Aburrida.. (+ LOOKS)

Pues como estoy aburrida ahora me ha dado por hacerle looks a mi Dolcette (Sucrette italiana). He subido ya algunos, pero que no os sorprenda que siga subiendo uno para cada ocasión, según se me vaya ocurriendo. Aquí os dejo otro:


En esta ocasión, lo he llamado "Sleeping". Espero que os guste. Pronto tendréis noticias mías.


Hey! :D I’m Jia, and this is my blog. xD Lululul obvious.

So my friend and I are making a musical duo called Dolcette and we will be covering music to be posted on Youtube, as well as creating original songs. Our site is http://www.wix.com/DolcetteMusic/Dolcette if you wanna check us out. Our Youtube channel (DolcetteMusic) and other info is on there. It’s basicly empty for now but we will add our stuff soon!

A little about me: I like the colour indigo, I’m Asian, I sometimes draw in my free time, I’m absolutely obsessed with MMORPGs (Maplestory and Elsword!) and I like to sing. I also dabble in music composition (although I’m not that great) and I have a solo Youtube channel (JPopSky) where I post my covers. I haven’t posted in a while though…’~’ Hopefully Dolcette will be more active? xD

I currently go to high school, where I’m in IB, yay. I’m actually doing my biology internal assessment lab as I type this. That lab is not going so great. My crickets aren’t chirping. D: To be honest, I wish I wasn’t in IB. Life would be so much easier.

So yeah, this is my random little intro blurb. xD My co-musician in Dolcette also has a blog, and the link is on our site. Please go join her Jellyfish Revolution! :3

Okie, I’m done for today. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel! Your support will be greatly appreciated. :D



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Middle Name: Anne

Browser: Chrome for everything but Netflix. Safari for Netflix.

High school graduation year: 2013. Eyyy.

Color of your bedroom walls: Dorm: prison white. Home: Sky blue but soon to be painted a beige I think.

Favorite snack: Fruit or chips.

Dream vacation: Oh no nope i can’t choose.

Most read book: Uhh. The Diary of Anne Frank.

Song from your childhood: I’ll Make A Man Out of You from Mulan.

Disney movieBeauty and the Beast

Favorite blog: mine nah just kidding uh just anyone I follow p much.

Desired URL: None mine is perfect I love it *w*

Theme style: Simple but customizable.

Worst nightmare: Dying? Just. Dying.

Best friend(s): RL: My lovely friends Ashley, Sam, and Emily ewe. Online I’ve known dolcetters the longest, no contest. missriza is a DARLING lady who I’ve known since my first FMA rp blog. thegoodcolonel and themiddleelric, too. Gosh darn there are too many great people T-T

I TAG soldierunderfire, crimsonandcarbonthegoodcolonel/ oneofunbendingwill, and thesoulboundalchemist -w-

"Mmmmmmm……." Galya purred as the older woman’s hands found her firm young breasts and gave her sensitive nipples a playful squeeze. "I’m so excited about tonight! I’ve wanted a woman like you to eat me since I was just a little girl." she whispered.

"And I’ve always wanted to eat a beautiful young woman like you……" the woman said in a voice dripping with hungry desire.