No but. Honestly. I wanna leave.
I’m so tired of tumblr labelling everything transphobic/racist/sexist/some other terms i didn’t even know about, all the time, then claiming the exact opposite.


“Howl swung his sleeve in front of her face. ‘Uh-uh. Don’t be nosy.’ ‘I’m not being nosy!’ Sophie protested. ‘Yes, you are nosy,’ said Howl. ‘You’re a dreadfully nosy, horribly bossy, appallingly clean old woman. Control yourself. You’re victimizing us all.’”

For real dude, I don’t wanna grow up.
—  white woman, in Boulder

anonymous asked:

but you are not italian so why are mafia aus harmful? what makes it different from prostitution?

Why was I asked this question again

Look, I’m pretty sure you came to me because I’m not Italian, so you’re probably like, “oh well she won’t mind it! It doesn’t affect her!” 

Okay, so my teacher is Roman. So, a year ago, I came across this one headline that was like, “Husband on house arrest from a drug charge begged the police to finish his sentence in jail to get away from his nagging wife” In fact I found here and here

So anyway, I went to my teacher in laughter because it is funny. It sounds comical, something out of Shakespeare. (He laughed along too, by the way). 

So then I decided to learn Italian, and that is when I found tenitchyfingers, and she would help me with sentences and some grammar points etc. And then she reblogged something from italiansreclaimingitaly that was mafia related. 
At that point, I thought that word mafia only existed in Hollywood to stereotype Italians. So I did some research, found out that the original Camorra (which sounds like a wine, I’m sorry) was created to help Neapolitans against people like the Bourbons. 

So I went back to tenitchyfingers and asked her, “hey, if they help people, why are they so bad?”  And she procceded to tell me everything about Camorra, Cosa Nostra, 'Ndrangheta. How they: murder, and rape. How they control drug tracking, and sex tracking. How they force businesses to pay or they will bomb the place. How there is a section of Napoli called “Triangle of Death” because the trash is so high and so toxic that children die of cancer. That Italy sent the army to deal with it. Then through people like janiedean and tombliboos I found out that the trash, isn’t really fixed. People say that, but it really isn’t. 

And then I managed to find a copy of Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano who exposed the Camorra to the world. Then I found headlines of a 11 year old boy kidnapped, tortured for 2 years, strangled and then his body thrown into acid. THEN of course ‘Depressed’ mafia mobster released from prison because HE’S the depressed one right? Or kidnapping a girl, torturing her for hours, then killing her and setting her and her car on fire. Or how about 12 year old shot because he witnessed a Mafia ambus? 

Or flip that. how about when Italians are kicked out of restaurants because the owner yelled, “”No mafioso here!”” Or when people just casually ask if your Sicilian husband is in the mafia——how he must murder, or rape. Or when you’re working and you say you’re from Italy and the other person says, “Ah! Mafia!”

When you become educated in the mafia, when you go through all of the pages in Italians Reclaiming Italy’s Against The Glorification Of Mafia tag or Janidean’s Mafia tag you realize that headlines about a husband begging the police to finish his sentence in jail because of his nagging wife through a drug charge, isn’t funny anymore. 

But please, go to a person in Italy, go to a person who lived through the Scampia fued, or even today and tell them how wonderful your Mafia AU is! Please, go and say how you made your character into a criminal, and then made him into a hero! I’m sure they’ll be delighted to know.

What makes it different from prostitution AUs? Is that I’ve never read a  prostitution fanfic where pimps are turned into this hero figure. Savior of the people, of the prostitutes.

It was raining heavily when Rina left the university’s main building.
“Just great..” she murmured. “And I didn’t bring my umbrella today.” She looked around for a bit but couldn’t see anyone who could lend her an umbrella or even share one with her. Feeling discouraged she lifted her handbag over her head to shield herself from the rain.
“Guess that means I have to run..” Running faster than she would have if it was for a PE class she started cursing as the rain got even worse. Rina was completely drenched by the time she found shelter under a nearby pavilion. Under said pavilion a person sat on a bench reading a book. “What are you doing out here in this weather, ____?” Rina wanted to know. She tried sounding as cool as she could while looking like soaked puppy.

My Dentist Appointment[s]
  1. Before going to the dentist, I always brush my teeth until my gums bleed.
  2. In the waiting room, I’ll be like

  3. When the dentist’s assistant suddenly calls my name while I’m trying to relax I’ll be like                                                                                            

  4. Then my dentist will ask if I have been keeping good oral hygiene and I’ll just be like                                                                                                

  5. And then something’s wrong like a monster of a cavity so the dentist will get that drill thing that I fucking hate and while he’s choosing a drill bit, I’ll just be like                                                                                                

  6. Sometimes, if it’s worse, the dentist will take out this large needle and impale the roof of my mouth and I’m just like                                                      

  7. After that, I can’t feel my mouth so I’m like