“Pippin’s not really the fightin’ sort- but I’m up for fightin’ most days ‘o the week, nights too. Heck, I met most my friends by duelin’ ‘em!” 


it’s not valentine’s day but 
i guess mr & mr yamazaki is finally rolling out in theatres

Animedia May 2015 issue, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V feature
–Character Profiles

Sakaki Yuuya:
A second-year middle school student who dreams of becoming an entertainment duelist. When facing arrogant duelists, he’ll make a complete change, as if he’s become a different person.

–Yuuya’s Key Person
Hiiragi Yuzu: Yuuya and Yuzu are childhood friends, but the Yuzu who often rebukes him feels like an older sister to him. In his heart, Yuuya cherishes her greatly. To Yuuya, Yuzu is someone who’s always been with him, an irreplaceable existence.

A duelist from the Xyz dimension. In his duel with Yuugo, he shielded Yuuya and suffered grievous injuries and vanished with the light. However, his soul is within Yuuya?
When he vanished, he smiled and entrusted his card to Yuuya as he may have felt an important connection to Yuuya through his card.

A mysterious duelist who uses the Synchro Summon. He rides a duel disk called a “D-Wheel” that resembles a motorcycle, with Riding Duels being his specialty.
Yuugo’s searching for a girl, Rin, who looks like Yuzu. He has a very bright personality, but he’s not good at listening to people, and operates by his own objectives.

A duelist from the Academia in the Fusion dimension. He seals people into cards without mercy, and tried to kidnap Yuzu under the orders of Professor.
An impressive duelist, he has never considered there to be anything wrong with carding people, and instead enjoys it. A cold-hearted character.

  • terezi:has been upset over killing vriska since act 5, spiraled into depression and entered an abusive relationship due to her grief, finally has the power to change actions she regrets and fix what went wrong in the process
  • fandom:omg hussie is hellbent on making vriska relevant we never saw this coming what a copout
meeting bob morley @ supanova

i still can’t believe this happened you guys. i woke up this morning mildly hungover and sick with nerves being like, the photo tokens are going to run out, the last photo opp will get cancelled or something, i’ll get there too late and miss my time slot, SOMETHING IN THE UNIVERSE WILL ENSURE THIS DOESN’T GO AHEAD. boy was i wrong and i have never been so glad. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR INTENSE CAPSLOCK AND HYSTERICAL FLAILING CAUSE I WAS A GODDAMN MESS. which d u h because BOB FUCKING MORLEY OH. MY. GOD.

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“The reason that I want to take the job here is because I, um… I have some unfinished business.”
“Don’t look at me… him!”

I’m torn between the isolation of no one knowing what happened to me and being terrified of how all my relationships would be flipped upside down if people did know.
—  Posted by Anonymous

ugh i have a rant (well… okay i have several but i’m just talking about one) in my drafts that i really really want to post but it’s going to lose me all my friends on here rofl

i’m getting so mad about it though can you please just accept these psychic messages and STOP i don’t wanna be falling out with any of you over this omg

sometimes I love myself but usually I want to punch myself in the face


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  • Butterfly
  • Koji Wada


  • Show that has really creative and fun character designs that doesn't take itself too seriously and is made for fun:*Little to no fans w/ small fandom*
  • Show with your typical humans and is serious as fuck:*COLLOSAL FANDOM*