If he were to pick up the phone and call the cops he’d be arrested, he can’t even fight back else she’d just have him arrested then. She accuses him of everything under the sun but if you wait til the end it becomes even better.

I won’t spoil the surprise but trust me. You’ll fucking hate this girl before it’s all said and done.

Keep in mind, this is the ideal Feminist Relationship. She can fuck whomever she wants, send nudes to whomever she wants and physically punish a male for so much as clicking like on a girls four week old facebook picture. And there’s nothing he can do about it. She has all the power and she knows it.

People wonder why I’m anti-feminist.

If this were a video of a woman abusing a man like this she’d have options. She’d have protections. She could do something.

The best he can do? Put a video up on youtube and get laughed at by all those Feminists that like to tell you how pro-equality they are.

Imagine Lisa died in season seven and Dean was given custody of Ben. Ben begins calling him Dad and has tons in common with Uncle Sam. When Dean and Cas finally get together and tell Ben they expect him to be angry or even want to be sent away, instead he stares at them and goes “Okay. Does this mean I can to call you both Dad or do I call one of you Papa? Can we have pizza for dinner?” Neither of them has ever been so grateful in their lives.

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It Was Really Funny And Kinda Gross And I Laughed … Until The End. Then It Was Awful. Point Made.

Trigger warning: This video depicts domestic violence toward the end.

All that “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” does is allow men to walk in high heels (something they expect US to wear) for awhile and make a joke about it.

You’re not going to ever teach men not to hit women and children by holding these trivial, bullshit events.

You’re not going to ever teach men not to hit women and children by holding signs that say, “real men don’t hit women.”

You’re going to teach men to not hit women by taking the issue seriously, making incredibly strict laws, building shelters for abused women and children, and cornering men with proper force and action, making sure this shit is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE AND NOT TOLERATED.

anonymous said:

Has anything important 'need-to-know' happened while i've been gone from ziamworld?

well i think it depends i don’t know how many time did you been gone 

but from right now they’re probably spend all days enjoy the other being as domestic as they can be 

having meals together


having cute little date


zayn cooking to liam 


liam watching (and being impressed)zayn painting


dancing alone in their privacy


spending all day in bed


and just cuddle all the time


none of the gifs are mine

all credits to the owners

akisawana said:

Is it too late to ask about Maine at parent-teacher conferences?

Oh my god. I just. Oh no. I will write one one day. The whole evening of horror.

Because it is just a disaster. It’s just. It either goes really well or is a disaster.

Because Maine knows he’s big and huge and terrifying. And he really enjoys messing with people. Maine, the troll. (He’s nicer to the teachers than the PTA though. He really dislikes some of the more pushy parents.)

And it really doesn’t help when the teacher opens the door and Wash and Maine are in the hallway and Wash is like “You’re going to behave this time, I swear to god, Maine. This isn’t funny” (even though it is funny, it’s hilarious but Wash is trying to be the adult here.)

Let’s not talk about the Health teacher in junior high that expressed concerns that Kellan was “too quiet for a boy.” That did not go well. The man may be scarred for life. Life. Or the teacher who really got on Simra about her penmanship. Or the one teacher who told Nya her dream of being a tattoo artist was foolish.

There are a few though. Kellan’s Lit teachers tend to speak very highly of him. There’s a spunky art teacher who adores Nya’s work who, two seconds after they sit down, eyes them and goes “military?” “used to be,” Wash says. “Both of us.” She kinda nods, shuffles her folders in front of her and says “Thought so. Me too. I won’t mince words then. Your girl’s fuckin’ talented.” And Maine just kinda smiles. She’s his favorite.

There’s a new face of domestic violence in sports, and she’s challenging conventional notions of victims and survivors. 

Ruthie Bolton, former WNBA All-Star and two-time Olympic gold medalist, revealed for the first time last week that she lived for years in an abusive marriage. Addressing a roomful of attendees at theespnW Women in Sports Summit, Bolton spoke openly about her struggle to reconcile her strength on the court with her lack of control in her relationship.

anonymous said:

Mickey and Ian just trying to grocery shop but Ian wants healthy stuff and mick keeps trying to buy bulk pizza rolls and mick keeps throwing things they don't need into the cart simply to annoy Ian cause he loves Ian but he loves to annoy Ian more

Ian is completely smitten with Mickey, and it’s no secret. There’s just something about him that makes him smile.

So yeah, he has just about the biggest soft spot ever for his tiny thug, but not when they’re grocery shopping.

That’s the one time he wishes Mickey just wouldn’t insist on following him everywhere.

"Mickey, no, we have barbeque sauce at home," Ian said as Mickey tossed a bottle into the shopping cart.

"Not the good kind," Mickey said, walking ahead and causing Ian to scowl at him. "Plus we’ll be out soon enough anyway."

"Not the point - would you stop?” Ian hissed as Mickey tossed something else in.

"I’m gonna be hungry later," he shrugged. "Speakin’ of, let’s go down the frozen section, I wanna get some pizza rolls."

He darted off around the corner and Ian just grunted in frustration as he followed him around.

"I thought we were trying to go healthier?" Ian said as Mickey took three boxes out of the freezer.

"Its got some kind of vegetable in it," Mickey said.

"What? No it doesn’t - bacon is not a vegetable Mick!" Ian said, taking two of the boxes out and putting them back.

"Whatever, we got any chips at home?" Mickey said.

"Okay, that’s it, stop, stop,” Ian said, grabbing Mickey’s arm and pulling him into him. “Why you doing this, you know it drives me fucking insane,” he said and Mickey grinned.

"What? I like pizza rolls?" Mickey said.

"You’re doing this on purpose aren’t you?" he said, narrowing his eyes.

"Gets you all frazzled, I like it," Mickey said, looking him up and down.

"I swear to god…" Ian shook his head, looking around to see that they were alone before leaning in close to his ear. "I will give you the most emphatic blow job of your life when we get home if you just stop making this so damn difficult.”

"Man after my heart there," Mickey smirked and Ian just huffed out a sigh. "Better be the best damn hummer ever."

"Believe me," Ian said, leaning in close and nipping at Mickey’s ear lobe. "It will be so good your eyes will water."

Mickey grinned and shoved him back. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. You’re lucky I believe you.”

"Can you behave now please?" Ian asked.

"Yes, okay, I’ll behave. Calm your fuckin’ tits man."

He wandered off and just looked at things here and there after that, and Ian could do the damn shopping in peace.

Sure, it cost him a blow job but that was nothing new, and nothing he hadn’t planned on doing anyway.

vaelei said:

Oh man I would be seriously happy to see anything at all that might come from any of he other PFL crew coming to visit Maine and Wash and kids.

Connie and South had almost made it all the way up the steps by the time stirring starts from the house.

"It’s bigger than I thought," South says, taking it in. "Seems these assholes really clean up."

"I think it has more to do with the three kids," Connie replies.

She reaches for the doorbell, but before she can press it the door opens and Wash’s head pokes out. Connie opens her mouth to say hello, but then…

Then Wash basically squeezes himself into the crack of the door, shoving one elbow out to hold it steady, effectively blocking the entryway. Now her mouth’s just kind of.,..hanging open.

"What the fuck?"

"Okay, before I let you in," Wash whispers intently. "We gotta establish some ground rules."

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