Hello pug-kun here :D so i think this is the first fanart that i post . I read this really good Spamano fic written by axispowersshella

i felt the need to draw Romano and how i see him in this fantastic fanfiction so here’s what i got.

Here’s the link to the fic : Don’t Let Me Fall Behind

Lovino tried to hide the piling emotions welling up inside of him. He tried to lie, act as if he was fine, but he failed to realize those lies would end up hurting him even more. All hope was shattered in just one day…Who knew that one small slip up could change Lovino Vargas’ life forever? But, will his life change for better or for worse?

i’m willing to take commisions so don’t hesitate to ask

Have a great day and thank you for sharing or liking my art

Don't Let Me Fall Behind A Line of Stalkers


New music video!!!

Check out the just released video for JTG’s “Don’t Let Me Fall Behind”!


“Don’t Let Me Fall Behind” by Jukebox the Ghost because Ben Thornewill sitting at a real piano is a beautiful thing.

Script is from/based on the song “Don’t Let Me Fall Behind” by Jukebox the Ghost. 

In other J the G news, the band is asking for videos of them or fans jamming to “Everybody Knows” and “Say When” for a project they’re working on. Check out the details on their website. 

Hopefully I can get some footage to contribute when I see them at their show in Chicago. Many thanks for the kind words from those who offered.

More comics to come. Stay excellent. 


Song of the day: Jukebox the Ghost-Don’t Let Me Fall Behind