Do you really want to give Nathan Fillion a “Happy Birthday” that he’ll appreciate you for?

Because he sure as hell doesn’t care about the photosets or the @Tweets to him, albeit well-intentioned.

So what CAN you do for someone who probably already has it all? How do you show your support and appreciation?

Donate to his cause HERE, and/or signal boost the ruttin’ HELL out of it.

Because you can’t stop the signal. And Nathan Fillion is a big damn hero, helping to provide clean water to those who don’t have easy access to it like we do.

Whether you give $1, or $5 or $20, you are helping to achieve this goal. Don’t let your captain down! Share this cause with all your fellow Browncoats and LET’S DO SOME GOOD IN THIS GORRAM WORLD. 

That link again: