Gaming For A Cause

So my friend is doing a neat 24 hour gamefest with some peeps to raise money for a local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. They’ll be streaming live and all donations go to the hospital to help kids in need. They’ll be playing anything from horror, co-op, and much more! Join the cause by tuning into their live stream: starting on Oct. 25th, 2014 at 8AM (Pacific Time)

Not to mention, donors will get a chance to win amazing gaming bundles and Steam PC games will be given throughout the stream.

For more information and to donate, click on this here fine link: 

(Prizes and goods are also on the page.)

You can also help by reblogging this post or spreading the word to others. The more the merrier and it’s all for an important cause!

Hello! I am Birdy! I am autistic, agender, and I have ocd and anxiety. My family only has one computer, and it is very old and not that good. For the last two years my parents have put time locks on the computer, only allowing me to go on at certain times. Since I have a very hard time going out in public, I spend a good amount of time on the internet. I used to use my ipod to access the internet, but it was stolen (along with my glasses ) about two weeks ago. But now, I barley have any time i get to spend on the computer. Because of this, I have had trouble getting all my homework typed up, and I have lost almost all social interaction outside of school. I also write stories and poems on the computer, and I haven’t been able to do that in a while.This is not that great for me because my stress levels are now super high. This is where you might come in. I am hoping to save up enough money to buy myself a computer!!! If you would like, there is a donation button on my about page, and a donation would be greatly appreciated!     


**Please take the time to read my case, it would me a lot to me.**

Hello! My name is Amber, or Rue, as some of you may know me by. I am a 22 year old girl living on my own in Connecticut.

I moved to Connecticut from California 4 years ago to escape a very bad situation with my family. I haven’t spoken to them much since and we are not on good terms. I cannot return home, nor would I ever want to.
Since I have been on my own I have lived in homeless shelters, friend’s homes and I have rented rooms from various shady people. Now, I live with a compulsive hoarder in a small room mostly filled with her stuff. I have been living here since March of 2013. I work 40+ hours a week as an assistant manager at a Dunkin’ Donuts and also attend school two days a week (7 hours both days). I am currently looking for a second job. I pay monthly health and dental insurance, my phone bill, rent, medical bills, etc. I also pay for transportation when I cannot walk to work since I do not have a car. I try my hardest to walk to work when I can because I cannot afford to spend money on cabs, but sometimes it is too cold at 5am in the winter to walk or the sidewalks are piled with snow. I am desperately trying to conserve money whenever I can and I have started a savings account to keep money aside.

The woman I live with doesn’t have A/C in the summer nor does she have heat in the winter. I live in Connecticut where it snows and gets to be VERY cold, especially during the night. I have a low tolerance to the cold and it effects my heart negatively. She also does not have a working fridge, stove or toilet. I am unable to keep food in the house because I cannot refrigerate or cook it so I end up eating a lot of my meals at my friend’s house when I am invited. If I eat at home it is usually just chips or cookies.

The woman who owns the house also has three cats. The cats do not use the litter box, likely because it goes uncleaned for weeks. As a result the pets urinate throughout the house, including in the bathtub and on my clothing in my room. I am constantly bleaching the tub before I shower and washing my clothes over and over again. I have asked the owner to please keep my door shut to prevent this but I have come home many times to find my door wide open and cats in my room.
The cats also kill many small rodents such as mice, rats and squirrels which they have dragged in from outside or have actually found and killed in the house. When I have brought this to the attention of the home owner she was not at all interested and told me not to bother cleaning it up because the cats like to “play” with the dead animals. These are just a few of the examples highlighting the gross environment I live in.

I can no longer tolerate it mentally and physically. I have been diagnosed with severe Clinical Depression and PTSD; my psychiatrist said moving out of this house would most definitely help improve my depression (obviously not cure it, but make it a little bit more tolerable). I also have a lot of health issues, one being a problem with my heart which is made worse by the mold, dust and cat dander in the house as I am allergic to them. I have included pictures of the house that I took recently. This is actually the cleanest it has been in a while considering she had people over so she had straigtened it up a bit.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no where else for me to go. I am desperately trying to move before winter hits, but between all my bills I cannot save enough to pay for the required safety deposit and first months rent. I have gone and visited many apartments, and it always comes down to me not being able to get enough money together. I know I can pay the monthly rent, it’s just a matter of saving up enough for the first month and deposit before winter.

