Reasons Why I’m a Member of the Sacred Order of the Dollar Tree of Life:

  1. Decorative Crow from Dollar Tree — $1
  2. Lodge 1-Pint Country Kettle from Amazon — Currently $12.59 + Shipping (I paid $13.99)
  3. Dupioni Silk Fat Quarter from Etsy — Currently $4.25 + Shipping (I paid $3.50 + Shipping)
  4. Glass Prayer Candles from Dollar Tree — $1 Each
  5. Red and Orange Glass Vases from Dollar Tree — $1 Each
  6. Glass from Dollar Tree — $1
  7. Drawer Shelf from Texas Thrift — Less than $4
  8. Crystal Pumpkin from Tuesday Morning — $20
  9. Glass Jar from Dollar Tree — $1
  10. Plate Stand from Tuesday Morning — $4
  11. Marble Mortar and Pestle from Ross — $7
  12. Brass Candle Holder from Goodwill — $0.49
  13. Black Bowl from Dollar Tree — $1
  14. Clear and Red Glass Lanterns from Dollar Tree — $1 Each
  15. Buttons from Tuesday Morning — $3 for Assorted Jar
  16. Glass Bowl from Dollar Tree — $1
  17. Red Leaf Fat Quarter from Tuesday Morning — $4 for an Assorted Package

(if i got the numbering wrong on those forgive me, i’m actually half asleep)

The most expensive thing on my altar was $20. And admittedly, it was originally $60, but I bought it from a discount store, because if I don’t see “Compare At —-” on the price tag I start to sweat. (I didn’t list the book but it came from Half Price Books.)

Even the Apollo bust I eventually added was from an outlet store, on sale for $9.99. Which makes it the third most expensive thing on my altar now, for the record.

School [Levi/Mikasa Ackerman]

he’s getting better at the dad thing. a $2 drabble commission for megillien. remember Aiko? From The Million Dollar Man? She’s back C:

Aiko sits unmoving, like a doll, in front of the mirror, and Levi behind her with hair ties on his wrists and bobby pins between his lips. Her hair is like black silk between his fingers—just like her mother’s, Levi allows himself to think for the briefest of moments. “Do it like how Mama does it,” she told him quietly, and, well, he would try his damnedest.

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