We found a kitten on the side of the road yesterday. She looked much worse, having scabs over her one eye to the point where she couldn’t open it at all. We took her to the ASPCA, but they were full and couldn’t take any kittens, especially in her condition, they couldn’t risk the other hundred cats to get sick too. We cleaned her up there as best we could, then went off to find a different animal sanctuary. We got lost and decided to just take her home to try and give it rest before trying the next day. We took her to a local pet shop where we bathed her and the groomer said that she has an upper respiratory infection and an eye infection, who knows what else.

There’s hope though! She started walking around and ate a lot between yesterday and today. She has so much love in her. She loves cuddling with me and can’t go to sleep unless she’s on my bed. Reallllllyyyy adorable.

This is a long shot since I don’t have many followers, but I would like to set up a donation to help her. Even with working, I would not be able to help this poor kitten. I’ve called 4 vets, they all said it would be about 600 dollars in total. Please help us out, I’ve fallen in love with this kitty and I just want to see her better, no matter what. 

GoFundMe- http://www.gofundme.com/HelpingScarlet


I DONT CARE WHAT BLOG YOU GOT YOU BETTER REBLOG THIS!!! IF YOU DONT YOUR A HORRIBLE PERSON. This little girl got seriously injured at school and her school refuses to give straight answers or anything at all. Her name is AvaLynn. I couldn’t imagine going through this if this was my child! Its heartbreaking to even look at what they did to her face. Theres an donation page below to help her mother. (I made) This family needs justice for what has been done to their poor little angel, and not just to be swept under the rug, as the school district is attempting to do. This page is for her medical expenses, legal fees etc. Please Please please help her!! http://www.gofundme.com/dsc87w NOT PRETENDING TO BE HER MOTHER OR A PHONY..


My daddy was recently diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer. Yes, every cancer is terrible but you may not know that pancreatic cancer is the nation’s fourth leading cause of cancer deaths, and that its low survival rate has not improved in 25 years. My dad starts chemo on September 2nd & has a long fight & road ahead of him. Research holds the key to finding better treatments and a cure, which is why my dad is going to undergo chemo in Sloan Kettering in Manhattan where everyday the doctors and researches that work there come across new clinical trials to try to find a cure for all types of cancer. My daddy had a career in the NYPD, and has fought to keep our city along with our citizens safe. Many doctors believe the reason he now has cancer is because of his involvement in 9/11 with the fumes he took in it caused him sleep apnea & many other medical problems & now he got the worst one. If you have met my father, you would know that he is the most giving, caring, friendly, loyal, funniest man around, i am not only saying that because he’s my daddy, I’m saying that because every one, and i mean every one that has ever met me told me that. My daddy doesn’t deserve this. He is the most amazing daddy, husband, uncle and friend you will ever meet. Recently my family & I found out about the Lustgarden Foundation, we are now apart of it & they are amazing support group for my family and most importantly my daddy. on October 12th we are walking for my daddy and all other patients that have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Please make a tiny donation even 5 dollars if you can to help the Pancreatic Cancer Resarch be able to afford new things. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. - See more at: http://www.pancreaticcancerresearchevents.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=1104069&lis=0&kntae1104069=0FA6D2839AEA4973B584A8ECCB6E17A6&team=6067256&tlteam=0#sthash.CUw4bqPw.dpuf


A Friend of Neverland left The New Adventures Of Peter And Wendy a donation at Jenni Powell’s local coffee shop! Her name is Janice and she’s an indie feature creator and wanted to show her support with cold hard cash! Thanks Janice!

(You can still donate the internet-y way too)


Hi. I’m not really sure how to start this but yeah. That’s my cat Cricket. She’s not really old; about a year actually and she’s my baby and I really love her. Right now she’s got something wrong with her and I’m pretty sure it’s mouth ulcers judging by the symptoms. And if she does have these ulcers then she’s gonna need treatment and if she doesn’t get it soon they’re going to have to remove some of her teeth. The vet’s visit is around 40 dollars and I have no idea how much the medicine is going to cost but I’m not really worried about it at the moment, right now I just want her to get checked out. So please, can you give me any money, even a dollar is at least getting there. Please!!

If you wanna donate just go to my blog and click donate!!! There’s not any autoplay I promise!! Please reblog or something I just want my baby to get better.


‘Empty buckets’ in Henan say no to Ice Bucket Challenge

Dozens of people in the drought-hit Henan Province are protesting against the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has become a global viral trend

Armed with empty buckets, bowls and other containers, the protesters stood outside the Spring Temple Buddha in Lushan County on Friday.

The Chinese characters on their clothes read: “Henan, please say no to the Ice Bucket Challenge.”

The province is experiencing its worst drought since 1951. Nearly 19 million people have been affected by the drought.

