Here’s a WiP picture of one of a kind item for MegaCon. Hopefully I’ll finish it in time! So far I’ve managed to fix the bucket (secured the string and shortened the wire holding the bucket), add the vine, seal the inside and prep it for resin, and add ground covering to the base.

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These pictures (frames) were in Spencer’s “room”. I’ve noticed alot of people pointing out the pic in Aria’s room, but I think all the pics A (or whoever the hell) used are important. 

Rather than using 2 different pics, Charles used two of the same pictures in different frames. Why? I tried my best to get an image as clear as possible. You can tell that its a boy (to the left) and a girl (on the right). The girl looks significantly older than the boy, but I can’t really tell if they’re blondes or brunettes. What do you guys think?

I’ve been trying to figure out where the hell the girls are locked up. With how the rooms are so close to each other and can be automatically locked resembles a rehab facility. Kind of like the one that Dean said was shut down for two years when Spencer asked him about it cuz of Jason in Unbridled.

But then Mona said something about a silo, which is used on farms. So it could be an abandoned farm too, maybe from the picture that Wren was coloring in at Radley.

Idk, what are you guys’ theories about where the girls are??


Eliza Dushku Panel Portland Comic Con 2015