I am asking for donations to help me reach my goal and escape this horrible living situation before I am stuck here for the winter. Any amount of donated money is greatly appreciated and all the money is going directly to my savings account where I am already started to put aside whatever I can as well.

Thank you so much for reading.
I will gladly provide any proof needed and answer questions.

I have a gofundme account set up here:

Even a signal boost or anything would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much again!


This year we are once again hosting our annual Trunk or Treat  event at McDonald’s on 485 Broadway in Paterson.

We will have candy, sweet treats, school supplies and happy meals packed inside of different trunks. We will also have a Halloween fashion show for the kids, a dance contest and more.

We feel that it is important to provide a positive and safe space for children to trick or treat in our city. Because parents want to provide their children with a safe way to enjoy the holiday we are expecting a very large turnout!

Please donate to make this event a success and bring something positive to the community!

Your generous donations will fund the candy, school supplies, happy meals, decorations and DJ. Remember, no ammount is too small! 

Thank you! 


Please I am a mentally ill demisexual/polysexual cis girl living in an unsafe environment and I am desperate to get out of my home and away from my abusers. I have a job but I am being kept by my abusers from earning nearly enough to get away. There is more information under the cut please read it and please consider helping me please I am desperate and afraid for my life.

I live in a household that is extremely and relentlessly emotionally and mentally abusive. My mental illnesses have greatly worsened over the past few years as a result of the abuse. I live ever day in fear of my abusers, they are unpredictable and I never know what will set them off. I have attempted suicide multiple times and I do not want to die but I don’t know how else to get out. It seems hopeless and I don’t believe I will ever make it out on my own so please please I need your help. I need enough money to buy my car from them (about $1000) and hopefully a little more to keep me on my feet as I find a safer permanent living situation. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message although I cannot promise a speedy response as it is very unsafe for me to access this account in my home. There is a donation button on my blog and my email is Idk if there is any other information that it needed, I’ve never done anything like this before. Anything you can donate would be very very very much appreciated and if you want to message me to let me know you donated I would love to repay you somehow once I am safe. Thank you!!!!!!

Please help my brother be able to go back to school!!

tw: finanaces, school, sex work, transphobia, misgendering

So my brother (a trans black man in NYC. Here’s his lovely blog.), went on medical leave from school for a while because of transitioning, depression, and just general health reasons. He was all geared up and ready to come back for this semester when his school informed him that in order to go back he has to pay $2500 by november.

In order to do this he’s turned to sex work. For this he has to stop taking T and pretend to be a girl. He has to wax his moustache which I know is something he was very happy to have and was connected to his gender identity. Also stopping hormones like this is very bad for his health. This is making his depression worse and just basically making his life a living hell.

I desperately want to get my brother out of this situation. Life is hard enough for a trans PoC. I love my brother so much and want him to be happy.

Any amount of money you can give would be great. I am begging you. If you want me to make edits or fanfictioni or something in return for your money let me know. I’m not too great but I can try my best. 

Please donate here!! Or if that doesn’t work go here and use the email If all my followers donated $3 we’d have more than enough. and if you can’t reblog it!! The more people that see it, the more than can be donated.


Here a few of the 50 adorable Eared Grebes we have at International Bird Rescue swimming around in one of the five pelagic pools. It’s migration time and these poor fellows often mistake wet pavement and shallow ponds as deeper waterways, and often become grounded in parking lots and streets.

We have had these birds brought to us from all over LA. You can "adopt" an Eared Grebe and help these guys get back to health so they can continue their migration south. I’ve personally handled almost all of these guys and they are extremely cute.

