Dolphins do NOT belong in the Las Vegas desert !!

Please keep emailing the people in charge of the The Mirage Hotel and Casino. Your messages are being heard. You can use this template or feel free to write your own letter.

David Blasko - Director of Animal Care - DABlasko@Mirage.Com
Jim Murren - MGM Resorts CEO - MurrenJ@MGMResorts.Com
Yvette Monet - Head of MGM PR -


Dolphins Can Sense Magnets

Dolphins can now add magnetic sense to their already impressive resume of abilities, new research suggests.

When researchers presented the brainy cetaceans with magnetized or unmagnetized objects, the dolphins swam more quickly toward the magnets, the new study found. The animals may use their magnetic sense to navigate based on the Earth’s magnetic field, the researchers said. Read more


Argh… Trust Sho-kun to make it difficult to fit in all his pics and text within 10, so here’s the link to see the full rainbow.  And hence the mystery of our other rainbow twin. LOL.

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For the first time captured on video, orcas take down a tiger shark

heinkmeister の発言:

Am I the only one who thinks that a possible reason for dolphins being so friendly to humans in the wild and helping defend humans is because they recognize that we're also very intelligent beings but we lack a solid natural defense system so they stick around us and act almost like bodyguards at times?

That’s an amazing theory! And it makes sense. They also have a lot more empathy than we do. This is to do with their additional spindle neurons, cells which humans lack. 


Free the Mojave Dolphins from the Mirage Hotel will be hosting a FREE screening of the Award Winning film “The Cove” this thursday (Oct 2nd) at the West Charleston Library, and the star of the film/movement, Ric O’Barry, will be there to speak and asnwer questions.

After getting educated at the film screening, join the organization again the next day outside the Mirage Hotel to peacefully protest and let them know we will not stand for animal abuse any longer. 

More information is on the Facebook event page. Please consider going and showing support!

Did a google search of Amazon river dolphins for a thing I’m working on and

All the things I outlined in red

are NOT Amazon river dolphins.

They are Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, which live on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD.

But they show up in the Amazon river dolphin search more than the actual Amazon river dolphin does.

I am so mad right now omfg.