Re: Uriel’s fate.

That’s a real bummer :( And it makes me ask these questions:

1. Ok, so what’s going to happen to Uriel’s plan? We know there’s going to be a time jump. Are we going to see the repercussions of her actions?

2. Or maybe Lucifer’s getting this storyline now? 

3. What about Raphael? Does that mean that we’re going to see Uriel’s twin without Uriel? Or is he/she no longer in the cards?

4. Poor Gabe, he just lost his backstabbing ally. Who is going to be helping him, now that everyone is pissed at him? Or maybe it’s the beginning of his downfall?

5. And Arika’s still in town. And there’ll be some flashbacks to her past. It’s hard to imagine them without Uriel’s involvement :(

19 year old girl can’t prove her American citizenship. Her parents failed to file a birth…

Alecia Faith Pennington was born into a dominionist Christian sect (ATI, I believe, home of Bill Gothard), and her parents have kept her — as well as all of her siblings — entirely off the grid. She escaped recently, and is now living with her grandparents, who are not part of the group. 

She’s discovered that, thanks to new laws in Texas intended to punish illegal immigrants, she cannot get any other documentation - including a driver’s license - without proof of American citizenship, which her parents deliberately withheld. (No registered birth, homeschooled, no medical records because she was never taken to a doctor, and so forth). They refuse to sign an affidavit to prove her American birth and are using these paperwork hobbles as a weapon, in order to force her to return home, under their control. 

Faith is looking for anyone who has dealt with similar circumstances, or with information that could be helpful in advancing her case and establishing her legal identity. 

Signal boosting, in case anyone has information or contacts that could help.