Flowers in the Attic~

Overnight I watched the new FITA adaptation originally written by Virginia (V.C) Andrews, because I used to read all her books when I was like 14 and now upon reflection that was kind of weird considering their subject areas… but I loved them so anyway,

It was quite good and Heather Graham played a great aloof bitch greedy mother, but she did seem like a bitch from the start which I wouldn’t have got from the book. Kiernan Shipka is a headstrong Cathy and the guy who plays Chris was good at being all reluctant and unsure as written; but I can’t help thinking Cathy could have been more feminine. They did a grand job at not making it overly cringy with all the… funny business, which was somewhat a relief.

They could have portrayed the starving and palidness from living freaking years in a dark attic better, and the tragedy of Cory’s death, as they just seemed to forget about that quite quickly! Overall, I think it was a rather bland and simplistic adaptation, like they just read the book and followed it by word. I really want to make my own gothic version now. IDEAS directors hit me up

Well there it is… The defining line of the dollenganger series that has me seriously contemplating whether I even want to keep reading

“Life seemed to me nothing without a man”

are you fucking kidding me catherine? After everything you went through? You are the polar opposite of your character in the first book and up until this point have been an annoying bed hopping immature and naive little girl. I don’t think I even want to bother with the other books now