On this day 43 years ago, Toki was brutally ripped from her family in Puget Sound and bought by the Miami Seaquarium.

For 10 years she performed alongside Hugo, until his death from a brain aneurism in 1980. Toki has been denied contact with members of her own kind since that day.

She is most socially bonded creature on the planet, yet has been kept isolated for 33 years, in a tank only 4 times her own length.

43 years of performances, 43 years since she could breach, dive, and spy hop and swim without restriction. 43 years since she felt the waves and the currents of the open sea. 43 years since she swam free surrounded by the loving calls of her family, 43 years since Toki’s mother could caress her daughter. 43 years since Ocean Sun screamed as her daughter was dragged away in twisted nets to a life of slavery.

For 43 years the organisations supposed to protect Toki have done nothing to help her, for 43 years the Seaquarium has failed to improve her living conditions.

And for 43 years people have fought for her freedom.

And we will continue to fight until Toki takes her last breath. So please Seaquarium, 43 years is enough. Do the right thing and allow Toki to live out the rest of her days where she belongs, in the peace of a seapen in the waters of her birth.

Give her that last great gift, the chance to swim by her mother’s side again. Do it for this beautiful, sweet, miraculous girl, she has given you so much, now it’s time for the show to end.

Please, send her home.

"With more than 1300 members, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) is the world’s largest network of zoos and aquariums.

WAZA’s mission is to guide, encourage and support the zoos, aquariums, and like-minded organizations of the world in animal care and welfare, environmental education and global conservation.

One would think, therefore, that it would be impossible for a dolphinarium that is linked to the Japanese dolphin slaughter to be accepted as a WAZA member. But it is not. WAZA has welcomed several such dolphinariums into their umbrella organization, thereby giving them their stamp of credibility.

Most of the approximately 500 dolphins currently held in Japan’s 50 dolphinariums were captured during a violent and deadly dolphin drive hunt. Many of these Japanese dolphinariums are members of the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums, also known as JAZA. Despite the fact that JAZA members keep the brutal dolphin hunt alive by doing business with the dolphin killers, WAZA welcomes JAZA as an association member!”

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/3/stop-the-dolphin-slaughter/ sign this petion telling WAZA to expel all facilities that provide direct or indirect support for the drive capture of dolphins.



Gender: Male
Pod: N/A
Place of Capture: Malcolm Island, British Columbia, Canada
Date of Capture: July 1968
Age at Capture: Approx. 3 years

In July 1968, a pod of 11 Orcas were captured in British Columbia off Malcolm Island. Only a young male was kept, later named Tula, while the remaining 10 whales were released.

A month after his capture, Tula arrived at Dolphinarium Harderwijk. He was the first Orca to cross the Atlantic after a 60 hour flight, and the first captive Orca in Holland.

Unfortunately, Tula died in October 1968 no less than 3 months after his capture. The cause of death was determined to be due to an external fungus and a growth in his heart.

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31. Unknown

In the fall of 2013, a young male orca was captured in the Oktosh Sea off the coast of Russia along with his mother and sister. The method of capture involves dragging the whale out of the water by his tail, loading him onto a truck, and shipping him a long distance. Reports indicate that upon arrival to the Seaside Dolphinarium, the orcas refused to eat the dead fish being offered to them despite the best efforts of the trainers. This all changed when another orca, who had been in the pen for over a year, brought them fish and somehow convinced them to eat. According to the Russian Orcas site, this orca has since been moved to a holding pen in Moscow. In addition to ethical concerns over this capture, there are major ecological concerns since it is unclear how these captures will affect the future generations of the wild population.  

#India Declares #Dolphins To Be “Non-Human Persons”, Dolphin Shows #Banned: India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests has decided to forbid the keeping of captive dolphins for public entertainment anywhere in the country.
In a policy statement released Friday, the ministry advised state governments to reject any proposal to establish a dolphinarium “by any person / persons, organizations, government agencies, private or public enterprises that involves import, capture of cetacean species to establish for commercial entertainment, private or public exhibition and interaction purposes whatsoever.” Why? “Whereas cetaceans in general are highly intelligent and sensitive, and various scientists who have researched dolphin behavior have suggested that the unusually high intelligence; as compared to other animals means that dolphins should be seen as ‘non-human persons’ and as such should have their own specific rights and is morally unacceptable to keep them captive for entertainment purpose,” the ministry said. #4biddenknowledge

gigi-in-wonderland said:

Quick rant, I was on holiday in Mexico this summer, it was really nice, however Thomson decided not to mention that there was a 'swim with dolphins' program on site of our hotel. One of the days on our holiday, my mum and I went to the spa which was (sadly) next to the dolphinarium and while we were swimming in the spa pool we could see right into the the dolphins 'bath tub', there were 4 dolphins in there and they were all kept in a pool half the size of any other pool on site, I almost cried.

Can I ask if you knew the name of the dolphinarium?

Brighton dolphinarium. A post card from the 1970s, At it’s height of popularity, as many as five dolphins lived in this tiny pool. The dolphins were eventually freed, the aquarium has now been restored to how it was in Victorian times, and they have a programme of re habilitating turtles.

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🎤🎶 (at Dubai Dolphinarium)

The #dolphinarium in Harderwijk was a very special place. Besides the world best dolphin show there was also a pretty good sea-lion show (and a lot more + a baby dolphin!) Oh the sweet animals! They also host an organization #sos #dolphin and take care of hurt wild animals before releasing them again into their habitat. And after a really nice day there is time for my to do list :) #yogagirlchallenge @yoga_girl (at Dolfinarium)

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Ламбада в батумском дельфинариуме. #kids #dolphin #dolphinarium #batumi #georgia #summer #family #dad #dadd #daughter #vacation #vozni #video #fun (at Batumi Dolphinarium)