oiroke asked:

does tuturial that gif for me please? /post/41004923902/i-promised-for-chloes-birthday-nadia-and-i

Alright well you have to be pretty good with photoshop and layers

I used two things:

  • Naruto’s face (gif)
  • Sasuke’s face (image)

I created the Naruto gif alone by itself. So originally, it was just Naruto’s face (him looking down)

But then I decided to throw in Sasuke and found a good image that was symmetrical to Naruto’s face.

So after extracting/editing the Naruto gif, I start to add Sasuke’s face- a layer (a single image by itself).

Just multiply the layer of Sasuke’s image about 5 times, and erase with the eraser tool the left side of the image (erase Sasuke’s face, not Naruto’s). All you have to do is lower the opacity to create that effect when he appears/disappears.

Hope I’m not giving away too many secrets!

(P.s. Please don’t imitate it exaclty. Gif imitation design is one of my pet peeves)