• My roomie:.....
  • Us:......
  • My roomie:I suddenly feel very normal.

We should both try to sleep more these…..who am I kidding, we never sleep. Also, is there a possibility I get to drag you to the nightclub this weekend? I feel like letting out some steam. Not in that way pervert *grins*

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Ympäripyöreä on toinen nimeni :”D No ei mutta ihan katottava :) Riippuu ihan mistä tykkää, ite en niin kamalasti välittäny mutta sehän on vaan mun mielipide :D

:D Sää voisit kyllä ihan arvoida että välittäisinkö minä siitä ollenkaan

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shhh just come

:”DD Mää lupaan kattoa … 3 jaksoa

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1. What does your toothpaste taste like?
Like shit.

2. Chicken or mince?

3. Any piercings, tattoos?
Two ear piercings in both ears. I want a tattoo on my back, somewhere near my left shoulder blade. 

4. Addictions?
Internet, smoking, more bad triggering things. 

5. Last song you listened to.
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal 

6. Favourite game console.
Hnngh hard one.. I have to say Xbox 360 live since I don’t have a PS3. My gaming laptop is quite good as well though I’d prefer to have a real PC with a big monitor.

7. Are you hungry?
No, I feel sick. 

8. Can you hear the drums?
They are coming for me.. 

9. Describe with three different adjectives what kind of a surface is your laptop/computer on right now.
Loose, comfortable, fat 

10. I’m running out of questions to ask HOW WAS YOUR DAY?
Boring, I felt pretty awful after having a panic attack yesterday. 

11. It’s the last one. C3P0 or R2-D2? 


Katiska17 & theryokkun again

My Questions

1. Top 3 favorite actor
2. (Hack, use rest of your life, fap to) Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook
3. Hobbies
4. Favorite comic book hero (alternative favorite people in Tumblr)
5. Current Fandom you’re part of
6. Last person you talked to
7. Would you rather fuck a duck or have a sloppy make out with Miley Cyrus?
8. Current OTP
9. Favorite Gif/picture
10. write, draw or sing
11. Would you rather have Mitt Romney for president or have Nyan Cat play in your head for the rest of your life?