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This is my cat Charlotte who’s recently turned 8, and awhile ago we found her peeing blood and took her in to realize she has bladder stones. Stones cause a lot of pain and discomfort in cats, and there is a high possibility they will not dissolve and will need to be surgically removed, which is a heavy bill…

$1800 for the surgery, $500 to have her tested for the stones (+her expensive specialized diet food to help the stones)

My family and I really can’t afford the surgery on our as I’m a student and my parents are in a bad financial place where to afford something like this we would have to actually move. I made a gofundme page for Charlotte in hopes people will help her cause! 

If you can PLEASE SHARE this on Facebook and Twitter (and reblogs of course) to get the word out I’d appreciate it a lot! Thank you all so much. You can read the gofundme page for updates on her condition.

(On the donation page set your country to (USA, for this example). When it asks for your province you don’t have to write anything at all unless you’re Canadian, I think it’s just set to province cause of my location (and I cant change the currency on it either.)

Thank you all so much!


Uganda Youth Conference

taken from jade’s gofundme page: http://www.gofundme.com/vf79r8

“ Hi I’m Jade Thurnham and I was lucky enough to be chosen to go to Jinja, Uganda in October for a youth meeting. Along with 2 other delegates from my school, we go to discuss issues and make a difference.

By providing them with the opportunity to attend a place called the Discovery Centre, we are able to give them the chance to take part in educational, recreational and sporting activities. And to join them in doing so is a privilege, this place really provides the Ugandan students with a chance to release their potential.

In order to raise funds for this I’m doing a Sky Dive on the 7th June, and the target is £1300. Any donation at all is really appreciated!

Thank you! “

heyyyyyyyy!! so you guys dont know but my best friend jade shelterfromreality is raising money for a trip to uganda that shew was chosen for!!

its a conference to help make a difference where is needed and jade is doing a skydive and and it would amazingggggg if you can sponsor her!!

any donation is amazing and it would be cool if you reblog this too!! thank you so much!!!

jades go fund me page: http://www.gofundme.com/vf79r8


Help my sister beat stage 4 ovarian cancer!!!

As many of my friends and family already know, my 21 year old sister was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of neuroendocrine ovarian cancer. It’s rare because of the type of cancer and type of development in her ovaries and endocrine system and It’s aggressive because it is fast spreading and growing quicker everyday than most cancers. Kayla’s doctor says he hasn’t seen a case like this in all of his 20 years of being a doctor. As far as we know it has spread to her liver, lungs, and pelvic bone. She recently started an aggressive dose of chemotherapy a few days ago and she is starting radiation in her pelvic region (the root of her pain and discomfort) today and for the next week. Kayla nor the doctors know the outcome of anything and we’re just taking this day by day. Please keep her in your thoughts and send positivity her way because this for her, and everyone else, is unimaginable and she’s still in shock over everything and I just want her to keep her mind off anything stressful including expenses. I wanted to spread this page out on here just because I hope to get the word and and spread awareness of my sisters diagnosis, health and well being. She’s a fighter and we’re all rooting for her to beat this crappy situation and kick cancers butt! Donate if you want or just share or send positive thoughts, any of those are greatly appreciated!

Thank you everyone! http://www.gofundme.com/vmf5w5wc

 Hey! Let’s help my friend get transportation so she can start working!
All the info you need is up in her GoFundMe, but it should be noted that she doesn’t have public transportation in her area.

Sarah is a really sweet friend of mine, and absolutely needs and deserves this. She’s been working really hard to turn her life a full 180, and now this is kind of the last step to freedom! If you can’t donate, then please reblog! Here’s hoping she gets that scooter soon!

Hi here’s a commission post since my other one more or less died. I’m going to be a little more specific on why I’m really needing commissions. The previous information as far as pricing and sizes go is still going to be below the cut. 

  • school supplies
  • cap & gown costs for graduation
  • other school fees
  • permit/drivers’ license test fee 
  • gas money
  • money to buy/fix a car 
  • rent money (upon moving out)
  • college
  • food & clothing (mom’s not going to keep me fed and clothed forever)

As much as I would love to live for free with my mother forever, that simply cannot happen. I have been job hunting but without a vehicle, gas money to put in it, or a legal document that lets me drive it, my choices are limited. 

If you don’t want to commission me but still want to help out, there’s a donate button in my blog’s sidebar, and I also post products for sale on Live Heroes and Society6. Even reblogging this post or mentioning my name to people really helps. 

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My family is in urgent need of help. Our home was broken into, and left a mess. We do not feel safe in our neighborhood at our current location. We are caretakers for my uncle, who is paralyzed and had his spine severed, and we can not afford to pay off my dad’s hospital bills from 2008. We are four people to a one bedroom apartment, and we desperately need a more secure and spacious environment to help my uncle. My family has been working so hard, and after this, I can see my parents are feeling hopeless. We are struggling whether they will admit it or not, and I’m afraid we will be homeless. So please, if you can, spare even fifty cents so that we can start up in a new place and feel safe and secure. 

