Moving in with us this weekend?

If you’re on Tumblr it means you’re:

  • taking a break from/avoiding finishing your packing
  • taking a break from/avoiding finishing unpacking your new room 
  • hiding from your new neighbours
  • feeling a bit freaked out by the newness of uni and need the comfort of infinite scrolling (and gifs)

I understand what you’re going through and I’m sending positive thoughts your way without you even having to ask. I’m also available this weekend for emotional Tumblr support. 

You never know when Earth might be demolished, so as every good hitchhiker knows, you should always keep a towel handy. Now you can make sure your towel is always nearby and extra useful with this clever tutorial from Nerd by Night.  

DON’T PANIC - towel messenger bag

Nerd by Night uses embroidery to create the letters. But if thinking of how to do that makes you feel like you’ve chugged a pangalactic gargleblaster try this instead:

3D fabric paint if easy to use and often comes in a handy thin nosed bottle perfect for lettering with no brush required. Happy travels!



Custom Graphic for baracan-u-not.

To fans, it becomes a bit more than just music. The music has to be there and it has to be good and obviously it has to capture the listener but at the same time, I think a lot of the time, doing it the way we did it kind of…it builds a whole lifestyle around the band. And the fans that we have are so die-hard because of that; because they’re a part of something. You meet friends because of the band and get all kinds of experiences because of the band so it goes a little beyond music - Alex Gaskarth.