I think the main difference between a hero and a heroine in traditional narratives is that a hero’s strength is defined by how much he can win, while a heroine’s is defined by how much loss she can endure.

I think that’s kinda fucked up.


ouran gif meme: kyoya ootori + looking down
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conked out hayley

has worked so so hard to make this show as wonderful and groundbreaking as it is, along with all the rest of the cast and crew, so a huge huge thank you and hug to them. i am already emotional about tonight being episode eight of eight, but i will stop at nothing to get this show renewed. it deserves to be, and i know this fandom won’t let season one be the last! 


SPN meme | three angels (2/3)

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'But that was years ago,' he sighed, 'and far away. The way back, if there is one, goes past the Mountain.'

Sam dancing with Rosie for arzoria


Merthur Graphic Meme -  Prettiest Merthur Scenes [3/3]

Arthur, you need to hold on. One more day.

After almost a full hour of being told i’m worthless and nothing but a lair i finally stood up for myself now my mom is trying to throw me out again no child should ever have to be hit and threaten like shit just for standing up against such heartless cruelty  


Alex forgets how to human