Here is my GoFundMe Account

And you can message me here on Tumblr or on my Facebook if you have any questions or concerns at all. Thank you so so much, I appreciate even thoughts, reblogs, or prayers. 

I have been accepted to the school of my dreams, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, in New York City. It is the oldest conservatory in the English speaking world, and I cannot wait to join all of the amazing kids and talented teachers. The issue here is, is that tuition alone is a stretch for my family. That doesn’t even include basic living expenses, like well, food. I’m working super hard and saving my money to make things a bit easier, but it would mean an awful lot to me if I had a bit of help along the way. Manhattan is by no means a cheap place to live. Every dollar counts, and will be a blessing to me. Thank you in advance for donating, or even just spreading the word for me! I can’t wait to go and live out my dream. I understand donating is out of the question for some, but every share gets the word out too!



so my boyfriend christian ( exohplanet ) got in a terrible car crash in February and had to spend $3,500 on a new car. he moved out of a bad living situation afterwards and went a month without a job. 

he’s afraid that at this rate, he’ll never be able to pay for his transition. he really deserves so much and is in need of donations.

please donate here

thank you and please signal boost!

Hey there!! Anybody who follows tumblr user puppy95, this is an emergency post about her situation, so please read under the cut and reblog if you’d like to know what’s happening and what you can do to help. Actually, pls reblog if you can’t do anything more. I’m putting it under the cut because it’ll be long, but try not to skip over it for her sake.

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I don’t want to be homeless AGAIN, any help is appreciated.

Ok, so here’s the rundown. 

I’m a chronically/mentally ill mixed woman of color (and an abuse survivor) who is now freaking out about the possibility of being homeless for a fourth time in five years.

I’m 25, I have my undergraduate degree in music, and I’m waiting to start training for a teaching job in the arts, but I’ve been in limbo for a month because they couldn’t verify my race for the background check that you have to do to be a teacher.  

I’m only asking here because I don’t have a family support system, and I know my friends are in only slightly better financial situations,

In the meantime, I am working as a server at my second to last job– I had been managing a restaurant, but the owner is cheap and fickle, and wanted to rebrand and renovate the location, putting me and my employees out of work for the last two months.  I’ve managed to pay bills and afford food until now, but I’m screwed for the next two months for three reasons:

- my roommate has JUST told me that he is moving out and not paying me the rent for the last two months on his lease (we’re friends and we’d talked about this, and he wanted to move into a different house, but he would have to find someone to sublet or pay, now he’s just leaving and not paying me anything)

-the State/FBI won’t sign off on my background check because they don’t want to put “Other” for mixed race. 
I may have to completely resubmit my background check, I’m biking to the Sheriff’s office downtown in a few hours, but the school cannot legally begin training me until they get the documents back from the State. 

-I have $1.13 in my savings account and $0.00 in my checking account.  I’m closing a credit card I have tomorrow morning to get the cash back I put down to get it (I was a $500 limit, for first-time credit users to build credit), so I might have enough for rent tomorrow after doing that, but I’m afraid I might not even have enough for that. 

I am a writer and editor, with a background in poetry, creative fiction, and scripts, and I also do art, and can draw or paint something for you for a few dollars. 

If you can help at all, I would really appreciate it, and if you need something I could help with, please let me work for your donation. 

Even $1 would help– I can pair that with the loose change I have from being a waitress and use it to get to job interviews downtown, a couple dollars and I can buy some eggs.  

Mostly, any help would keep me hopeful, because I’m feeling pretty desolate right now.

There’s a donate link connected to my paypal on the page, too.  Or, if you want to email it, you can PM me and I’ll give you my email address. 


Please help me out here (donation wise)!!

I am a young student taking multiple college classes in high school (Ap). I had to pay to get certain textbooks for certain classes (e.x. chemistry, calculus) and I have been able to pay all of them (since I had a babysitting job in the beginning of the year) EXCEPT for my socials class! Both of my parents are unemployed and we have been going through very very difficult times. After my dad got his job promotion, he got fired a few weeks later (the reason is too private to share here..but i will just say his old manager got replaced…). My mom has always been a home mom and can never get a job (because of her lack of education). The same is with my dad, they are both smart but have made bad mistakes in the past (they only tell me that) and that is what prevents most of their prosperity. They tell me to do good in school and I do, I make sure to get all As in my class because I want to make my parents proud and become a surgeon one day and buy everything I believe they deserve. They pay for as much as possible (I make sure I show I appreciate it), such as the supplies and a few textbooks, for me when they can. Recently, I had not paid one textbook fully in the beginning of the year and now I must pay $100 for it (originally 150). I have reduced lunch but because it is the end of my year and I go to a wealthy school (my parents drive me there from the ghetto) they will not reduce this textbook price for me, especially since it is new to the curriculum!! I know 100 does not seem like a lot, but I have no job and I was only able to pay the other textbooks by babysitting (I already quit midsemester because I thought I was done paying all of my textbooks)! I will not be able to take my exam until I pay and it’s the beginning of next week! I have NOT told my parents because at the moment they are dealing with rent and old car issues, including expenses from my elderly grandpa’s surgery from years back. To make it worse, I am stressing out now because of all my ap exams coming up and I originally called up the old people I babysat but they said after I quit, they found another teen closer to them and apologized (these was a few days before). And I have tried calling my friends up and asking for a temporary loan but they all refuse and I only have a few (of course..i was just desperate enough to ask).

I am asking tumblr now because I am very desperate! My Teacher is asking for it TOMORROW and I do not have any money and I KNOW my parents will be wasting a lot of their money this week for paying for that. I’ve seen some amazing people on tumblr and I am hoping one of you amazing talented and gifted people can help me out. I have tried other social media (instagram, twitter,indiegogo) but since I am new to almost all (except tumblr) nobody sees it and I have tried asking some biggish accounts for help but they all ignore me…this is basically my last chance. I hate doing this and sounding so dumb but I wouldn’t be doing this just because I want to. I hank anyone who at least reads to here!

I am asking for $100 through PayPal (maddypargas@gmail.com). If you donate, you can tell me and one day, when I get a stable job, I will write you a letter regarding my thanks and attach the money you helped me with. I appreciate any kind of donation (even a dollar). I thank everyone again, please all have wonderful days.

Sorry it is so long!

Superheros, raising money to kick cancers butt! HIYYAAAAA

My gorgeous 6 year old sister molly and I. 

If you would like to donate you can do so here http://my.leukaemiafoundation.org.au/jadedeaves you can donate from anywhere in the world, and if you’re from Australia it’s tax deductible!! we can keep collecting donations till June 30, If you can’t afford to donate please reblog, awareness is just as important as the donations!



Due to taking time off of school, my date to graduate has been pushed back by a year. Whilst that isn’t a problem with me, I’ve been told by my university to take summer classes at a local community college to meet my new expected graduation date. Only I’ve already maxed out my financial aid and I can’t take any personal loans out so I have to pay for the classes out of pocket. It’s extremely important to me to do what I can to graduate. The classes range from about 300$ per class and I need about 600$ total to take two.

!!!!!! The last day to apply for classes is June 3rd !!!!!!!!

Please donate or commission me if possible! Anything would be fine! I am but a small meme and I’m nearing my finals week for my university - and I don’t get out until June 14! Meaning, I will be starting my summer classes during my finals week !! If you commission me, the delay may be a month or so until I get everything settled! I will be very eager to do as much as I can once finish this year off well!! @o@


Help Needed

i hate to do this, i really do. but i have recently left an unhealthy relationship. this is for the best, of course, but because i am disabled (i have several herniated spinal discs) and unable to work, the relationship was my only source of income.

i only need enough for rent this month and then, hopefully, my situation will be better. the rent is 550 and i only have 93$. i realize many of you are in no position to be giving money but i would greatly appreciate any amount of help in my hour of need. 

i can’t offer much, as i’m not an artist at all, but i would be happy to offer kind notes, Skype chats, or any other communication. i would even be happy to leave you encouraging voicemails! 

my paypal is theandesmountainsarebeautiful@yahoo.com and i will be putting a donate button in my description for this brief terrible time. 

you can also contact me on skype at the5foxshow. 

please reblog. thank you. good luck. 

Hey as everyone can see, I’m still broke as ever. My mom is still not working, so we’re barely scraping by. We’re even running out of food in the house as well! So please help. Only like, one or two people have helped me during this struggle. I need people to signal boost this I beg you! I literally only have like a month left of school. I need bus fare for this last month’s worth. I only need about $50 to last me the rest of the school year. I’m not really asking for a lot. If I can’t get snack/food money. At least donate a few bucks for bus fare.

Please don’t just like this, please please REBLOG.

Edit: My Paypal is deejiiyaa@gmail.com

We have to bury my grandmother and We have no money to do it (Please share this around)

Hi guys, I know this is out of character for my blog but please read on. An hour ago I came home to the news that my great grandmother has died and I’m in a panic. She was a sweet woman who was taken advantage of and not cared for properly. Any money she had has been taken from her and her life insurance was allowed to be cancelled by some of her children who won’t help us bury her. She was a devout christian woman but the church she devoted her life to has also turned their back. With all my heart I hope some shit like this never happens to any of your loved ones because it’s the most sick thing I’ve ever seen. 

My mom has opened a Gofundme and I already know you want to scroll because hey I get it you might not have any cash, but I’m asking you to please share this. And if you have some money you can spare, please help me out! I know it’s weird giving money to complete strangers and hey it’s weird asking for money from complete strangers but me and my mother can not raise $10,000 by ourselves and we just want to lay her to rest so we can grieve properly.

Below is one of the last pictures I have of Gramma Jesse alive, she’s with my sister