Pepe the hybrid (atlantic X pacific) bottlenose dolphin and how training can improve animal welfare

"Another project illustrating the process of addressing abnormal behaviors involved a captive-born Bottlenose dolphin named Pepe (Laule, 1984). Living with a couple of other young animals, two separate attempts were made to integrate him into a larger social grouping of show animals. These attempts were unsuccessful, and in the process he developed several abnormal and problematic behaviors. These included an erratic appetite and attention span; biting people during unstructured play sessions; habitual regurgitation; and chronically swallowing objects that fell into the water.

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Photo by @thomaspeschak Sea Level perspective of the Ponta do Ouro Marine Reserve, Mozambique. Offshore lies one of southern Africa’s most diverse coral reefs while the shoreline still hosts elephants and Nile crocodiles. Pods of Indo-pacific Bottlenose dolphins also call these waters home. Unfortunately this location is also the site for a proposed commercial coal port. Unpublished photo from my Dec 2014 @natgeo story “Cross Currents”. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative by @natgeo

I really hate when parents say that the Internet is stupid but because of the internet I figured out that racism still exists and that there are multiple kinds of sexualities.

I learned that feminism exists and that there are still struggles for women of this generation.

I’ve learned about hoverboards and a way to completely delete HIV from cells. I found out interesting things about bees that I never understood. I learned that dolphins are smarter than humans!

I’ve learned so much on the internet, more than I ever learned in school and I’m called antisocial because I like it? Man screw that noise!

i want to replay path of radiance but tfw no memory card or working gamecube or good enough computer to run dolphin

scribblely-faces asked:

Melon and would you like to hangout next week? I don't know if I'll have your present.

melon - my first impression of you

quiet girl Yeshay lured into our group like an aggressive dolphin

NEW FRIEND (because honestly, Yeshay was like a hook with a worm to fish-if she thought someone was friend material, I was inclined to believe her! you’d be a permanent fixture to that h.s. library table till graduation :)

Now look at us, stayin’ strong into college years <3

TOTALLY! Plus, I wanna see a movie with you-my aunt got me a fandango card for Christmas XD

In the fishing town of Coffs Harbour on the east coast of Australia there is a marine park called Dolphin Marine Magic. In the marine park there is a small pool, and in that pool is Bucky.

Although he is in remission from cancer and one of the oldest dolphins in captivity, Bucky performs two shows a day, 365 days a year. He tail walks across the water on demand and performs flips and elaborate tricks in return for frozen fish. Members of the public line up to brush his teeth, pat his belly, and ‘ride’ Bucky around the pool.

Bucky shares his crowded tank with five other dolphins, four of which he is the father. The park is also home to numerous seals, marine birds, and turtles.

While all may appear calm on the surface, Dolphin Marine Magic has a secret: It does not meet animal welfare standards. The pools at Dolphin Marine Magic are too small, the animals are overworked, and the facilities do not meet legal requirements.

While it advertises itself as a rescue and rehabilitation facility, Dolphin Marine Magic has admitted under pressure that it does not have the capacity to rehabilitate sick and injured dolphins - a legal obligation for all facilities that display dolphins in Australia.

//Just so you know-
Preexisting relationships are welcome with my muses, just shoot me a message and ask me first.
Vice is an ass-just saying.
Kinder’s body takes a while to digest human flesh-everything else digests relatively quick. He eats humans to get rid of the feeling of hunger and to keep himself satisfied, yes, depending on how large the ‘meal’ is his stomach will swell.
Malcolm may be later on converted into a ‘Slender being’.
Visi will now have glow markings-I’ll draw them later.
I’m making a new species for a comic series-I’ll draw it later.
Bon Bon is going to call dosseys-the-slender ‘s Dossey ‘Dada’

*dolphin scree*
That is all.//

Rockwell Kent
Illustration for Moby-Dick, Chapter LXXXII (Man on Dolphin Attacking Whale), c. 1929
Black ink over traces of graphite on wove paper

Rockwell Kent
Illustration for Moby-Dick, Chapter CXXXV (Whaleboat and Crew Tossed into the Sea), c. 1929
Black ink over traces of graphite on wove paper

Kent’s drawings for Moby-Dick, or The Whale, completed for the 1930 edition of Herman Melville’s famous novel, are considered to be among his greatest artistic achievements. 

His background as a draughtsman and his love of maritime travel and adventure made him particularly well suited to take on the illustrations.  In preparation for the project, the artist spent time researching whaling lore and visiting whaling museums.