Really though, I just love the character depth in this show. Each character has a very distinct “defining” characteristic that it would be so easy to base them entirely around that but they don’t. Like actual people they have a number of seemingly conflicting traits. You can be logical and exact but also extremely emotional, you can be carefree and emotional but steady and hard to break even in tough situations, you can be reserved and rigid but also kind and comforting. You can be more than one thing and it is not a contradiction.

That interview about the comic book the other day described it perfectly as the characters being “deceptively simple”, that’s exactly how I see it. You can watch the show passively and see the characters in the most broad aspects of their personality but you can also watch and pay attention to detail, their actions and inflections, even body language and you come to understand the characters better as people. Its interesting. 

Like, the show is about magic and monsters but its so character driven. The characters and their human-ness are its strength and its shown through such little things, which is really very realistic. People are always this vague sort of “major personality trait” until you know them better and see the pieces that inform who they are.

The awesome thing about both the DPS fandom and the House fandom is that we won’t be getting any more canon stuff from DPS or House.

So I think that makes the fandoms even stronger and more creative because now it’s up to us to come up with more stories, art, and incites into the characters and relationships that were given to us.

That’s just so fucking cool and you’re all so fucking great. 

I’m just… really happy….. that X and Y are coming out when they are because I’m a sap and wow I’m kinda going to be starting my adult life but I’ll have pokemon with me….!!! and since the release is simultaneous almost the whole thing’s gonna be so new like playing Ruby for the first time and it’s like experiencing a whole chunk of my childhood all over again

thank you masuda san uwu

flowersunandrain replied to your post “EOTP was gushing about how last night Price anticipated a tipped shot…”

Heard ages ago that Price could almost have been drafted a forward. Feel this gives him amazing abilities to read the puck/anticipate plays far better than what Tokarski does. Price’s play reading is far beyond Rask/Lundy.Huge + with his leg work

Oh man though, talking about forward abilities, I need to get this out there, Price’s hands are amazing! This gives him such an advantage over other goalies because he is such a great puck handler. He is probably the best goalie in the league at playing the puck (and at other things but I need to contain myself here), which lifts enormous amounts of pressure off his defense - and not to mention saves so much time when an opposing team on a penalty kill clears the puck.

While I haven’t personally heard that about him, though, for sure he’s got an amazing understanding of the game and the plays that go on in front of him. He’s got killer instincts because of it. But (and for once I will defend Tokarski, gasp) he has years of experience in this league that Tokarski doesn’t have, so being able to read the puck and anticipate the plays will always come more naturally to Price than it does to Tokarski, so Ticker gets the benefit of the doubt there (if only also cause that’s a whole other rant). However, compare Price to other well-established goaltenders in the league - and I am SO HAPPY you named the two goalies who I think are the most overrated - and it’s astonishing how much more advanced this skill is. 

But of course, having great instincts is worthless unless you’ve got the physicality to back it up, and I cannot sing Price’s praises enough in this regard. He’s got SO much power in his core, hips, and legs, that he can be caught off balance and STILL manage to get himself where he needs to be. Combine that with killer reflexes and he is practically unstoppable. And the other thing is, it’s so CONTROLLED. I can’t even count the times there’s a scramble in front of the net and he doesn’t want to just go down in the butterfly because then he’s prone but he can’t use his normal stance because that leaves too many holes, so he gets down super low and it’s all these tight, minuscule controlled movements that require insane amounts of power and endurance and then he can go from taxing positions like that to exploding across the ice to make a save and it just boggles my mind every time. 

I could go on but this has already turned into enough of a rant. Can you tell yet that Price is my absolute fav?

No joke, I could tell you so much about the-gays-comes-out-at-midnight because he was one of the first people I met on this website and he became one of my best friends and he’s such a sweet-heart and he’s perf. I love that nerd so much. He’s a great friend and he’s an adorable little nerd even though he’s older than me and I’d be a different person without that nerd. Thanks for being you <3

masterbowman asked:

Something in your ask? Well, for starters, how about that you're a fantastic Legolas? Its a joy to be able to see your interpretation on the dash and your readability is through the charts. I love your word usage and styling!

—— i’m just going to cling to you because wow thank-you so much
for even taking the time to write me this. you’re utterly splendid &&
fantastic && this warmed my heart completely!!