i can’t believe the amount of people calling asians out for participating in asianinvasion, a movement with a purpose of bringing to light the unique racist issues us asians have to struggle with. 

you’re no better than the racist bullies we’ve had to and are still dealing with. 

🌸dream casts🌸

I haven’t done this in forever~ I think I’m going to alter it just a little and for the most part, cast you as characters from books. I’ll probably not be able to keep it going but I’m at least going to try and avoid typical characters to make it a little more interesting 🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸

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Working on stuff! But got sidetracked by my extremely powerful Mad Max’s NUX HELLSPIRAL. I WILL DROWN IN MY OWN TEARS OVER THIS. Thanks for reminding me that my heart will never be the same rockcandytrash. I wasn’t needing it anyway.

Slice of life Drarry?

Because we can literally pick out the cutest things but how about those normal every day stuff that everyone does?

-Harry washes the dishes while Draco dries them off next to him, and they either have the stereo playing in the living room or they just talk quietly

-Harry told Draco all about the wonders of the thing called the internet and social media and how people can connect faster and so many opportunities found online and Draco was fascinated until he learned that it had to do with muggle technology and he dropped it

-Because Drarry can’t use technology for shit

-Harry and Draco go shopping in muggle department stores and Harry gets taken by the latest new technology while Draco struggles to comprehend what a touch screen is

-Draco takes absolutely forever in changing rooms

-Harry doesn’t mind because he’s in the changing room with Draco

-In the mornings, Harry likes orange juice and Draco likes tea but when Draco’s lazy he’ll just swipe Harry’s juice out of his hand

-Draco actually really likes toast and when Harry introduced the toaster, they only had toast every breakfast for about a month

-Draco and Harry having petty quarrels on whose turn it is to cook dinner

-Harry’s in charge of all the groceries but when it comes to toiletries and house items, it’s Draco’s area.

-When they go furniture shopping Harry likes to pick out the most horrid things only to watch Draco turn pale, mentally gag, and steer them away muttering bad things about bad designs.

-Each room in their house/flat has it’s own theme and colour because Draco maintained that habit from his Manor days. 

-Harry likes bike rides and Draco prefers walks

-Draco stays up with Harry to watch the sun set and Harry watches, awake on the bed, as Draco stands on the balcony to watch the sun rise. 

-Harry repainting a room in the house and getting all messy and Draco watching in amusement and staying far far away from the paint

-Harry getting paint on Draco anyways and Draco exasperatedly goes off to change. Again.

-Draco and Harry going on vacations all around the world and looking stylish and wearing sunglasses and people always stare at them but they don’t care

-Harry forcing Draco to pose near a monument to take a picture

-Draco and Harry asking some other tourist to take a picture of the two of them in front of the Eiffel tower.

-Draco forcing Harry to try new foods and laughing whenever Harry makes a face when he doesn’t like one

-Harry fighting with Draco over how much money they’re spending on certain things and trying to emphasize that just because they’re both rich they can’t just binge buy whatever they want

-Harry teaching Draco humbleness in small things

-Draco teaching Harry the beauty of elegance in small things

-Harry and Draco doing normal every day stuff

Okay, but in the very first episode Skye and Coulson are making eyes at each other in Lola. And he’s trying to get her to join SHIELD, so she teasingly asks him “Are you gonna show me something new?” And then he does by flipping on Lola’s thrusters and flying away while she’s amazed, but not before giving her a parting line that, “The tide is rising.” But he’s going to show her this new world, right?

And in he last episode of season 2, Skye and Coulson are making eyes at each other in Lola with Skye in the driver’s seat, and they’re worried about the tidal wave that’s coming. And they’re going to face this new world together.

ugh i have a rant (well… okay i have several but i’m just talking about one) in my drafts that i really really want to post but it’s going to lose me all my friends on here rofl

i’m getting so mad about it though can you please just accept these psychic messages and STOP i don’t wanna be falling out with any of you over this omg

okay, but sometimes i think “cute” is the tumblr/online version of “no-homo”? (obviously people of any gender might say it to another person of any gender, but i personally see it said the most often from one girl to another, typically on selfie posts.) it seems to mean like “i think you look nice but don’t worry i don’t think you look SEXY or anything, bc that might be awkward”

and i guess that’s fine bc for some people it really might be? but fat people especially get called “cute” like a LOT, possibly because being attracted to someone who was fat would be even MORE awkward, because ewww, fat people, amirite

i guess it’s also because we’re usually rounder and softer, which are traits people typically associate w/ cuteness, and it’s still better than “ugly” or the related alternatives, but come on, we’re not small fluffy animals or babies. sometimes, i wanna be more than cute! i don’t even have to be hot or sexy, though that might be nice to have just once before i die. just–pretty, cool, awesome, something like that. or like, give me a detail, tell me outfit rocks, or my makeup looks good, even. tbh, anything but cute at this point

and honestly i (especially as a fat person) almost feel as though i shouldn’t complain about ANY compliments i get on my looks, especially considering the vitriol i got for them before i started dyeing my hair and wearing makeup, but it’s gotten to the point where i just grit my teeth when i get called cute. like this sounds silly but it almost feels like i’m being patronized–real (thin) people get to be hot and pretty even on days they dress sloppy, fat people get to be cute, AT THEIR BEST

So it’s come to this

For those that know me and have followed me for the past year and a bit, you would be aware of how shitty my mental health has been due to a huge number of factors. For those who don’t, my name is Mollie and i’m currently a student at a University that I was forced to transfer to, and enrolled in a degree that I never wanted to do and hate.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve struggled immensely from depression, anxiety and huge PTSD related symptoms, whilst studying Medicine at my dream university, and living in a residential college on campus. College meant the world to me, and for the first time in my entire life, I found people that I could call friends. I was happy. However, throughout the year, I  was having to pay for college myself, all while having Pneumonia and other illnesses. Long story short, I did really shittily in academics, which lead to even more stress and further depression.

I was forced to leave the only place I have ever felt I could call home, and now, I have a chance of going back to college. However, I have absolutely 0 dollars and 0 source of income, because my depression for having to leave college, away from my support system, away from my psychologist, has just left me incapable of doing anything.

So I’m asking for help.

In order to go back to college, I have to go back to Sydney four times within the next two months to see a psychologist to prove that I’m being proactive with my health. Each plane ticket costs about $300 return.

I hate to ask for help, but I honestly don’t know what to do any more. This is my last chance of getting back to happiness, to recovery, and it would mean the world to me if you could help me out. 

My paypal is

I love you xx


redqueenofbookland asked:

A bit of a poem you can hopefully translate to Russian: “Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

Хотя во тьме душа моя заходит, она взойдет в прекрасном свете
Я слишком нежно звезды полюбил, чтобы бояться ночи.

Khotya vo t'me dusha moya zakhodit , ona vzoydet v prekrasnom svete
Ya slishkom nezhno zvezdy polyubil , chtoby boyat'sya nochi

hoy there!

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“A fair day to you! And how goes your morn?” Owain didn’t often inquire into others’ business, but the person in front of him seemed a bit put off. “Worry not, I mean no harm! You simply seem somewhat of a shadow of yourself.”

((It’s weird because whenever I do anything my rough draft is always my final draft, but I still use pen and paper- I’d be about x9000 better suited to a tablet))

 As you can probably tell, I gave up as soon as I reached the hands. If anyone could redo/colour this that would be sweet af. I hope this is a suiting medal for those who sacrificed 17 hours of their lives for what shall henceforth and forever be known as THE STREAM OF REGRET. That, or until Ele sits a longer one.

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