Contest Time!!! Your chance to win an exclusive Dogzilla X IMKING T-shirt!


If you’ve been to the truck, chances are you’re aware that ninjas killed our brother, and we are in dire need of karate lessons.ย  Or maybe you know about how our pony was stolen, or you just want to help save the unicorns.ย  Maybe you just want to contribute to our Vegas fund.ย  Well, as you can see, our sign is a little worse for wear.

Here’s where you come in!ย  We need help redesigning our tip jar.ย  So, for all the creative minds out there, we’re asking you to create some masterpiece to be proudly displayed in our front windows.ย  You can use any of the past statements, such as:

  • Need Karate Lessons, Ninjas killed my brother.
  • Need a new pony, Cowboys stole my horse.
  • Save the Unicorns.
  • Vegas Fund
  • Or you can create your own original idea.ย  Be sure its funny or witty!

Be creative!ย  Be colorful!ย  Add characters!ย  Make it cute and kawaii!!!ย  Whatever!

So, what’s in it for you?ย  Well, submissions will be judged by a panel of incredibly good looking Dogzilla staff, and the top three will be awarded prizes such as T-shirts, free combo meals, and free dogs!ย  Yay for free wieners!

But as with most contests, there are a few caveats!ย  (the fine print)

  • Keep it classy.ย  Nothing inappropriate, and you know what we mean.ย  No obscenity or anything others might find offensive.
  • Entries must be electronically submitted.ย  Basically, sent through email as an attachment.
  • If you want to add characters, be sure they’re your own original creations or Dale.ย  We can’t have the likes of Mickey Mouse or anything, or we’d probably get in trouble.
  • Submissions become the property of Dogzilla.
  • Contest open to all US residents, unicorns, citizens of Tattoine, and superheroes.
  • Winners will be contacted to claim their prize at the Dogzilla foodtruck event of choice.
  • Contest ends approximately one week after date of posting, Dogzilla reserves the right to extend or void contest if submissions are unsatisfactory in quality or quantity.

So there you have it!ย  Get to it!ย  Create something spectacular for all of the Dogzilla universe to see!

email your submissions to