shiroyoh you can keep on worshipping Rosinante from the distance I really don’t mind he’s mine so I have nothing to worry about.

Would you like to see some photos from our wedding?




You have no idea how many cakes we had to buy before somebody actually got to taste the cake.
There was a huge mess but well everything was worth it because in the end we were officially married. SUCH A WONDERFUL WEDDING!

OH I’m sorry the photos look so weird you know
the photographer was pretty clumsy too.. 

My favorite Makorra part of this whole episode was when Korra told Mako about how Zaheer was haunting her he didn’t say “I’ll support whatever you decide” and he didn’t tell her what to do, he didn’t stop her from seeing Zaheer even though he wasn’t sure about her decision he just said “I’m here for you, what do you need?”
That’s what she’s needed to hear from him all along. She’s always wanted to hear his opinion (which is why his attempt as being supportive seemed so condensing to her) she’s always valued his input, what she didn’t need was him telling her what to do.
He’s matured so much, and so has she. He’s finally reached a point where he can empathize with her and share his thoughts without being critical which is real support. This is true even without a romantic lense, even if they end the show just as friends they’ve both evolved so much.

You cry during Home Alone.
Kevin’s just a boy with
a gun powder mouth that
wraps around empty words
but you know it doesn’t sink
to the bottom of his stomach,
that’s why the lie had to
come out but you also know Kevin
has never really been heard
so you give him props for
finally stiffening his backbone
and putting his heart between
his teeth and everyone knows
he’s just a boy and, oh, he
didn’t mean it but you know
all good things come to
an end.

You wonder if the ornaments
beneath his window are
wedged into the skin of
your feet when you tried
to sneak into your lover’s
heart but he stutters you out
and you see flashbacks of him
in the Christmas tree lights
and the carols echo back
to the Christmases when you were his.
You just want to go to bed
without feeling the empty space
beside you but you and Kevin
both have a way of growing
vines and caves on the tips
of your tongues

and you know that
there’s a hot iron
print on your face
in the shape of his name.

—  Kaylie R. Brisbourne / / the empty house / /


Ok, who in their mind thinks it’s ok to have sex with someone on their suite mate’s bed without their permission regardless of if bedding is on or off? If you really want to have sex that bad, have some respect for other people and just tell me to leave. Like seriously… -.-‘




     (why do people get so shitty when others ask them to tag hidashi or incest or w/e ???? like dude I understand if it’s like mpreg or something like that because that’s not even real and there’s no reason for you to get shitty about that but incest is a real deal so I mean„„just do it? Takes like 2 seconds ???????)

The thing that sucks about mental illness is that if you aren’t depressed enough, suicidal enough, bad enough, nobody cares. Nobody cares until you reach their standard, and that standard is when your problem is bad enough to effect them


There’s nothing wrong with being alone, you know. No good to somebody else unless you’re good with being with just you.

a list of the movies/shows/stories I can’t make it through October without watching/reading. mostly selections that are special to me for nostalgic reasons, with a few more modern choices thrown in that remind me of that nostalgic feeling.

Trick r Treat | Ginger Snaps | Scream 2 3 4 | The Faculty | Hocus Pocus | Halloweentown | Donnie Darko | The Nightmare Before Christmas | Jeepers Creepers | Beetlejuice | The Craft | ParaNorman | Jennifer’s Body | Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire | Under Wraps | Sleepy Hollow | Coraline | Planet Terror | The Rocky Horror Picture Show | The Addams Family | Monster House | Halloween | The Crow | The Strangers | The Blair Witch Project | The Lost Boys | All Cheerleaders Die

Freaks & Geeks | Dead Like Me | Bob’s Burgers 2 | Community 2 3 4 | Roseanne 2 3 4 5 6 7 | Parks & Rec 2 | Regular Show 2 3 | Rugrats | The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy | Ed Edd & Eddy | Boy Meets World | Friends | Modern Family | Kim PossibleGravity Falls | Pushing Daisies | It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
a wikipedia list of of halloween television specials

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories | Sometimes They Come Back | The Boogeyman | The Lawnmower Man | The Mangler | Grey Matter | Zombillennium | I Luv Halloween | Batman: The Long Halloween | Franklin’s Halloween
quick reading: letsnotmeet & cracked/horror

shout out to all the 18-25 yr old wanna be radicals who aren’t voting tomorrow because “both parties are basically the same” and totally fucking the rest of us over, while not even doing anything to actually protest the two party system. congratulations, not voting is exactly what they want you to do.


I do not need to justify eating. I do not get to decide if I have done anything to deserve it. There will never be a reason I don’t deserve it.

I am a human. I need to eat. It is a basic human need and there is no debating that. I need to eat.