I love the way it ended. I mean, Joss legendarily starts to adapt your character as the series goes on to how you really are, and I started off as sort of a calculating bitch and ended up being rather motherly and a bit of an alcoholic, and I can’t think where he got that from [laughs].With Joss, you just have to trust to the mind that’s greater than yours, so yeah, I just gave myself over to the Whedon crazy brain. I didn’t have hopes or fears. I knew it would all be all right, because he was writing it.
—  Olivia Williams on Dollhouse (X)
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Dollhouse // Melanie Martinez // Sarah Wolfe (Piano Cover)

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i actually lo ve this song so much ??? idek why lmao


I made a teeny tiny chameleon !!! What do ya fink??

I tried making one a few weeks ago, but it proved to hard, tonight I have succeeded! If you hold little cammy up to the light, it shined through him, giving him a soft glow x

Cammy measures about 2cm in length and is perched on top of a rustic twig x

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