With that in mind, protesters are calling for water to be saved and other sensible means to be used to help patients of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Read more:http://wp.me/p4xlGl-OP


Hello everyone, my name is Ashley, and my sister’s name is Alicia. In April of 2008 my sister was in an hit and run accident, which changed my families lives forever. My sister was only fourteen years old at the time, and she suffered a severe brain injury, and she was in a coma for months on end in the hospital. My sister had to undergo many brain surgeries due to the severe trama to her head, as well as collar bone surgery due to trama to her shoulders and arms. My sister was in the hospital for so long, which resulted in her having little mobility to the right side of her body. Doctors told my family that she would not survive, and if she did, then she would be in a vegetated state for the rest of her life. However, she eventually woke up out of her coma, although she had little responses to stimulation. Over time she started responding to people and interaction, but I knew that she would never be the same again. Eventually we were able to bring my sister back home, although she required a hospital bed, a wheelchair, and other special items. She had a trakea so she could breathe, and she had a feeding tube. My mother, Melissa, had to take money out of her retirement funds in order to pay for the items that my sister needed, such as the food that could be administered through a feeding tube, that insurance would not cover. My family suffered financially, and they are thousands of dollars in debt. My sisters life is changed forever. Now she is twenty years old, and she has to stay in highschool until she is twenty-one years old. My sister was going to physical, occupational, and speach therapy, until the insurance stopped covering it. Alicia has difficulty reading, writing, talking, and finding the right words to come out. She often gets frustrated with herself, and she realizes that she cannot do a lot of the things that other people can do. My sister is in a wheelchair, although she is practicing everyday to get better. My sister has made a miraculous recovery, although she still has a long journey to go. I am asking for any help in order to help my family, and ensure a better future for my sister. Everything helps, even if it’s a one-dollar donation.

Please spread the word and thank you all!



Hi guys, I just want to give you a little update on my current status. I am currently struggling a bit financially to pay for my schooling. I do not qualify for more than $2700 for student loans this semester and I need $2100 more to finish the classes I’m in. I cannot even get a private loan because I have been unemployed due to quitting my last job for an abusive boss. I am at the point where I have to sell a lot of my clothes, furniture, etc just to pay for the classes.

I despise charity, but the deadline for this is August 30th and I don’t have other options I can think of. If any of you feel like donating anything, I appreciate any amount you can send. I have a donation tab on the blog on the side. I have scrounged up about $1200 on my own, and I do not expect to raise a whole lot in general, but I’m at least trying to buy some time on my monthly installment plan so I can get a job and raise the remaining amount before the end of the semester in December.

My commission slots are full, so I do not have time to work on anything else. However, I cannot accept money for free. So, if you do donate, in the reason for the donation, please put your username. On August 29th I will tally all donations, and anyone who donated I will send a private, separate from plot, Satan and Me comic strip. It will not be published on the blog, so think of it as a gift for your extreme generosity!

Thank you for all of the previous donations/commissions to me. They’ve helped me out as well! 

I will be trying to update the comic as soon as I can. I’m hoping by the end of the weekend or sometime next week.

Again, sorry for all the trouble!


Hey guys, so I am making a new post, because recently my father came out that he found another woman in his life so he left me and my mom behind. We are $2000 dollars behind in rent, and my landlord wont let us get a roommate and she is going to evict us in a few months. Rent is a little over 900 dollars!!! My mom only gets paid 500 a week, and we still have to pay for bills,food,clothes,and transportation!!! So I’m in a real big pinch right now, I also don’t know how long my internet is going to last, so I wont be able to signal boost this post or my commission post!! BUT PLEASE REBLOG THIS, AND CHECK OUT MY COMMISSIONS!!! I tried to make them as cheap as i could, there is also a donate button on my blog, please please PLEASE spread this, I don’t want me and my mother to be homeless again.

This two are close friends of mine and they are a couple. The boy behind smiles but he has cancer and he needs help in order to get better. We come from a small country where it is hard to have that amount of money but we still have hope that we will make it and these two will smile again without thinking that it can be their last day together. If you can’t donate please reblog so more people can know about this and maybe donate! Thank you! For more information please contact me and this is the Facebook Page!
Angel Petkov Hristov - Ангел Петков Христов
BIC: CECBBGSF IBAN: BG36 CECB 9790 10F3 4783 00 - BGN BIC:CECBBGSF IBAN: BG50 CECB 9790 14F3 4783 00 - EURO
Central Cooperative Bank - Bulgaria

Let’s help Angel to be fine! Disease that threatens his life is extremely rare - Ewing Sarcoma. Sarcoma is a specific form of tumor that develops very quickly. Angel urgently needs 100 000 BGN or 50 000 EURO for chemotherapy in Turkey! We’re with you in this battle!


Please help me move away from here

I can’t exactly say my full name, due to fear. But my first name is Dmitri. I am in an abusive home. My stepdad hates me and has physically and mentally abused me. My mother has done the same, but to a degree. My mother has not only given me an eating disorder but several scars, mentally and physically as well. I’m 17, soon to be 18 but as soon as I turn 18 I am getting a plane and moving in with a close friend of mine. The only real problem is that I live in Germany and I need to get a plane ticket to America. I have been working very hard for money but it is hard to come by, sadly. They refuse me, a real job, so I must get whatever money comes my way. I have tried CPS but they lied to them and the abuse only became worse. I hate the idea of asking for money but this is my last resort. Any amount helps to getting me to my goal. I have thought over many times that I want to die and it hurts so much having to live in this situation but every time I want to just disappear I look for the future and hope to have a brighter one. These donations will go towards the plane ticket that I need. If you would like to please donate at http://www.youcaring.com/other/save-me/211693