you want artistic compensation. I would definitely prefer every donation to go from paypal from now on - do not use gofundme as I’ve lost $100+ doing this, they took away a huge chunk of money from me. Instead of donating to my gofundme, send any money you would like to offer to my paypal, yakfrosty@gmail.com.

Thank you so much!! Signal boosting is appreciated!! 

Ok so long story short me and this beautiful little boy here moved back in with my parents in Texas a week ago out of an abusive situation back in Cali. I spent the last of my money I had saved on the whole move. My ex is currently making bare minimum and I am only able to get to some of it. Legal actions to do anything, even see someone for a consultation costs money. I’ve found one person, but they live far from me and the gas to pay a friend for it I just can’t afford… I have $75 to my name right now. I’m living with my Mom and my Sister and my Son. My Dad promised to change when we got back but got into a near physical fight with me and my Mom and has been gone going on 5 days now. My Mom has no money. I am literally left to feed the four of us and with my being disabled I can’t exactly work work…  I’m in desperate need of donations of any amount or lots of reblogs to find people who can donate to help feed my family. I shouldn’t have to stay in a physically abusive relationship just to eat or feed my child. I’m on the start of a new path bright for both myself and my son, but it’s really rocky right now and I could SERIOUSLY use some help!!



Hello my name is Maya and I am 18 years old. Meaning that I am legal to be thrown out of the house as that I am now an legal adult. I HAVE been thrown out before and been barely lucky to be allowed back into the house. My mother has emotionally attacked me and told me to “go fuck yourself”, and recently tried to burn me. I have on occasion had to seek help from one of her friends or my own. 

My mother is both mentally unstable and an alcoholic who is very verbally abusive towards myself and my brothers. She has on many accounts called me names, threatened me out of the house, and is the prime reason for my depression and suicidal tendencies now and in the past. I’ve lived under this abuse since I was 8 years old and enough is enough.

I also have no room. Whatsoever. I am sleeping on a COUCH in my brother’s room. No room for my personal items, no privacy, and it’s very demeaning.


(that’s my brother)

I am currently looking for employment since I’ve recently graduated from highschool and don’t have the funds to go to college yet. As of now my options are looking for a homeless shelter to try and escape my hostile household or build up funds to find a small place so that I can keep a healthy state of mind. 

I want to get a cheap studio apartment somewhere in the Temecula/Menifee area and these donations will help to sustain myself for a few months until I can do so on my own.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but I really need some help. 

I also do commissions:

I draw art for mainly Hetalia and Supernatural, but I am willing to do other fandoms, shows, book characters if asked. 

(Welcome to Night Vale)

(Romano from Hetalia)

(Castiel from Supernatural)

MORE Examples of my art: 


I also write: http://fuckingtomatoes.tumblr.com/tagged/tomatowriting

More information on prices, contact me through my tumblr.

Signal Boosting would help me a lot and thank you for taking the time to read this ; u ;  


I am just giving an update that I have a temporary job that could either last me a month or up until November depended on how busy it gets. I’m just happy I’m working in general.

With that said, donations are still helpful but only if you want to;; I feel bad for asking but hopefully this job help me get the money so I won’t have to ask.

Thank you again and I will continue to give updates;;


This is my cat Salem. Recently we’ve had an influx of cats come and live on our porch and we’ve taken in three of them as indoor-outdoor cats.

A few days ago Salem went missing and he didnt come back for two entire days… And a few nights ago we found him stumbling and dragging himself back home, all the way up the driveway and over to the porch. We had been searching for him non-stop but he finally did come home.

He couldn’t walk when we first found him and we assumed that it was his leg because he wouldn’t put pressure on it. We assumed we would heal on his own and assumed he fell out of a tree. But now he will barely put pressure on either of his legs and we assume it was his hips.

We ruled out him getting hit by a car because he is very very small, not even sexually mature yet. We think that the kids down the block kicked him around and then another cat in the neighborhood beat him up even more. What scares me most is what people do to black cats because of superstition. Salem is not all black but who would see the white on his belly while he was running?…

I’m in a very bad place financially and there is no way I can pay for his medical bills. We can barely afford food this month and we cant even borrow from any family because most of us are in the same boat. We don’t even have enough money for gas.

I’m asking tumblr because of the connections I’ve seen and the kindness of other people… please help me out. I love my cat so much I don’t know what I would do without him. 

My dog recently got sick and racked up 200 dollars in vets bills for a simple stomach ache, and that bled us dry. We have nothing left, and the only other option is lying and giving up my cat to a hospital saying that ‘I just found him on the road”
Which is what I thought of doing up until someone suggested making a tumblr post. Salem is my savior, he is the sweetest cat I ever picked up off the street and taken into my home. He is so young and he needs a chance at life… I need to try…

If you can donate even a dollar to my girlfriends paypal HERE, there is also a button on my blog, it would mean a lot to me. If 500 people donated just a dollar it would probably over most if not all of the treatment he requires.

I wouldn’t ask any of you for money but I’m desperate.

