The laying up of Colours of the Irish regiments that were disbanded on 31st July 1922. The disbanded regiments were; Royal Irish Regiment, Connaught Rangers, Leinster Regiment, Royal Munster Fusiliers and Royal Dublin Fusiliers - 12th June 1922, St George’s Hall, Windsor Castle [OS] [808x456] Check this blog!

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Wanna talk 5sos?? Hell yeah
Wanna talk about femisim?? Okkie dokkie
Wanna talk boys??? Hella fine
Wanna talk girls???? Im done if you are
Wanna talk sex??? Fine by me
Wanna confess something?? Dont worry ill do it right back!
Wanna discuss world peace??? Like hot damn lets do this
Wanna do complements??? Fuck yeah lets do that!!
Need to get somw thing off your chest??? Im HERE FOR YOU!
Just wanna talk??? Then im here for you babe :)

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Hi Nadine, sorry if this took more than a week. 


1. I hate hate hate hate hate raisins, mayonnaise (except for japanese mayo odg this is so delish esp when in california maki) and banana ketchup.  

2. I can’t sleep properly without this specific pillow. My parents told me that it was with me since I was 1 year old.  

3. I am not really turned on with guys who have 6-pack abs and big muscles. 

4. I was a good dancer when I was in grade school. I don’t know if I could still dance decently now. lmao I am running out of facts to say

5. I really wanted to become either a doctor or an architect. I ended up taking chemical engineering instead. lol 

sorry my life is uninteresting 

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