Check out this behind the scenes shot of Jen Dickerson for Skorch Magazine’s upcoming clueless shoot!  Styling done by our own Domino Doll, Tiffany Kaelin!!  She’s in all Domino Dollhouse: Polkapop Sunglasses, T-Shirt in Lime Roses, Bow Out Skirt in Lavender Stripe, and Jelly Spiked Bag in Yellow!


T EDWARD BAK is coming to TCAF!

T Edward Bak is coming to TCAF to debut his new book with Domino Press, Island of Memory.

"WILD MAN – The Strange Journey and Fantastic Account of the Naturalist Georg Wilhem Steller, Volume 1: ISLAND OF MEMORY is an examination of the human condition and obsession within the natural order at the extremes of the unknown…” - Full book info at TCAF site

"T Edward Bak’s illustrated natural history biography, WILD MAN – The Strange Journey and Fantastic Account of the Naturalist Georg Wilhelm Steller was originally serialized in the Fantagraphics comics anthology MOME…” - Full Bio at TCAF site

Artist’s Website:

Publisher’s Website:

TCAF is The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, taking place May 11-12, 2013, in Toronto, Canada. More at


*Bakura glowers for a minute before suddenly sneezing—a cute little sneeze that almost put him to shame.*

Apparently there’s something “going around” Domino High… I didn’t realize these places were such breeding grounds for illness.

*another little sneeze*

I’m cold as fuck and the only really warm thing I bought the landlord to wear are these ridiculous oversized wool sweaters. I need human drugs but I can’t get to the pharmacy in this condition… ugh. Not without making it worse.

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dominos isn't owned or controlled by Tom Monaghan anymore. When he did own it, he sure did spend a shit ton of profits on pro-life stuff, but then he had a vision from God , sold Dominos and usedmoney to build an entire town entirely on catholic principles and give *all* his money to anti abortion causes. Then his wife divorced him and his children tried to have him declared incompetennt

Gales is here to let you know you can still enjoy your cheap, relatively tasty pizza in peace. Thank you, Gales.

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Ashes, Ashes They All Fall Down || Solo ft. Huntress

"Mmm, sometimes. But I think tha—" 

The street outside the tower began to rumble and before she could even realize what was happening, Dinah was thrown off of her bike and onto the pavement, her skin tearing against the concrete like sand paper. The sound was unlike anything she’d ever heard before, the sound of metal crunching and screeching, and despite the blood dripping from her body, the injuries she couldn’t yet feel, instinct took over and Dinah got up and ran.

The smoke made it too difficult to see, and it wasn’t long before she was sputtering and coughing, her throat burning and the need for oxygen becoming kind of a desperate thing. The tower. The tower freaking fell. All she could see in her mind was the collapse of one floor after another, dropping like a set of dominoes. She wasn’t even sure where she was right now, but she felt something hard and decided it was best to lean against it, take a breather. 

But no matter how deeply she breathed in, it never seemed to be enough. Her phone..she could call—Whoa. The smoke swirled around her and Dinah’s head felt heavy as she attempted to slouch against the rough whatever the heck it was. “Ah!” She hissed through her teeth, the pressure hitting something in her shoulder. In her shoulder. “Shit, shit..” she slowly brought her hand up to her skin, but where she should have felt the warmth and soot, she felt something hard and cold and metal.

Now that she was aware of it, the pain was incapacitating, and Dinah dropped to her knees, her heart speeding in her chest. She was cold, why the heck was she col—-Oh no. No, no, no. Roy didn’t sign those papers! Charlie would go back to the youth center! No, crap! Dinah tried to stand up, but the world flipped upside down once again. She tried to take another breath but—God, it hurt so much. 


No, shut up. Her head was killing her and she didn’t want to get up yet.


What the— “Mom?” Her mom was here, too!?

The voice was getting closer, and Dinah tried to open her eyes. Purple? Purple, purple…she liked purple! Purple was a good thing, purple was—-Dinah tried to open her mouth to get purple’s attention, but it was too dry, her throat burning in a way that didn’t bother her so much. She couldn’t hurt anyone like this—that was a good thing, right? 

"Dinah!" Huntress. The face came into focus, but then it went out again. It was enough for Dinah to see that Hel looked like crap. She should probably tell her, but sleep sounded like a better option. It wouldn’t be too long, though. Just a nap. Charlie needed someone to make her dinner. 

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The little starmaker was walking down the street, he had a cone of ice cream in his hand- strawberry flavored, as he made his around. He was still very new to earth, he was on a trip from his home planet. It was such an interested place, with interesting people- so very, very different from his home planet. It was nice though, pretty. He was taking in sights of Domino City. He wasn’t really paying any attention though so he bumped right into someone- and the scope of ice cream that had once perched happily on top the of the cone in his dead fell to it’s demise leaving Yuugi with a split second of distraught before he turned his attention to the person he walked into you.

"Sorry about that!"