PLEASE only donate if you have the funds to do so. I couldn’t ask anyone who isn’t well off to help. If you have a dollar to spare then please but don’t put yourself at a disadvantage…

ALSO if you don’t or can’t, or did donate please share this on your blog. I need this money as soon as possible because his condition is slowly declining. He’s still eating and drinking but I really want to get him in to the vet in the next couple of days.

Please tumblr.

(VIDEO of how Salem has been moving with his hips as of August 7th 2014)

(edit fixed paypal link)

I don’t get super personal very often because I like to keep my blog all Sherlock related, but right now I really need everyone’s help.

For the past 9 years my family has been living with and relying on an abusive, alcoholic man. We stayed with him and did everything he told us to do because he was our only source of income. Well yesterday, after finding out he was cheating on her with a coworker, my mom kicked him out. She decided she was done with him, and wanted to kick him out before he had the chance to kick us out. Only now, we have no money. Literally none. Our landlord is making us leave the house immediately and is planning to sue us. We’re already in an insane amount of debt. We have no family to help and nowhere to go. 

I’m desperate to help my mom out in finding money for us to move on and start a new. If we don’t get some kind of money soon, we’re screwed. We’ll be basically homeless. This is a situation I thought we’d never be in, and I can’t bring myself to stop crying about it. There’s this feeling in my chest that won’t go away and I just want to be able to breathe again. 

We just need enough to get us started and hopefully pay off some of our debt. If anyone out there has any money to spare, please donate here. I cannot tell you how grateful I would be. If you don’t have money, spread the word. Any little thing helps. 

Thank you.


Hey guys, so I am making a new post, because recently my father came out that he found another woman in his life so he left me and my mom behind. We are $2000 dollars behind in rent, and my landlord wont let us get a roommate and she is going to evict us in a few months. Rent is a little over 900 dollars!!! My mom only gets paid 500 a week, and we still have to pay for bills,food,clothes,and transportation!!! So I’m in a real big pinch right now, I also don’t know how long my internet is going to last, so I wont be able to signal boost this post or my commission post!! BUT PLEASE REBLOG THIS, AND CHECK OUT MY COMMISSIONS!!! I tried to make them as cheap as i could, there is also a donate button on my blog, please please PLEASE spread this, I don’t want me and my mother to be homeless again.

Hi!! As stated above I’m Alexander. I’m a depressed, suicidal, anxetic transboy living in a house of people with superiority complexes and beliefs against medicine and transgender people. Come Saturday (September 13) I will probably be paying a visit to the local psych ward, so thats good, but I need some other things.

As a closeted trans kid who cant come out, I’m forced to wear clothing of the opposite gender. What I want to do is buy my own clothes. I can earn money in two ways:

FeaturePoints: Go to www.featu.re/E4TSA2 on your mobile device, or www.featurepoints.com and enter referral code E4TSA2. You can receive points to get things, and in you doing so, I get points as well! Points can be redeemed in gift cards and apps and the such.

Commissions: I can do relatively decent art (check my tagged/art for examples) and, while I dont have a paypal quite yet, i can still receive payments via amazon and amazon giftcards. I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

If someone can tell me if buying someone stuff from their amazon wishlist requires the one purchasing the item to know the wishlist owner’s address, please do!

As for mental health, I wanna fill a notebook with encouragements and stuff so I guess shoot me an ask or something.

If you can’t do any of this, a reblog would be nice, because even that helps.

Thank you!

EDIT: I cannot receive large ammounts of money at a time or it may seem suspicious to my family, so keep that in mind!!

hi my name is Virág. the above picture is of my Mom and my two youngest siblings, Gracie and Haley. im an 18 yr old demigirl with clinically diagnosed social anxiety, chronic depression and PTSD. im not usually one to ask for help but im in DIRE need of it at the moment. i know this is very long post, but please, PLEASE read through it and help as much as you can, even if it’s just by reblogging to spead the word.

my family and i are $15k below the poverty line, which means that the amount of people in our household compared to our income ratio is 57.14% below the minimum and there are 8 people in my household - my 5 siblings, my mother, my grandmother and myself, as well as our dog and my two rats.

my mother pays for all our finances including rent, bills, clothing, pet food, school supplies etc. we get about $500 worth of foodstamps every month which is not nearly enough, and despite what so many conservative middle-class republicans people seem to think, does not cover toiletries, household products and certainly not medicine or animal food or vacations (???). i cant even afford to buy masculine-presenting clothes for myself from a thrift store, which plays into my dysphoria. a small problem within this grandiose, chaotic shit-pit, but a problem nonetheless. i myself cannot get a job for various reasons.

im making this post because i literally dont know what else to do at this point. my mom busts her ass every single night CLEANING TOILETS IN THIRD SHIFT. she only sleeps about 5 hours each day and works overtime whenever she can. she feels an immense amount of guilt for not being able to spend much time with her children, as well as the pressure of not being able to provide sufficient living conditions for us. she also suffers from severe PTSD, the same way i do. i dont know how she deals with all of it.

