What Are You Waiting For?

Title: What Are You Waiting For?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,085

Song Inspiration: What Are You Waiting For?-Ellie Goulding (Male Version) 

A/N: Request by Anon: The boys and the reader get a call about a town where people are indulging in their carnal cravings. Once they come into town, they find out that they have each cravings of their own…

This is Part 3 to the Sugar Series-Part 1  Part 2


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Dean smiled as he looked back at Y/N in the rearview mirror. She had fallen asleep about thirty minutes ago, and her body had been sinking slowly down into the backseat as the Impala sped down the long highway.

His gazed flicked back to her often as he drove, admiring her as she slept. She had her face resting on her arm, which was pressed up against the window. Her hair was fanned across the lower part of her face and over her shoulder, and Dean could just make out the silver ink between the strands.


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