Striped Dolphin

  • The striped dolphin is extremely active at the surface, performing amazing acrobatics including somersaults, back-somersaults, upside down porpoising, and breaching with leaps three times its length.
  • The striped dolphin body size and shape resembles the short-beaked common dolphin, but the colour pattern is unique; its dorsal side is bluish grey to brownish grey, with a white to pinkish underside.
  • In the wild they can occasionally be seen associating with common dolphins, however confusion over identification can be avoided as the species-specific colouration and markings are easily distinguishable; the striped dolphin does not possess the yellow hourglass pattern found on the common dolphin.
  • Striped dolphins feed mostly on small fish, such as cod or lanternfish, and small squid.
  • Striped dolphins are amongst the delphinids targeted in the Japanese drive fisheries. Conservationists are also concerned about the long-term impact that pollution, habitat degradation, and prey depletion will have on populations.
  • info by the WDC

An official in Taiji, Japan, infamous for its annual dolphin slaughter, recently announced plans to build a water park that will allow visitors to simultaneously eat and watch dolphins. Ensure this deplorable plan does not go through by signing the petition today.


Un petit voyage à marineland qui a bien raviver ma passion !

Épargnez moi les commentaires anticapitivif ! Je comprend votre point de vue et me suis expliquée 30000 fois ! Oui elles seraient mille fois mieux en mer mais malheureusement nous sommes arrivée à un point de non retour pour elles… Je préfère les savoir vivantes que de les jeter à l’océan sans savoir comment elles s’en sortiront… Pensez bien que certaines n’ont plus de dents, ou d’autre plus de pod vivant dans l’océan, ou même d’autres qui ne sauraient se nourrir seules… C’est triste c’est sur mais avant de les libérer vaudrais mieux penser à protéger les sauvages qui sont en bien plus grand danger que les captives !


Hello Everyone! ~ <3 ~ Cards For The Weekend ~ <3 ~ 
Kick Up You Heels ~ <3 ~
It’s time again to put on that party hat and go and have some more fun! Life again has got too serious and it’s time to lift the spirits of yourself and those around you. Life is about living and enjoying the life that you have. Yes ok, there are times when we have to be serious, but not all the time! So…..let down your hair this weekend and have some fun…with a capital F! Do whatever makes you laugh, smile and enjoy yourself! Enjoy! ~ <3 ~
Divine Magic ~ <3 ~
There is a wonderful energy around this weekend, full of excitement and magic! Take full advantage of this magical time and expect some extra special times! You deserve this, yo have had your fair share of tough times, it’s now the best time to enjoy yourself. Spread the joy to others.Live the wonderful life that you want to enjoy! Let yourself be free to be the wonderful, loving and special person that you are! ~ <3 ~
~ <3 ~ Wishing You Love, Light and All The Happiness That You Can Receive ~<3~


It’s official:

Tumblr has completely consumed and devoured EVery SINGle DEtail in the PSAT.


The stupider these tests get, the shorter that time span will get.
The more meaningless, redundant tests we have to take, the closer we get to teenage rebellion.

Your move, School Board