her hard work amounts to nothing though, because her paycheck doesnt even cover rent, let alone other expenses. our landlord could literally knock on our door right now and say “hey get the fuck out” and we would have to go. and i havent even mentioned the fact that the house we live in is falling apart over our heads. our landlord refuses to fix broken and loose windows, water leakage, fallen ceilings which are dangerous because of debris and toxic mold, as well as a gas leakage in our basement. it’s fucking sick that little children have to live in these conditions and that there’s no more help or resources available to us. there’s really nothing i can think of that could help us out.

which is why i set up a gofundme page, where you can also read more about my situation. please, PLEASE donate if you have any spare money, even if its just $1 or $2. every single penny will be put into catching up with rent and bills. whatever extra we may have will be put aside for the purpose of moving out. i set the bar to $5000 because thats approx as much as we need to pay for everything i just mentioned. i know it seems like a lot but im positive that if the right people reblog this post, we could raise some, if not all of it. me and my family would be happy even for a fraction of that amount if it meant that we wouldnt starve to death, become homeless or have our electricity/water/gas cut off for one more month. if you cant donate, at least reblog this post. if you do donate, no matter the amount, i will promote you to 3.5k+ followers and also write you a handwritten letter that i’ll send out to you if you’re willing to give me your address. not a mindblowing reward, i know, but you will also have the sincere gratitude of my entire family (and also my pets; if you wont do it for us, do it for the dog).

thank you very much!


I hate to ask.. it’s been so long since I’ve been desperate for money and needed to ask communities for assistance but I can’t afford this on my own, and while I do have some insurance from my dads plan.. it hardly covers any of the costs. To put it simply, I had a root canal back in 2010, November 1st 2010 to be exact. I had an abscessed tooth and it got inflamed and hurt like hell so I got a root canal the following day. The procedure alone is already pricey, so we couldn’t afford a crown to cover the gaping hole in my tooth.

Fast forward a year, I crack the tooth in October 2011, ignored it. It was still useful. A few months later I cracked it more and part of the tooth fell out, okay. Now i have a hollow shell of a tooth for a while. Late spring 2012 I got a filling (which is weaker, it’s NOT a safe alternative for a root canal) and it’s been.. okay for awhile, but within the last year more of the actual tooth has been breaking off slowly.

And just over an hour ago the filling has fallen out entirely, so theres a gaping hole in my tooth with shit stuck down in the drilled roots and well, it hurts. I need to get it removed before it gets infected and possibly become gum disease if left untreated. 

Most procedures cost around $100-200, but this is going to have to be a surgical extraction.. I don’t have the time to take commissions.. 

I’m looking to at least get close to 300.. maybe more if it costs so much more, because dental is expensive and I only trust one dentist (since the second one I went to is the one who put in the loose filling ahaha;;; ) I’m sorry again.

my paypal is aimeexvenom@gmail.com, please send me an ask or something so I can perosnally thank you.. I’m sorry again for the bother.


My good friend, Bernadette, recently lost her brother.

She and her family need help raising funds to lay him to rest.

There are a lot of you, so please lend a hand.

You can go here and donate. His story is under the cut.

Her original post can be found here.

Please send your condolences to munstor, aka Bernadette.


I will be reblogging this hourly.

Please signal boost this.

Please help my friend.

Read More




While I kept it to myself that I’m trans before, it really needs to be said in this situation. Ask anyone who knows me personally and they will confirm it to be true. 

I have no source of income other than commissions and my internet will be turned off soon, cutting off my only way of making money. 

My genderqueer kissmate and I have A WEEK at maxto get what we need in order to move into a place. If we don’t get what we need, we will be HOMELESS.

I am a pre-T transmale, clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I have very, very little support from my mother and my mother only who can barely support herself.

My genderqueer kissmate has no support from her parents whatsoever. Ve and I are only 18 years old. 

Our parents will not take us in and we have nowhere else to go other than finding out own place. We need money for an apartment.

My current living space is not going to be available to me past the 29th and life here is hard enough already. We have very little food, I’ve dropped several pounds(I’m down to below 70lbs), I haven’t been sleeping well (if at all due to stress), I don’t have enough to eat, I don’t have money for my medication let alone enough to even consider T, I have a kitten to feed and take care of as well, and we are in desperate need of help.

I have set up a donation button on my blog for money that will go strictly towards our move. 

Every little bit helps. Even if you can only spare a few dollars, it counts. Please, please, please, signal boost this and help us if you can. Even if you can’t help us money wise, spread this like wildfire. 

Please HELP

so winds-of-the-past is living all alone and they need to raise 1,500 dollars or a minimum of at least 748 dollars by the end of October in order to pay off their semester and buy food. Their situation is getting desperate and they REALLY need our help. Idc how much you donate, 3, 5, 10 dollars, EVERY PENNY WILL BE TREASURED, just please help out my friend. There is a Paypal donation button on their page. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.