Day after New Years Eve

He’s not even mad at Kaldur.

Well, okay— yeah maybe he is. Wally has no problem taking orders, at least when it’s appropriate. You know, out in the field and in the middle of life and death situations, and all that junk. But when Kaldur goes as far as bossing them around on their night off, locking them up on New Years Eve… that’s basically something the redhead isn’t going to be able to shut his mouth about. Like, he’ll respect him as team leader but the dude isn’t his personal guardian— and sure as hell doesn’t have the right to ground him for something like drinking. And he didn’t even want to drink! Not really, anyway. He only had a gulp or two and let’s be honest here— beer is pretty gross tasting. It’s like drinking something out of an old boot. The absolutely oldest boot you can find. Or maybe one of Supes` boots aft— the point is, it should be his choice to drink gross tasting stuff if he wants too.

Wally piles more turkey onto the sub roll, bringing it to the point that physics should state would never close around the meat. Rest assured, it’ll get even more ridiculous when he adds all his toppings.

But yeah, he’s still kinda mad at Kaldur but the person he’s really pissed at is Artemis.

It was the girls plan, they were the ones who brought the stuff to Green Arrow’s. They were the ones downing it like it was water but when push comes to shove, she just sits there and takes all of Kaldur’s spew? Doesn’t do anything more than grab his arm and ask him to sit back down while he gets ripped into for trying to basically defend her actions?

Well, that crap don’t fly here, sista`.

No matter how distractingly hot you are.

He finishes the heavy construction on his snack, tosses a handful of chips and a pickle slice onto the plate before heading towards the couch. He’s got plans to finish some of the movies from last night. Everyone ended up passing out during the second one (if you’re wondering, yes, Superboy does mutter about dumpsters in his sleepand Wally had been saving the best for last so now with everyone else out and about, it was the perfect time. Better now before Kaldur calls the league and tattles on them.

“Who knows what they’ll punish us with.“ Wally mutters, plopping down right in the middle of the couch, propping his feet on the table top. “Only missions they’ll probably send us on after that is getting donuts for the actual Justice League meetings.”


what do you mean this isn’t how wally’s scene in darkest went

Speak out against the cancellation of Young Justice & Green Lantern

Two months ago, watchcommunity initiated a fan project that was as striking as it was brilliant. They implored the fans of the show to come together and star in a montage of themselves telling the world why their show mattered. 

We’re going to do the same thing. This cycle of episodes has come to a close, but that is no reason for us to go quietly. So.

We want you to star in a collective fan-showcase of reasons why YJ and GLTAS should be renewed. It’s simple.

  • Record yourself saying, in six words or less OR in five seconds or lesswhy Cartoon Network should renew Young Justice and/or Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Any entrees exceeding this time or word limit will not be accepted.
  • You do not necessarily have to speak the words; you can write them out or make signs or art!
  • Those six words or less cannot contain profanity
  • Upload your video to mediafire or sendspaceE-mail the link to
  • AND ALSO, PLEASE, send the file in an e-mail attachment to WITH THAT LINK
  • Keep it short, sweet, and concise. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Or emotional. But please refrain from having any extraneous sound in your video that may render your words inaudible.
  • For ideas, take a look at watchcommunity’s video.
  • If you have any questions, ask. Or browse questions that have already been answered.

We will need a minimum of 16 people to make this video a decent length, but I know you guys can do better than that. These shows have impacted your life as much as they have mine; I know they have. So let’s do this. When the video is completed, it will be uploaded to Youtube for you to share to your heart’s content – and your heart’s content had better be enormous; I am just saying. 

The deadline to submit your contribution is April 6. The completed project will, as said, be uploaded to Youtube, and burned to a DVD that will be sent to CN’s headquarters, as well as, hopefully, WB’s and DC Comics’.



EDIT 3/19: You can watch a preview of the video here.

Watch on

Hope Burns Bright: A Young Justice/Green Lantern Fan Showcase




Fans of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series were asked to say, in six seconds or less, why they believe that these two shows should be renewed. This project is intended to show Cartoon Network, Warner Bros., and DC Comics the faces of the people their decisions have affected, to have them look us in the eye and hear what we have to say in montage form — because an avalanche of small messages conveys magnitude, and the time limit requires sincerity. 

And each one of these is sincere, and personal. 130 fans came together with signs and short messages to make this into a montage of great magnitude. Within it are the many, many real people who care fiercely about both of these shows and have been campaigning for months and months to have their voices be heard by Cartoon Network, DC Comics, and Warner Bros. Animation. 

This is only a fraction of the viewers of these shows. But it’s a memorable and driven fraction indeed.

A huge, enormous thank you and congratulations to everyone who contributed to this video – you are all so awesome, and this would be nothing without you!