Michael Clifford- Can't Compare

Request: Could you write something where Michael gets mad at you and he is really dominant and he had a daddy kink.


"You’re still talking to him!" Michael shouted, throwing my phone onto the couch.

"It’s not like that." I said calmly, not wanting to fight with him.

"Then what is it like?" Michael asked, his voice was still forceful.

"He just wanted to catch up, I’m with you. I don’t see why it matters if I’m friends with my ex." I said as I crossed my arms, defending myself.

"It’s the fact that he was your first, for everything. I can’t compare to that." Michael stated, trying to hide the annoyance in his voice.

Before I could reply Michael walked away, heading straight towards our room. I ran my fingers through my hair out of frustration, I hated fighting with Michael more than anything else.

The best thing to do was to let him calm down, he needed to be by himself for a bit. Even though that was the best thing to do, I did the exact opposite. Michael needed to reassurance that I was his and only his.

I made my way to the room, following Michael quickly. “Talk to me.” I said as I grabbed his arm.

"I’m not in the mood to talk." Michael said, shrugging me off.

"Then kiss me." I stated, knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. Michael could be soft and passionate, or he could rough and dominate. There was no in between.

Without a second more, Michael pushed me up against the wall forcefully. His body was pressed against mine, then he crashed his lips into mine. I quickly opened my mouth in response, so that his tongue could find its way in. He held one side of my face as he used his other hand to rub me through my jeans. I pulled at the back of his hair, only edging him on even more.

"Get on your knees." Michael whispered in my ear, sending chills up my spine. As I got on my knees, Michael took off his shirt, kicked off his shoes, and removed his pants. He took off his boxers and took a hold of his shaft, slowly growing harder by his own touch.

When he let go, I knew that it was my turn. I swirled my tongue over the tip before taking him in my mouth. Michael made a makeshift ponytail in my hair with his hands. As I sucked hard, I glanced up and him to see him looking down at me. He had a look off pure pleasure and it only made me want to please him even more.

Michael through his head back and moaned loudly as his reached his high, releasing himself in my mouth. I quickly swallowed the warm liquid as Michael pulled me back to my feet.

He pressed his lips against mine once again as he messed with the button on my jeans. I pulled my shirt over my head, wanting nothing but to be naked against Michael. Once my jeans were off, Michael’s hands gripped my ass tightly as he picked me up.

He laid me down on the bed and hovered over me. His hands slid down my thighs until they were at my knees. Michael pushed my legs apart as he kissed down my stomach. I bit my lip as I look at him and tangled my hands in his hair.

Michael ripped my panties off of me, then ran two fingers along my slit before he pushed them roughly into me. A moan escaped my lips and all Michael did was smirk about it.

"You’re so ready, babe. Now I know that you’re all mine." Michael smiled, before he began sucking on my clit.

"Fuck, Daddy. I’m all yours." I breathed, my legs tightening around Michael’s head.

Michael continued at his pace and right before I found my high, he pulled his fingers out of me and leaned up to my ear. “I don’t know if you deserve to cum.” He whispered, causing me to groan.

"Daddy, please." I groaned.

"Don’t let go until I say so." Michael stated, then rammed into me without warning.

My back arched in response and I cried out. He thrusts were fast and hard, my legs started to shake and I tightened myself around him. “Not yet, baby.” Michael said in my ear, but it was getting hard to control it anymore.

My nails dug into his back, as he continued and nibbled on my ear. Low moans were coming from Michael as his thrusts started to become sloppy. “Let go.” Michael ordered.

That’s exactly what I did, feeling like I was seeing stars. Michael released himself for a second time as he rode out my high. When he was done, Michael pulled out and rolled over. I was feeling pretty sore and didn’t want to move.

"No one can compare to that." I stated.

I felt the weight of the bed shift, then Michael’s arms looped around me, pulling me close. He kissed my forehead, his lips never moving away from my skin as he said,

"I love you."

~Brittney c: