Sadness does something to the way we see the world. In the experience of deep sadness, the world itself seems altered in some way: coloured by sadness, or disfigured by it. Rather than living inside us, as our normal passions do, our sadness seems to envelop everything: we live inside it, as if it were a cocoon or a prison. At such times we seem particularly aware of the world as a world, a place where we have to live. This awareness can become artistic or political: artistic, when the world made strange by our own detachment and dissociation presents itself as an object of fascination; political when the difficulty of going on living in such a world begins to reveal its causes in the impersonal circumstances of our personal sorrows.
—  Dominic Fox, Cold World: The Aesthetics of Dejection and the Politics of Militant Dysphoria

When you watch videos of Taylor dominating the world and then realize that that’s the same woman that you hang out with every single night on tumblr #mindblown 


Skull Armchair by French designer Harold Sangouard, aka Harrow “Built For Comfort And World Domination”

  • exterior structure: polyester resin and fiberglass
  • internal frame: steel
  • cover black cotton velvet
  • black gloss finish
  • each chair is numbered
  • 103lb
  • L 47.6” x W 40” x H 40”