if you’re new to the muse fandom and you’re worried about arriving late to a joke, here’s a list of topics which we’ll never stop joking about:

  • the stress of being asked “what genre is muse?”
  • the fact that nobody actually knows what genre muse is
  • 1984
  • muse = just a bunch of geeks
  • muse fandom = also just a bunch of geeks
  • matt is an alien
  • space and aliens in general
  • matt’s on-and-off stage persona
  • matt’s before & after a new album era transformation
  • trying to sing along to micro cuts
  • “-the fuck is matt saying?”
  • “-the fuck is matt talking about?”
  • “-the fuck is matt singing?”
  • “-the fuck is matt wearing?”
  • -the fuck is dom wearing?”
  • chris the baby machine
  • matt the chicken killer
  • brie
  • matt’s laugh
  • matt’s sheep
  • poor chris
  • poor dom
  • tom kirk is evil
  • #soon
  • the apocalypse

get to know me meme: [1/5] current celebrity crushes — dominic sherwood 

“I don’t remember all of this from my childhood, but my mom tells me I was always an eccentric type of character. The first acting thing I remember is that I did a play in school called A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a Shakespeare play. I played Oberon. I remember walking on stage for the first time and seeing the audience look at me, and me looking out at them. Just seeing everyone’s faces along with the silence, that’s when I realized I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. So the first gig I did was through school.”

Dom/esticity - Klaine AU [PG]

Blaine gets recruited by his friend Elliott to model in a rather controversial photoshoot, and is instantly enchanted by Kurt, his co-model and boyfriend for the day. ~ 2,4k words  (AO3 link)

This fic is for the wonderful amazing tremendous andersub because it’s her birthday and I love her!! You go Nora! Thanks also to my awesome helpful betas, aro-smythe and andersexgods.

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A helpful hint for Caregivers:

If you have/are talking/a friends with a little that has had a tough time with Doms in the past (or any little in general it would be helpful)

Tell them stuff about you, espically if they tell you a lot about themself. Cause if they’ve had a past anywhere near mine, chances are, they’ve opened up to a lot of Doms with them not giving them anything back.

And again if they’re anything like me it’ll make them very angry and or upset if they don’t know anything about you