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The biggigantic guys were vital to the skrillex and Friends SuperJam last summer.
Music director Dominic Lalli and SuperJam producer Paul Peck will be doing a Reddit AMA all about it on 1/20 at 8pm ET, the same day that the full documentary debuts on attuverse
Get your questions ready!


So as many of you know, I have had a long-running infatuation with Big Gigantic and Dominic Lalli. It’s been a four year tradition to see them on my birthday and this year is no different, I love you, and thanks for putting up with my crazy fangirling– this is some of the documentation of my love.. of the sax.


the malah ft. dominic lalli of big gigantic - back (live @ dexfest 2010)

electronic jam band featuring a live saxophonist on a really sweet stage. why not.

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Thanks CNN for this feature on Big Gigantic!!! 

[ELECTRONIC] GRiZ - Mr. B (ft. Dominic Lalli) MP3

“Mr. B” is the fourth track TaKo’s posting from GRiZ’s free album “Mad Liberation” which is an amazing collection of electro soul and future funk music. GRiZ uses dimension flips where a track flips between a predominately organic sound to a predominately electro and vice versa. GRiZ brought in live instrumentation from Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic on the sax. “Wheres The Love” and “Rock N Roll” were released on soundcloud almost a year before the album was dropped and they are posted below.

Download the free album HERE!

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