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The day before yesterday I had shed tears that allowed me to heal. How can something I cherished so dearly and respected so fondly give me such an overwhelming urgency to move on? Reason plays pivotal roles undistinguishable to human comprehension and it is our responsibility to never question destiny but embrace urgencies by throwing caution to the wind and accepting Spirit’s need for you. All life’s answers may not be apparent now but lay in time as direct affirmations and much needed consolation will be brought forth. I have carefully planned out for myself a strictly ordered summer reading list. I am overjoyed for being dedicated to Spirit and committed to my individual journey as I shed tears to the second book. Having no summary about this book, I find myself reading about this place, the artist I had just posted twice in a row for my first read, and about the neurologist that will be read third. As Spirit needs me so does Spirit need you. Let us throw caution to the wind as we find solace in our truths.
“Joan [Ocean] and Jean Luc [Bozzoli] came to the desert, to Carefree, to spend the winter and take rest from the lecture circuit. When they connected with the MacCarthys the four of them gave birth to a joint seminar. Alon and Lydia MacCarthy’s romance began when they both were led to Sedona by the dolphins. Lydia had been working as a volunteer at 🐬R C in the FL Keys as an interspecies behaviorist for nearly two years when the dolphins made it apparent to her it was time to leave. ‘I loved my job,’ she said, ‘and I didn’t want to go.’ When she resisted their telepathic messages to her, they tried another approach and made such shrill sounds in the water when she entered the tank to be with them that she had to get out. Her ears hurt too much. Finally she relented, packed up her belongings and headed for Sedona.”
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“I thought about the rationalized avarice of industrialized humanity and understood quite clearly that if ‘civilized’ man continues to regard nature as a resource to be dominated, subjugated, and modified to suit our purposes, then the compact with these powerful natural forces will be broken. And then there will be no escaping their retribution.”
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“Interestingly, on the other side of the planet, in Africa, the Dogon people who live along the Bandiagara Escarpment in Mali say that they originally came from the star Sirius that they know to be a double star, and that a godlike being from that place, fishlike in appearance, brought them here and conveyed their mythic knowledge to them.”
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“The making of a relation ceremony:
This ceremony ensures that no one is left to feel alone in the universe. It is vital as we are social beings who depend on one another. A person is taking in as a relative. Relatives are as strong as blood. It must be because the welfare of the group sometimes hinges on one individual. If that person feels disconnected he or she may fail. The medicine wheel represents your connection to the four directions and the hope of life. The feather represents your life because like your hair it grows. It represents your wisdom. It represents your connection to the past.”

I have been asking for a white hawk feather since I understood my part as the Queen of Scepters. Today I received it from the one that inspires me to understand that I am not alone in the universe and encourages my connection to succeed. My hope to continue my journey makes me glad that I am not dead. Wtichi Tai To, brothers and sisters. We watched the movie Tiger Eyes before dreamtime last night. Life is full of messages left from Spirit. What has Spirit left for you to discover today?
Your life: all the past, all the future. Remember each other, as we are full of life. Full of love.
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YouTube channel coming this summer. Thanks for all the support and guiding light. May we always remain in awareness of the Great Mystery with awaken minds and awaken hearts. #keepitsurreal #greatmystery #dolphinwarrior

I caught sight of the large one the day before I stumbled upon the small one on marked days and I found it symbolic of self-respect in a gentle release.
mourn for those that are unguided in this incarnation who do not have an open consciousness.
there are multitudes that will come to you for comfort, temporary healing, and peace. love them and then release. untether the cosmic chords as you strengthen your Crystal Cord.
as I snapped the photo a moth tumbled into my lap, oddly so. under the guise of love, we open vulnerably but we are still Children of the Diamond Heart worthy of self-love.
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“I want to realise brotherhood or identity not merely with the beings called human, but I want to realise identity with all life, even with such things as crawl upon the earth.” @redbearblue @mylifeisadotmov @iamaforest #mohandaskaramchandgandhi
“It’s being next to you
Without a single breath
Between us (between us)
I’ve found what heart is
It’s being next to you
Without a single breath
Between us (between us)”
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“Wise Ones know and appreciate the innate darkness within the human ego, but they have an even greater appreciation and respect for the heights to which humans are capable. And this is what they’ve come back to teach.
On the other side, many Wise Ones were comfortably enjoying the afterlife plane. They’d created paradise-like communities in the spirit world, complete with castles, gardens, and waterfalls. Everything seemed wonderful. But then the Wise Ones were approached by a committee of guides that was trying to enlist retired “spiritual soldiers” back into service. They asked Wise Ones to return to Earth to teach and model peacefulness, and to remind people how to use their inner power and strength to create harmony.
Some Wise Ones reluctantly agreed to return to Earth. When they got here, they felt the heavy density of the shifting energy. A few Wise Ones, unable to handle this climate, exited immediately by willing their own deaths. Other Wise Ones relegated themselves to an Earth life, but felt depressed or angry about it.
The best adjusted Wise Ones were those who resumed study of Earth-based spirituality —such as astrology, Wicca, kabbalistic magic, paganism, rituals, crystal healing, herbology, candle invocations, shamanism, and so forth.”
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"The dolphins bring us to the now and teaches us to live beyond the boundaries of compulsion. It nurtures our capacity to surrender and trust, for love and serenity, and facilitates a level of consciousness that has an untapped therapeutic potential for humankind."
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