Gracie may look like your typical child, but at six years old she has gone through more than more adults will. Before she was born her mother got an ultrasound which revealed she had a huge growth on her abdomen. Three weeks later they did surgery. It turned out it was an ovarian cyst that went out of control and attached itself to her  liver, kidneys, bladder and small bowel. They thought it was the end of the story when they removed it. Then she started having seizures. Turns out she had a stroke during that surgery. She’s had a life filled with doctors appointments getting her catheters, feeding tubes, VNS, etc. Now she’s facing more. Her nerves and muscles are deteriorating rapidly. It was this that caused her to get a feeding tube. She’s had a couple surgeries to combat this, but now her doctors are saying there’s nothing more they can do. They want to put her in hospice and stop trying. Other doctors around the state have agreed to take on her case and help this little girl survive. Unfortunately their insurance wont cover them to go see these doctors and it will cost them around $10,000. I know it’s a lot o money but I’ve worked with this girl many times and she deserves to live a long happy life. Please consider donating to their gofundme page linked below.  If you can’t do that, please try and spread the word and help get this family where they need to be.

Help The Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation support cancer research and treatment. For every photo posted to Instagram, Twitter and with the hashtag ‪#‎pinkponypromise‬, the PRL Foundation will donate $10 to cancer-related causes. Plus, tag up to five friends and the Pink Pony Fund will donate an additional $1 for each tag (up to a $1 MILLION total donation).

Donation button up!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I’m going to move in with my girlfriend in a few weeks, which is super exciting ahh! After 4 years we’re finally doing it!

But right now she’s the only one with a stable income, and I’m scrambling all over to get myself proper equipment to start doing commissions, and by so contribute to pay our food and rent and bills etc.
Yo ho yo ho an artist life for me~

So, if you want - like, it’s totally fine if you don’t want to, it’s not life-threatening - you can help me by checking out the donation button on my blog


It would help me to get started with the things I need (right now I’m scraping up for a new tablet), and with that I would be able to start on commissions sooner and also other things for a possible project involving centaurs in the future~?

Like I said, you don’t have to, it’s totally voluntarily! <3 But if you feel like “hey I like her art and I wanna see more” and if you DO donate it doesn’t have to be much, it’s you who decide after all ;V;<33

So yes ahh it would really help me out and thank you all for following me!

Please save my friend from homelessness

Half a year ago, I met a great guy. I was at a very low point in my life and it was hard to even wake up most mornings, I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had been struggling to find a medication that worked for me. Although I knew my family cared about me I couldn’t see any point in continuing, I had no goals in life and I felt useless. Him and I, we met online in a chat after I was posting dumb pictures of dogs in tights. We became great friends because we shared the same humour and he gave me hope in continuing on. He was there for me even when I tried pushing him away. Recently, my depression came back and I became extremely unreasonable and unstable and he was unable to help me. I became angry at him but I was wrong, I was so very wrong. I have caused him so much uneeded pain. Today, on the 26th of September was the first time I ever heard him cry. I thought because I had never heard him cry he was a rock, but gradually I had worn him down. The reason I am starting this fund is because his mother was diagnosed about a month ago with cancer and he is facing the threat of becoming homeless, he is absolutely terrified of waking up with nothing and I want to repay him for everything wonderful that he did for me, I am trying to get a job just so I can help him. I want him to know that I am truly sorry for hurting him and that he has made so many people very happy, especially me.

Even if you are unable to donate, I urge you to please share this with others.

Donate here

Back to school- or not

Hello, as most of you know [or don’t]- my name is Mara and I recently turned 21. I’m an art and graphic design student currently in my third year who enjoys his classes and college a lot. The bad part is- I can’t afford my bills anymore.

You see, when I started this course I needed a total fund of $4000 that included my bill, macbook, books and supplies. I was able to afford this but left broke because I worked 50 hours a week and three jobs. My second year- mum paid for half of my bill because I couldn’t afford it but now it’s even worse. We’ve recently moved and my mother has a debt to pay every month in order to pay off the house. She’s been jobless because of the crisis and only recently just got another job only for half a year. My parents are divorced and have been since my sixth. While he claims to love me, he’s never financially helped me. He’s never paid for anything related to my school. Not when I was 11 or 16 and definitely not now I’m 21. I’m used to living in a quite ‘poor’ family. Mum and I had to get our food from food-banks and bought new clothes only once a year.

I’ve always been able to support myself but just barely, and it’s something I was so proud of. But now I’m unable to- and I can’t and don’t want to drop out either. If I quit, I have to pay back an incredible sum of money. I feel terribly for having to ask for donations no matter the amount- because I’ve never done this before.

I would open emergency commissions [they are always open] but I only have my Sundays free to work on art because I work a full day on Monday and have my internship running from Thursday to Saturday. With the few hours I make during my job, I barely get enough to pay for the bills and the deadline is due October tenth. I also have a bad wrist and if I were to spend my entire Sunday drawing and then immediately work that Monday, it wouldn’t have enough days to rest and the pain will only build up until I have to go to the hospital to get it checked up on again.


My school bill is a total amount of €1118,00 [+/- 1435USD] and I only have €500 to work with right now, meaning I need at least €620 (800USD) more. I’m willing to try and draw commissions to raise money, but if you’re willing to donate even if just a small amount. I have over 5000 followers and if people were to share €2,- with me I’d have enough after 300 donations. My paypal account linked to my bank account is

I haven’t been able to find a site to host a donation pool, but I can anonymously screenshot the amount I’ve raised from time to time.

Thank you for reading.


This is Little Man, my mother’s 2 year old cat. My mother’s had him and his sister since they were 2 weeks old. They were healthy, playful, and friendly. He’s formed a very special bond with my mother. But after we’d started weaning him off of bottle-feeding and starting him on solids, he began having gastrointestinal issues. He vomited often, had very little appetite, and it was very difficult for him to gain weight. He’s currently 2 years old, but is only the size of a 6-7 month old kitten.

When Little Man turned a year old, he became severely ill, and it resulted in him being hospitalized. They performed several tests and biopsies, and diagnosed him with lymphoma, which is a type of blood cancer.

He turned two in July of 2014, and has been doing much better on a special diet and prescribed steroids. But due to the expensive cost of his special food, and the multiple tests and procedures Little Man has needed, a large bill of $5000 has formed, and my mother is really struggling to pay it.

The worst part? A week ago, my mother lost her full-time job, and now only has her part-time job to rely on until further notice. She can barely afford to pay house bills. If a medical emergency were to happen with Little Man, she would not be able to cover it, and he may not survive.

Please, please, if you can donate, it would be greatly appreciated. Any small donation would help greatly. Even if you can’t, please take the time to reblog and spread this so that others can see.

Donate here:

Another way you can help would be to check out my mother’s Etsy store, where she makes wire and bead bracelets by hand. There aren’t many listings currently, as she is very busy and doesn’t have much free time, but there are more on the way, and any little bit helps.

Thank you!

Please help us.

I am 25 years old and recently graduated from college. I came to Japan in June under the impression that I would be reunited with my husband and my cats in November. I am now in danger of losing that possibility.

The company I am working with originally said they would support my husband’s move with me, but now has said they won’t. The cats must take a final medical exam before they arrive, and must also receive a seal of approval from an appointed veterinarian. The seal alone costs $121 per cat, and I estimate the vet bills will be even higher. After asking a lawyer how much it might cost for my husband’s visa, he estimated over $2000.

Even though I work and travel an average of 10 to 15 hours every day, I don’t have any way of paying for such large, unexpected funds. My laptop has broken, I pay an average of $200 for travel costs each month, and the light at the end of the tunnel for all of this hard work was that I would see my family again this November. We were supposed to be able to be comfortable and secure. This possibility is becoming less and less likely.

I can’t lose them again. My family is the reason I am still here. My cats were with me through The Great Tohoku Disaster when we lived in Fukushima. Even being separated for a few months has been heartbreaking. I can’t bear for that few months to become forever. I have already had too many painful goodbyes.

We have until the end of October. I need my family. Please, please help us. God bless you all.