Daily Doily - Happy Easter Weekend!

For those who celebrate and those who just casually enjoy the chocolate and other Easter activities :) Are you guys tired of these doilies yet? haha

I’d like to say hello to all my recent new followers! Thanks for visiting and deciding to stay around! Of course, much love to those who have been with me here since the beginning :)! I will do a giveaway when I’ve reached the next milestone!


Doily - Mini Moonlit Silk

Chibiusa version! I’m working out the details for making this as well as the original Moonlit Silk as doily prints.

I’m considering taking preorders on a limited first run since it’s actually quite a bit of of manual work to print them. It will be helpful to know exactly how many I should make as well as preparing the packaging for them :’).

Thank you everyone for the support on these! Will share again when preorders are ready :)

DIY Doily Top Tutorial from Trash to Couture. You can wear this top 3 ways: top, skirt or poncho. If you can find the right doily piece and are a beginner sewer, this is a really pretty and versatile summer piece.

What else can you sew using doilies? Mini Roundup of DIY Doily Tee Shirt Tutorials. For more doily DIYs go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/doily