Ranting as usual.

I miss the world where men were actually masculine and women were feminine and no one criticized you for being who you are. Everybody is talking about real men and real women but we are too lost in our own misconceptions to understand what that really means. Feminism was/is great and at the time was really, REALLY necessary (I can’t stress that enough), and I wanna vote and get well-payed as much as the next person but now you should stop complaining for not being treated “like a woman”. What does that even mean? You wanna real man but when he cries you call him a sissy. You don’t even know what a real man is. You wanna be taken care of but you don’t actually let him take care of you because it makes you look weak and incapable. You wanna have the power and dominance men (usually) have because nature made them that way but when you get it you whine about it. You wanna be a real women, then be a real woman. Treat him like a man and treat yourself like a woman. Equality is a fucking rule but that doesn’t mean you should not respect goddamn biological laws.