so last night i was crying with awkwardpandahat over the fact that some aquariums host birthday parties and actually have professional mermaids that you can swim with and how perfect it would be for a future fish!au i mean pl s

chef!haru working as a mermaid at the local aquarium on the side - regular customer and ripped as shit fireman!makoto getting pushed into an ~aquarium mermaid fun birthday party~ by nagisa and getting slapped in the face with gloriously shirtless wet mer!haru who he definitely doesn’t have a massive, all-consuming crush on. y’know. anyway i need sleep

I met this kid through my friend who both are like hardcore Mormon. And I said “oh my god” in a sentence and this little fuckhead didn’t even know me that well tried grabbing me and pushing me into a wall saying “don’t say that, it offends The Lord” and it took two guys to pull me off cause I was stronger and livid.

You don’t randomly attack someone. Especially for a reason like that. The fucks the matter you?

The Gophers were rolling, with a seven-game winning streak and an 11-1 stretch, but the rest of January was a disaster, starting the very next weekend in a 6-6 tie against UMD, followed by a shocking 6-1 loss to the Bulldogs at Williams Arena.

Again, the amazing skills of Mark Pavelich were almost mesmerizing and caused Brooks to fume about he knew his friend, Gus Hendrickson, must have gone up to his hometown of Eveleth and gotten some grades changed to make Pavelich college-eligible. “Don’t worry,” I’d heckle Herbie, “you’ll appreciate him a lot more next year.”

Brooks fired back. “Next year? Why would I care about him next year?”

"Next year, when he’s the star on your Olympic team," I casually answered.

Brooks said, “No way.” But, obviously, the idea had already found a home in Brooks’ mind.

—  Herb Brooks: The Inside Story of a Hockey Mastermind